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Sushmita Bhati, Diploma Fashion Design Second Year, (How to Design for Fashion Industry Project)

Portfolio Of Student Of Dezyne E'cole College, Sushmita Bhati, Second Year Fashion Design. This Is The Portfolio Of Her Work From Second Year .For More Details Visit
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  • 3. Dezyne E’cole College Civil Lines, Ajmer This Project Of Ms. Sushmita Bhati Student Of Fashion Technology With two Year Advance Diploma Program Has Been Checked And Graded As________________________________________________ Thanks Principal [Seal & Signature]
  • 4. I would like to convey my gratefulness to Dezyne E’cole College for the excellent guidance ,study skill and knowledge which I have gained through out my project. I am thankful to my mentors who give me this opportunity in making this project and helped me to show my working abilities through this project. Sushmita Bhati 2nd year fashion Design NSQF level -6 of NSDC ACKNOWLEDGMENT
  • 5. Fashion Design Fashion Design Swank SYNOPSIS This Project Report On Collection Has Been Created And Designed By Me , Durning My Study Of Collection Of Womens Wear Conforming To NSQF Level 6 Of NSDC. In This Project I Have Studied About Construction Knowledge Of (Womens Wear) Pattern Engineering, Computer Aided Designing, Illustration , Draping , Print Making, Fashion History, Surface Design Technique Printing Technics And So On.. After Learning All These Topics . I Have Created A Design Which Is Based On Upcycling Of Products. In Which I Have Used Old Denim Jeans And Create A New Look From Old Denim.
  • 6. CONTENT  What Is Collection Collection And Their Influence Case Analysis Market Research Research Inspiration  Creative Process Garment Production Promotion 01 02 03
  • 7. WHAT IS COLLECTION A collection is a range of garments , accessories or products that are designed and produced for sale to retailers or direct to consumer . This range of pieces may be inspired by a trend , theme or design direction reflecting cultural and social influences , and it is usually designed for season or particular occasion . A collection is a grouping of outfits or looks that are presented in a variety of ways , from catwalk presentation online web pages. Collection are usually constructed from a combination of silhouette’s colors and fabrics with the emphasis varying depending on the designer’s particular aesthetic. Fashion Design Swank
  • 8. It is possible to group or identify common themes in fashion, those which influence the creative process in developing a collection , or how we choose to wear clothes , recurring influence include traditional costume,active sports, work wear, the military, politics and futurism. Each new collection can explore a subtle redefinition of these recurring influences through the use of color,fabrics proportion and juxtaposition .many designer establish successful brands based on a visual identify that celebrates a particular theme. COLLECTION AND THEIR INFLUENCE INFLUENCES Conceptual From and function Work wear Sports wear Futuristic Political Global Archivism Fashion Design Swank
  • 9. Design A Range Of 4 Design For A Young Girl Of Age 15-20 Years . The Designs Should Be In Trend And Garments Created Must Have Use Of Various Elements And Texture. You Are Required To Produce 4 Design In Full Colour And All Design Should Be Illustration As Working Drawing . Consideration Should Be Given To Design Including Construction As Well As Surface Interest Of A Three Dimensional Garment (Show Back And Front Views Obligatory ,And Side Views If View ). Develop Your Design Idea With Due Consideration Of Media Use And Present The Idea For Your Portfolio They May Be Any Shape Or Size As Long As They Fit Into An A4 Portfolio And Should All Be Created Using The Various Media Like Photoshop Corel Draw And Illustrator. SUGGESTED AREAS OF CONSIDERATION. 1. Silhouette 2. Fabrication 3. Pattern & Texture 4. Colour 5. Graphics 6. Presentation 7. Fashion Direction CASE STUDY Fashion Design Swank
  • 10. Any Collection Requires An Enormous Amount Of Research , Investigation And Planning . To Start A Collection , I Need To Consider The Color Story , Fabric Story, Design Functionlity , Technical Page And Garment Pattern . Here’s The Break Down Of Each Step In The Design Development. First I Need To Identify The Customer , There Need And Requirement As Well As Market Level. Stuided About Element And Principal Of Design Which Helps To Achieve A Good Design. I Can Choose Pantone Color Chart For A Color Story , Because It Functions As Both A Trend And Color Forcasting , So, It Helps Me To Identify The Color. My Client Is College Going Girl . Her Age Is 15-25 Years . She Is Tall Slim And An Energetic. She Needs A Skirt , Top For A Multiple Purpose Occasion . Looking At Her Needs, I Need To Make Her Look Attractive , Confident, Energetic, Bold , Elegant As Well As Kind . Trendy Research, What Is More Acceptable By People And What Is In Trend ?? Then I Made Illustration . Illustration Should Be Made On The Theory Of Customer Satisfaction And Functionlity A Garment. And At Least 20 Design Should Be Illustrated , From These Best 4 Is Selected For My Collection. Garment Pattern Is Very Important Ingredient To Fit And Styling A Garment. After That Corel And Photoshop Software Helps To Create A Work In Effective And Efficient Way. OBSERVATION OF CLIENT: Fashion Design Swank CASE ANALYSIS
  • 11. CLIENT PROFILE Age Group : 15-25 Years . Social Status : Upper Middle Class. Occasion : Multiple Occasion. Personality And Character : Thin And Lean, Fashionable. Preferred Outfit : Jeans ,Long T-shirt,skirts,maxi And Kurtis. Role Model :Kim Kardashian. Profession : College Going Girl Fashion Design Swank
  • 12. MUSE KYLIE JENNER Kylie kristen jener is an american reality television personality , model , enterpreneur , socialite , and social media personality . Born : august ( age 21 years) Fashion Design Swank
  • 13. Market Research Gathers And Analaysis Data Of Consumers And Competitors (By Comp-shop) And Helps To Identify Which Product Is More Acceptable By Customer.This Provides A Great-deal Of Information ,That Is Useful When Planning And Selling A Fashion Collection. Market Research Is Also Done So As To Find Out What Are The Price Specification Of The Buyers. Market Research Can Help Business To Make Effective Plans So As To Increase Sales And Promotion Of A Brand. Market Research Is Basically A Systematic Approach As To Gather The Feedback Of The Customer. The fashion market is always changing and if you want your business to be as successful as possible , its important to Stay on top of what is happening at home and across the world. It could be your products that change or the way you work. Maybe new technology will come things are done. Whatever it is ,its essential that you are able to keep up to date with the market and remains relevant. market research is important to; •Set targets •New ideas •Gain insight Mass Market Pret-a-porter Haute Couture Fashion Design Swank MARKET RESEARCH
  • 14. Across many mass market or high street retailers each fashion collection Or range is scheduled to be available in store at prescribed times. And it is the market Area in which most people buy their clothes. I choose mass market because; •In this market goods are produced in large quantities. •Ready to wear garment in mass , and varities of colour and design are available. •In mass market cheap material of fabrics creativety used to produced affordable fashion. •Products are available in reasonable price. •All of these mass market , consists of fashion available for both – brand and streets that’s way t choose mass market for a collection Fashion Design Swank MASS MARKET
  • 15. Mass marketing is important because, I assume your objective is to get your message Out there. Regardless of who will see or hear it, it will be Out there for potential customer to consumer. As long as your objective is aligned with your marketing , then mass marketing will plays an Important role in your overall plays. IMPORTANCE The benefit of mass market Is that it gives your product the ability to appeal To a larger audience as opposed To other forms of marketing , such as target marketing. The mass market caters for a wider range of customers, Producing ready-to-wear clothes in large quantities And standard sizes. The end product can therefore be sold much more cheaply. BENEFITS MASS MARKET
  • 16. TREND REPORT 2019 Bow wow P A R T Y W E A R L O O K CASUAL LOOK Party wear dress : Dress worn especially for a Party . Different types such as Cocktailed party ,garden Party , costume party Would tend to require Different styles of dress. One classic style of party Dress for women in modern Society is little black dress. Casual wear/ attire/ clothing that comprises anything not traditionally appropriated with more formal dress codes : formal wear , semi formal or informal wear. Casual wear is associated with emphasising personal comfort and individuality over formality or conformity.
  • 17. KHAKI FASHION TREND REPORT SHIMMER SHIMMER A crossover trend from spring 2018, Forecasting team noted a bold hit of colur Is a fast track to a positive demeanor. SATURATED COLORS Instantly slimming,suiting with Dramatic waistline work across Myriod events and season. CINCHED TAILORING A quiet relative of sequins,shimmery metallics Are a more appochable alternative for the holiday Party rounds. The nineties have made A come back now for a Few seasons. NINETIES MATCHING 2019
  • 18. GRAPHIC STRIPES Designer proved that a classic can always Be reworked for modern day, churning up Stripes in graphics from onto knitwear , shirtdresses And fur coats alike. This is one or the more creative trend Of the season . LAYERING Playful and flirty dresses with Multiple floral patterns afforded the springtime Trend some depth. MIXED FLORALS POPPY PLAIDS Poppy plaids is the one more Intresting trend of the season. 2019 FASHION TREND REPORT
  • 19. There are some few research of creating texture
  • 20. Rust dyeing is an easy . Fascinating way to dye Fabric. You can dye wonderful Imprints on cotton , silk , wool Or even synthetic fibers Using rusty “stuff”. RUSTRusty metal is a really Interesting material To dye with. It produces A warm orange and brown Color and you can make pattern With it .
  • 21. Pounding is just one way to Extract beautiful colors from plants. You can use the colors found in flowers, As dyes to create stunning And unique printed fabric. You simply use a hammer To release the flower pigments into the fabric. FLOWER POUNDING
  • 22. STYLE If there is one that is constant , it is “change”. And change is exactly the one thing that Is constant when it comes to fashion . Since the beginning of human civilization , there Has been a constant efforts being put to make one constant effort being put to make One look better. The different styles in fashion have always gone through innumerable change . With the increase in the amount of innovations , the change in trend and fashion styles have also been Rapid. Fashion is something we deal with every day. Even people who say they don’t care What they wear choose clothes every morning that says a lot about them and how they feel that day. Just like your style , the accessories you pair your outfits with says a lot about you. From your shoes to your wallet , everything represents your style . So keeping that in mind , here is the list of a few fashion styles that we accepted with all Our heart.  Casual  Office wear  Sports wear  Classic  Exotic  Street  Vintage  Chic  Artsy  Preppy  Bohemian  Gothic  Punk  Rocker  tomboy
  • 23. CHIC STYLE Chic is characterized by being trendy and fashionable . it is a type of statement To make oneself look smart and striking. Whoever follows this style makes sure to choose Well tailored stylish designs that are pretty classy. Strong colors which are not extravagant, Comes as a part of the chic style. It is something that relates to being casual in not so casual Way.
  • 24. I CHOOSE CYCLING OF FABRIC The Waste Products Are Converted Into New Materials Of Better Quality It Is Known As UPCYCLING. Up Cycling , Also Known As Creative Reuse , Is The Process Of Transforming By – Products , Waste , Material , Useless , Or Unwanted , Products Into New Material Or Products Of Better Quality Or For Better Environment . Most Recycling Involves Converting Or Extracting Useful Materials From A Product And Creating A Different Product Or Material. BENEFITS OF UPCYCLING : A Lower Demand Of These Material Means A Reduction In Air Pollution , Water Pollution , And Green House Gas Emissions , Helping Us Conserve Our Precious Global Resources. Not Bad! The Benefits Of Up Cycling For Both The Designer And The Customer Are Equally As Impressive.
  • 25. INTRODUCTION OF DENIM Denim Is A Rugged Cotton Twill Textile , In Which The Weft Passes Under Two Or More Wrap Threads. Denim Is The Most Popular Pieces Of Clothing In The World. In 1969 A Writer For American Fabrics Magazine Declared , “ Denim Is One Of The World’s Oldest Fabrics, Yet It Remains Eternally Young.” Denim Was Invented In California By Levi Strauss In The 1850s. Denim Is Designed Most Of The Famous USA Brand And 400 Pieces Thousand Per Month. Now A Day’s 415 Million Pieces Of Jeans/ Denim Sold Every Year In USAAlone And Worldwide In Market Is Worth Amount Of 40 Billion Dollar. Denim’s Popularity Was Also On The Rise. It Was Stronger And More Expensive. Denim Was Made Of One Colored Thread And One White Thread. The Countries Over 20 Denim Plants, Installed During The Last Five To Six Years, Have The Capacity To Produce 20 Million Gauge Fabric Per Month. Denim Are Hard Wearing, High Density Fabric With A Higher Mass Per Unit Area . Denim Fabric Was Unique In Its Connection With One Color – Blue.
  • 26. A Dog With Blue Fur In Navi Mumbai’s Taloja Industrial Area, Where Strays Mysteriously Turned Blue In August 2017. The Dogs Turned Blue After Swimming In River Kasadi, A Dumping Spot For Industrial Waste, Including From A Dye Unit Was Shut Down. PROBLEMS RELATED FROM DENIM
  • 27. tough
  • 28. COLOR BOARD Color palette
  • 29. Unique Stuff To Make From Old Jeans
  • 31. BRAINSTORMINGBrainstorming is the process of coming up with ideas. Its helps me to figure out what exactly I want to create. After studied the collection I collected all my ideas that Come into my mind.
  • 32. BRAINSTORMING skirt top jacket plazo Off shoulder collar shirt
  • 34. ILLUSTRATIONS After the idea generation I selected 2-3 Idea out of more than 8 ideas.
  • 38. B I NAMED HER “SWANK” Inspired From Recycling Products For a Better Envoirment . I Made These Unique Dresses and Other Accessories . From Old Denim and Jeans All are Handmade and Specially Designed By Me. I Gave Them a Name SWANK Which Means Stylish , Trendy & Fashionable. OLD DENIM NEW LOOK
  • 40. THANKYOU 2 Year Diploma In Fashion Design NSOF level 6 of NSDC Dezyne E’cole College www.Dezenecole SUSHMITA BHATI
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