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First Date Tips That Make Him Want You More Matthew Hussey Get The Guy

First Date Tips That Make Him Want You More Matthew Hussey Get The Guy
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  what is a date a date is a trailer forthe movie that is you in a world ofunhelpful dating adviceone man's accent is British orAustralian or something ah and what hesays is actually pretty good too andpractical just keep watching to find itnow in this video I'm going to give youa few things that you can say that putforward the best trailer for your movieand for those of you that think I don'twant a predetermined thing to say That'snot me I just want to go out there andbe spontaneous you can absolutely dothat but I challenge you to think ofsomeone who dances yes you can go anddance and not think about what you'redoing but the best dancers freestyle byputting together moves they've alreadymastered yet they're putting themtogether in a different order each timeyes they're free-flowing but theyalready know the moves so this video isjust giving you a few moves you put themtogether however you want number one Ilove the movie lala land no it doesn'thave to be the movie lala land it couldbe any movie or any book for that matterthe point is when you express certaintyabout loving or liking something it's  much more attractive and studies haveproved this than using language likekind odd and sort of that kind ofuncertainty doesn't make us attractiveand by the way when you do put forward astrong opinion about something beprepared to have fun defending it thedialectic is one of the best parts ofinteracting with other human beings whensomeone can feel that there's a lot offun tension between you disagreeing andagreeing about things that createdynamic conversation and also I doactually really like the movie lala landdidn't know it was a musical Jamersonuntil I went in there heard them singingso it what an absolute dream not justGaza number two I bet you'd be fun to dowhatever with if a guy shows you thathe's got a certain quality let's say heloves music you could say to him I betyou'd be fun to go to a concert with indoing so you both recognize a greatquality about him in this case that he'sa music lover that he seems likeshe's passionate about that subject butyou also plant the idea of a future datein his head it's the same way that ifyou discovered a guy was an avid learner  he just went on a cultural tripsomewhere and he comes back telling allof these amazing tales and facts aboutthe place he went you could say I betyou'd be a lot of fun to go to a museumwith first it complements him on thequality of being educated of being alearner second what's going through hismind right nowI'd like to see her again I wonder if wewent on a date what we would do I guesswe could go to a museumdate within a day number three let's getone I remember being at the cinema movietheater - you Americans and they saidthat popcorn smells amazing and she saidyeah and then that was it and I was ajoint anything and she was like now andthen we went to the movie and secretly Iwanted her to be like let's get one ifyou were on the pier Santa Monica PierJameson they write your name on a littlegrain of rice takes a couple of minutesit's easy it's cheap if he was like ohlook they're writing names on rice andyou're like let's get one this is reallya point about saying yes to the littlethings on a date even before he doesbecause you might find that he's being abit too cool and manly to say something  but secretly he really wants you tofeminine free beautiful energy to saylet's get one number four I like theidea of a relationship but it has to bethe right one now on a date very oftenrelationships come up why am I not inone do I really one one is that one I'mlooking for right now and thisconversation is fraught with a kind ofintensity that scares people so we endup giving either passive answers likeover now I'm just playing it easy andcool and casual lubabalo a life or we godown the other route and we're like Iwill sell for nothing but a relationshipright now and if you even try to becasual mate it's going badly for you andthat scares people so we've got to tryand find a middle ground where we statethat yes a relationship is somethingwe'reinterested in but you have a highstandard for who you're in arelationship with some of five this hasbeen fun but next time could you pleasenot wear that shirt because it gives youan unfair advantage now he wants to wearthat shirt every day for the rest of hislife could you please not wear that  shirt you like there's an insult and Iknow what I don't know where this isgoing immediately just your brain ismine for the next few seconds you'regoing to listen to what I'm going to sayit gives you an unfair advantage ahwho's going to forget that compliment Iwould remember that right that shirtwhen I went into my wardrobe that shirtwould stand out to me it would glow itwould have a halo around it so there youhave it five super secret Jedi ninjamoves to use on a first date to get moreattraction more magnetism with the guyyou like by the way you might bewatching this video right now thinkingI'm not even getting enough dates or anydates with the people I actually want tobe on dates with then I want you to dosomething take an extra step today Ihave a program called attract any manthis program will get you excited aboutyour love life again it will get thingsup and running so that you're datinggreat guys it will show you how to getout there how to start taking risks andqualified risks so not going out therejust to get rejected or anything likethat but it'll show you great feminineways of taking risks so that you can
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