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  Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Division of Quezon  MARCIAL B. VLLANUEVA NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL San Francisco Quezon English 10 FIRST QUARTERLY EXAMINATION I- A. Direction: Read the passage below an answer the following questions. Encircle the letter of the correct answer. 1. What is the best strength of Daedalus? a. respectful b. self-confidence c. skillful d. stong 2. Daedalus is facing one of his own personal challenges. What trait is that? a. lack of self-confidence b. envy c. belittle d. pessimism 3. Icarus died because he failed to overcome his personal challenge. What is that? a. boastful b. lazy c. foolish d. unwise 4.. What could be the best defense of Daedalus and Icarus to overcome their personal challenges? a. Be brave and strong c. Be contented and obedient b. Be talented and skillful d. All of the above 5. What strength should have been capitalized by Icarus to eliminate his weakness? a. respect for his father b. love for his father c. skills in flying d. focus in flying B. Direction: Read the essay below and answer the questions that follow. Encircle the correct answer. Daedalus was a highly respected and talented Athenian artisan. He was known for his skill as an architect, sculpture, and inventor and he produced many famous works. Despite his self-confidence, Daedalus once committed a crime against Talus, his nephew and apprentice, who was destined to become as great an artisan as his uncle. Daedalus, threw Talus off of the Acropolis. Daedalus constructed wings made from feathers and wax. Before the two set off he warned Icarus not to fly too low lest his wings touch the waves and get wet, and not too high lest the sun melt the wax. But the young Icarus, overwhelmed by the thrill of flying, did not follow his father's warning, and flew too close to the sun whereupon the wax in his wings melted and he fell into the sea. What would you think if you had to put your personal belongings in a crate, and every time you turn around something of yours were stolen? That is why I think students should have lockers. To protect their things, keep their things somewhere clean, and so they won't have to complain about carrying everything at once. Students should have lockers because it will stop people from stealing their stuff. For example, the children won't have to worry about their books, homework assignments, and personal belongings being stolen. The reason for this is that the children will have their own lockers plus their own locks, which only they have the combination to. This will reduce cases where things are being stolen. Students also should have lockers so they will have a clean place to put their books. What I mean by this is that many desks are rusty and have gum stuck under them. Also, if you put your stuff into a crate then it is easily collecting dust. This connects to my argument because their stuff will be kept very clean in a neat environment if students are given lockers to use. My final reason why I think students should have lockers is so students won't complain about caring everything at once. The things that they may be caring everyday are very heavy. This is important because students may suffer health problems from having to carry all their stuff everywhere. Why carry books everyday why you can eliminate the pain by having a locker to store the things you don't need? Also, they're always whining about having to carry all their books. If we had lockers everyone would be happier. Cont…     6. What is the main idea of the essay? a. The stealing in schools. c. A safe and clean place for students. b. Providing lockers for students d. The lacking of school facility. 7. Where can you find the main idea in the essay? a. In the first sentence. c. In the third sentence. b. In the second sentence. d. In the fourth sentence. 8. The author begun his essay by…  a. giving examples. b. stating a problem. c. telling reasons. d. asking a question. 9. How did the author support his main idea? a. By giving examples. c. By giving reasons. b. By giving examples and reasons. d. None of the above. 10. How did the author conclude his argument? a. By giving more details to support his stand. c. By encouraging the readers. b. By sharing his own experiences. d. All of the above. 11. What is the mood of the author? a. Stubborn b. Determine c. Angry d. Concern 12. What could be the best title for the essay? a. Demand for Lockers b. Stolen Stuff c. Lockers for Everyone d. A Safe School 13. Give the 3 main points of the essay. a. Reduce cases of stealing, maintain cleanliness, and eliminate pain of bringing heavy things. b. Protecting the students, demanding lockers to the principal, and being a happy student. c. To have lockers in school, to have a secured place for books, and to have a good health. d. None of the above. 14 . This selection is persuasive in purpose simply because…  a. it tells a story just to entertain its reader. describes or explains things that the readers must know. c. it gives only facts with no opinion of the writer. d. it encourages its readers to take actions on the sentiment of the writer. II-A. VOCABULARY: Give the meaning of the underlined word through CONTEXT CLUES. Circle the letter of the correct answer. 15. The architect designs a maze with confusing paths or passages. It is difficult to escape once inside. a. Underworld b. Cave c. Island d. Labyrinth 16. His family throws a big party to show their love to him. a. Present b. Tribute c. Festivity d. Event 17. The big pyramid was built by skilled builders with their hands. a. Engineer b. Architect c. Artisan d. Artist 18. People in MARAWI are having a perilous life because of terrorist attack. a. Harmonious b. Secured c. Dangerous d. Unhappy 19. Her soul is condemned to the underworld forever and will never be back to earth. a. Doomed b. Happy c. Free d. Destined III. GRAMMAR USAGE:   In conclusion I think students should have lockers. If we have lockers stealing in school would go down, it would create a safe and clean place for students to put their things, and students would complain less and be healthier. If we had lockers, the school would be a happier place for everyone. If you don't want your things stolen, contact your principal and demand lockers for your school.   A. Identify the underlined verb form by writing your answer on the space provided before each number. WRITE ONLY THE LETTER OF YOUR ANSWER.  A. simple present tense G. past perfect tense B. present progressive tense H. past perfect progressive tense C. simple past tense I. future tense D. past progressive tense J. future progressive tense E. present perfect tense K. future perfect tense F. present perfect progressive tense L. future perfect progressive tense  ________ 20. She was staying at our house last vacation.  ________ 21. Drew and Leah were playing badminton last weekend.  ________ 22. Toring has been working here for years and she is already familiar with all the household tasks.  ________ 23. I ate the food she cooked earlier and it really tastes good.  ________ 24. I will be performing a song number later that is why I am preparing now.  ________ 25. The students will surprise their teacher because it is her birthday.  ________ 26. My daughter helps me do the task every day and I am very grateful for having her as a daughter.  ________ 27. He has been sleeping all day long, I wonder how she feels doing so.  ________ 28. They had been keeping a secret to me and I felt bad about it.  ________ 29. They had forgiven the students from their misbehaviour when there was a visitor.  ________ 30. Our section has been the best participants who joined the speech choir.  ________ 31. I was helping my mother with our household chores when my class adviser visited.  ________ 32. My friends looked for their bags and found them inside the library.  ________ 33. She had been living in Mandaluyong City for almost twelve years.  ________ 34. I have been reading a book while watching television.  ________ 35. My friends are dancing on the floor. B. Direction: Rearrange the jumbled words to construct a simple sentence. 36. Joanna / to pay her a visit / went to her grandmother a b c a) abc b) acb c) bca d) bac 37. so full of life and energy / that her grandma is / she was surprised a b c a) cba b) acb c) cab d) abc 38. even ask and encourage / they / their granddaughter to join them a b c   a) cba b) bca c) bac d) acb 39. participated / Donna and John / in a Sumba a b c a) cba b) bac c) abc d) cab 40. I / love our / English class a b c a) abc b) abc c) bac d) cba C. Direction: Identify the error in the given simple sentences. Circle the letter of the correct answer. 41. Diana dances gracefully. No error. a b c 42. The teachers go and ate together. No error. a b c 43. The mother, daughter are shopping. No error. a b c 44. Justin had fix any mobile phones. No error. a b c 45. The students attend but participate the school event. No error. a b c DIRECTIONS: Choose the best answer. Write only the letter of the correct answer on the blank before each number.  ___________ 46 . “I adore her because she is brave .” In the sentence, what do we mean by the word ‘brave”?  a. valorous b. perilous c. abashed d. venomous  ___________ 47 . “I feel ashamed seeing my long time friend.” In the sentence, what do we mean by the word “ashamed”?  a. valorous b. perilous c. abashed d. venomous  ___________ 48 . “The bite of that snake is poisonous !” In the sentence, what do we mean by the word “poisonous” . a. valorous b. perilous c. abashed d. venomous  ___________ 49 . “Do not go too far, it is very dangerous .” In the sentence, what do we mean by the word “dangerous”?  a. valorous b. perilous c. abashed d. venomous  ___________ 50 . “I already plan to escape from this house this evening.” In the sentence, what do we mean by the word “to escape”?  a. evade b. saved c. skipped d. appease “   Keep a good attitude and do the right thing even when it's hard. When you do that you are passing the test.  And God promises you your marked moments are on their way. ”  Good Luck! ~DOLORES M. PANCHO~
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