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The compiled bibliography contains publications by, with, and about Marshall McLuhan: books, articles, multimedia, for which i scanned, cleaned up, and re-formatted an earlier publication of a McLuhan bibliography, which had gone out of print, to
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  PUBLICATIONS BY, WITH AND ABOUT MARSHALL MCLUHAN: BOOKS, ARTICLES, MULTIMEDIA. . . 1 Books (Co-)authored or (Co-)edited by Marshall McLuhan 1951 Te Mechanical Bride: Folklore o Industrial Man . New York: Vanguard Press, 1951, reissued in hard cover in 1967; London: Routledge & Kegan-Paul, 1967; Corte Madera, CA: Gingko Press, 2002. Published in Japanese (translation by Isaka Manabu) by akeuchi Shoten, okyo, Japan, 1968. 1954 Selected Poetry o ennyson . Edited by Marshall McLuhan. New York: Rinehart, 1954. 1960  Explorations in Communication: An Anthology.  Edited by Ed-mund Carpenter and Marshall McLuhan. Boston: Beacon Press, 1960. Report on Project in Understanding New Media.  Prepared or and published by Te National Association o Educational Broadcast-ers or the Department o Education, Washington, D.C., 1960. (137 pp.) 1962 Te Gutenberg Galaxy: Te Making o ypographic Man . oronto: University o oronto Press, 1962, 293 pages. Paperback edition in Canadian University Paperbacks  series by the same publisher. ranslated into French by Jean Paré and published as La Galaxie Gutenberg: la genèse de I’homme typographique . Montréal: Hur-tubise HMH, 1967; Paris: Gallimard, 1977, 2 vols. Published in Germany, 1968 ~ Stockholm, 1969 ~ Japan, 1968 ~Spain, 1969 and elsewhere—twenty-two translations in all [by 1977]. 1964 Understanding Media: Te Extensions o Man . New York: Mc-Graw-Hill, 1964; paperback edition by same publisher, Spring, 1965. Signet paperback edition, November, 1966. MI Press edition, Cambridge, Mass.: MI Press, 1994, with an introduction by Lewis Lapham. 1964 edition translated into French by Jean Paré and published as Pour comprendre les media: les prolonge-ments technologiques de I’homme , Montréal: Hurtubise HMH, 1968; reissued in a new edition ( Bibliotheque Québécoise  36) in 1993. ranslated in more than twenty languages. Published in Italy, 1967 ~ Norway, 1968 ~ Denmark, 1967 ~ Sweden, 1967 ~ England, 1967 ~ Germany, 1968 ~ Japan, 1968 ~ Finland, 1968 ~ Spain, 1968 ~ France, 1968 ~ Mexico, 1969 ~ Sao Paulo/Brazil, 1969 ~ Utrecht/Netherlands, 1969. 1964 & 1965 Voices o Literature . wo volumes. Coedited with Richard J. Schoeck. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Vol. I in 1964 and Vol. II in 1965.  Compiled by: G.-Lynne Alexandrova CCL 2007  PUBLICATIONS BY, WITH AND ABOUT MARSHALL MCLUHAN: BOOKS, ARTICLES, MULTIMEDIA. . . 2 1965-1971 Patterns o Literary Criticism . General Editors: Marshall McLu-han, R. J. Schoeck, Ernest Sirluck. University o Chicago Press, 1965-1971. Series o 10 volumes. 1967   McLuhan: Hot & Cool  . A Primer or the Understanding o and a Critical Symposium with a Rebuttal by McLuhan. Edited by Gerald Emanuel Stern. New York: Dial Press, 1967. New York: Te New American Library, 1969. Tirty-one selections include reprinted es-says (in whole or in part) rom Howard Luck Gossage, om Wole, John Culkin, Walter Ong, Dell Hymes, Frank Kermode, George Steiner, Susan Sontag, and five selections rom McLuhan’s writings. Te book concludes with the transcript o a dialogue between the editor and McLuhan, srcinally published in Encounter   in June 1967, wherein McLuhan responds to commentaries on his work rom some o the other contributors to the volume. Te Medium Is the Massage: An Inventory o Effects . With Quen-tin Fiore and Jerome Agel. New York: Bantam, 1967, hard cover. Reprinted, Gingko Press, 2001. ranslated into French and published as  Message et massage . Montréal: Hurtubise HMH, 1968. Te book was published in England by Penguins, 1967 ~ France, 1968 ~ Germany, 1969 ~ Buenos Aires, 1969 ~ Italy, 1968 ~ Japan, 1968. Verbi-Voco-Visual Explorations . New York: Something Else Press, 1967. (Reprint o Explorations , no. 8.) 1968 Trough the Vanishing Point: Space in Poetry and Painting.  With Harley Parker. New York: Harper & Row, 1968. War and Peace in the Global Village: An Inventory o Some o the Current Spastic Situations Tat Could be Eliminated by More Feedorward  . With Quentin Fiore and Jerome Agel. New York: Bantam, 1968. Reprinted, New York: ouchstone Books, 1989; Gingko Press, 2001. ranslated into French as Guerre et paix dans le village planetaire: un inventaire de quelques situations spas-modiques courantes qui pourraient être supprimées par le eedor-ward  . Montréal: Hurtubise HMH, 1970; Paris: Laffont, 1970. 1969  Counterblast. With Harley Parker. New York: Harcourt, Brace and World, 1969. ranslated into French by Jean Paré. Montréal: Hurtubise, 1972; Paris: Mame, 1972. Te Interior Landscape: Te Literary Criticism o Marshall McLu-han 1943-1962 . Edited by Eugene McNamara. New York: Mc-Graw-Hill, 1969. Published by Claasen Verlag GmbH, Dusseldor, Germany, 1974.  Mutations 1990 . Book o selected essays by Marshall McLuhan published by Maison Mame, France. Te book includes “What V Is Really Doing to Your Children”, “Great Changeovers For You”, “Te Future o Education”, “Te Future o Sex.” [ranslation by Francois Chesneau, see section Other Works , year 1967 below]. Published by Editions HMH, Montreal, 1969 ~ Holland, 1970.  PUBLICATIONS BY, WITH AND ABOUT MARSHALL MCLUHAN: BOOKS, ARTICLES, MULTIMEDIA. . . 3 1970  Voices o Literature: Sounds, Masks, Roles, Volume III, Marshall McLuhan and R. J. Schoeck. New York: Holt, Rinehart and Win-ston, 1970. Culture Is Our Business.  New York: McGraw-Hill, 1970. From Cliche to Archetype . With Wilred Watson. New York: Viking, 1970. ranslated into French by Derrick de Kerckhove and published as Du cliché a I’archétype: laoire du sens.  Montréal: Hurtubise HMH, 1973; Paris: Mame, 1973. ranslated into Ital-ian by Francesca Valente and Carla Pezzini and published as Dal cliche all’archetipo: I’uomo tecnologico nel villaggio globale. 1972 ake oday: Te Executive as Drop Out.  With Barrington Nevitt. New York: Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich Inc., 1972, 304 pp. o-ronto: Longman Canada Limited, 1972. 1977   Autre homme autre chretien à I’age électronique . With Pierre Babin. Lyon: Editions du Chalet, 1977. City as Classroom: Understanding Language and Media . With Eric McLuhan and Kathryn Hutchon. oronto: Book Society o Canada Limited, 1977. D’oeil à oreille.  ranslation by Derrick de Kerckhove o articles by and interviews with McLuhan. Montréal: Hurtubise, 1977. 1978 Te Possum and the Midwie , [text o McLuhan lecture on Ezra Pound.] Moscow: University o Idaho Press, 1978. 1987  Images rom the Film Spiral.  Selected by Sorel Etrog with text by Marshall McLuhan. oronto: Exile Editions, 1987. Letters o Marshall McLuhan . Selected and edited by Matte Mo-linaro, Corinne McLuhan, and William oye. oronto: Oxord University Press, 1987. 1988 Laws o Media: Te New Science . With Eric McLuhan. oronto: University o oronto Press, 1988. 1989  Te Global Village: ransormations in World Lie and Media in the 21st Century  . With Bruce R. Powers. New York: Oxord Uni- versity Press, 1989. 1995 Essential McLuhan.  Edited by Eric McLuhan and Frank Zingrone. oronto: Anansi, 1995.  PUBLICATIONS BY, WITH AND ABOUT MARSHALL MCLUHAN: BOOKS, ARTICLES, MULTIMEDIA. . . 4 Other Works by Marshall McLuhan 1930  “Macaulay: What a Man!” Te Manitoban  (University o Mani-toba student newspaper), October 28, 1930. 1933 “Canada and Internationalism”. Te Manitoban , December 1, 1933. “George Meredith”. Te Manitoban , November 21, 1933. “German Character”. Te Manitoban , November 7, 1933. “Germany and Internationalism”. Te Manitoban , October 27, 1933.“Germany’s Development”. Te Manitoban , November 3, 1933. Public School Education. Te Manitoban , October 17, 1933. 1934 George Meredith as a Poet and Dramatic Novelist.  M.A. thesis, University o Manitoba, 1934. “Adult Education”. Te Manitoban , February 16, 1934. “De Valera”. Te Manitoban , January 9, 1934.“Te Groupers”. Te Manitoban , January 23, 1934. “Morticians and Cosmeticians”. Te Manitoban , March 2, 1934. “Not Spiritualism but Spiritism”. Te Manitoban , January 19, 1934. “omorrow and omorrow”. Te Manitoban , May 16, 1934. 1936  “G. K. Chesterton: A Practical Mystic”. Te Dalhousie Review  15 (1936), 455-464. 1937  “Te Cambridge English School”. Te Fleur de Lis  [Saint Louis University student literary magazine] (1937), 21-25. 1938 “Peter or Peter Pan”. Te Fleur de Lis , May 1938, 7-9.Review o Te Culture o Cities  by Lewis Mumord. Te Fleur de Lis , December 1938, 38-39. 1940  Review o  Art and Prudence  by Mortimer J. Adler. Te Fleur de Lis , October 1940.“Apes and Angles”. Te Fleur de Lis , December 1940, 7-9. 1941 Review o Poetry and the Modern World   by David Daiches. Te Fleur de Lis , March 1941.Review o  American Renaissance  by F. O. Matthiessen. Te Fleur de Lis , October 1941. 1943 Te Place o Tomas Nashe in the Learning o His ime . Ph.D. dis-sertation, Cambridge University, April 1943. “Aesthetic Patterns in Keats’ Odes”. University o oronto Quarterly   12/2 (Jan. 1943), 167-179. Reprinted in Eugene McNamara, ed., Te Literary Criticism o Marshall McLuhan 1943-1962 (1969), 99-113.“Education o Free Men in Democracy: Te Liberal Arts”. St. Louis Studies in Honor o St. Tomas Aquinas  Vol. I, 1943, 47-50.  PUBLICATIONS BY, WITH AND ABOUT MARSHALL MCLUHAN: BOOKS, ARTICLES, MULTIMEDIA. . . 5 “Herbert’s Virtue”. Te Explicator   1/2 (Oct. 1943), 4. Reprinted in L. G. Locke, W. M. Gibson, and G. Arms, eds., Readings or Liberal Education , 534-535. New York: Rinehart, 1948. 1944 “Dagwood’s America”. Columbia 23 (Jan. 1944) 3, 22.“Edgar Poe’s radition”. Sewanee Review  52/1 (Jan. 1944), 24-33. Reprinted in Eugene McNamara, ed., Te Literary Criticism o  Marshall McLuhan 1943-1962 (1969), 211-221.“Poetic vs. Rhetorical Exegesis. Te Case or Leavis against Rich-ards and Empson”. Sewanee Review  52/2 (April 1944), 266-276.“Eliot’s Te Hippopotamus”. Te Explicator   2/7 (May 1944), 50.“Kipling and Forster”. Sewanee Review  52/3 (July 1944), 332-343.“Henley’s Invictus”. Te Explicator   3/3 (Dec. 1944), 22. “Wyndham Lewis: Lemuel in Lilliput”. Saint Louis Studies in Honor o St. Tomas Aquinas 2 (1944), 58-72. 1945 “Te Analogical Mirrors”. In Gerard Manley Hopkins: Te Kenyan Critics Edition , 15-27. Norolk, C: New Directions Books, 1945. Reprinted in G. H. Hartman, ed., Hopkins , 1966. Reprinted in Eu-gene McNamara, ed., Te Literary Criticism o Marshall McLuhan 1943-1962 (1969), 63-73.“Te New York Wits”. Kenyan Review  7/1 (1945), 12-28. “Another Aesthetic Peep-Show”. Review o Te Aesthetic Adventure  by William Gaunt. Sewanee Review 53 (Autumn 1945), 674-677. 1946  “An Ancient Quarrel in Modern America” (Sophists vs. Gram-marians). Te Classical Journal   41/4 (Jan. 1946), 156-162. Re-printed in Eugene McNamara, ed., Te Literary Criticism o  Marshall McLuhan 1943-1962  (1969), 223-234.“Footprints in the Sands o Crime”. Sewanee Review 54/4 (Octo-ber 1946), 617-634.“Out o the Castle into the Counting-House”. Politics , September 1946, 277-279.Review o William Ernest Henley by Jerome Hamilton Buckley.  Modern Language Quarterly   7 (1946), 368-370. 1947  “ime, Lie and Forune”. View Magazine  (Spring 1947), 33-37. “American Advertising”. Horizon  93-94 (October 1947), 132-141. Reprinted in Eric McLuhan and Frank Zingrone, eds., Essential  McLuhan (  1995  ) , 13-20, oronto: Anansi.“Inside Blake and Hollywood”. Sewanee Review  55 (Oct. 1947), 710-715.Introduction   to  Paradox in Chesterton by Hugh Kenner, 11-22. New York: Sheed and Ward, 1947.“Mr. Connolly and Mr. Hook”. Review o Te Condemned Play- ground  . [ Essays 1927-1944  by Cyril Connolly and Education or Mod-ern Man  by Sidney Hook.] Sewanee Review  55/1 (July 1947), 167-172.“Te Southern Quality”. Sewanee Review  55 (July, 1947), 357-383. Reprinted in Allen ate, ed.,  A Southern Vanguard: Te John
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