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1. UNIT 106 MOLLY COSTELLO 2. TEXT ANYTHING GOES ▸Anything Goes is a musical set in the 1930s that is based on a cruise liner from America to England. It is typically…
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  • 2. TEXT ANYTHING GOES ▸Anything Goes is a musical set in the 1930s that is based on a cruise liner from America to England. It is typically the upper class that travel on this ship. The main character Reno Sweeney is a club singer/ dancer on the ship and she happens to be in love with a man called Billy Crocker who loves an already engaged women who is Hope Harcourt. However events lead to hope calling off her engagement and marries Billy who has been disguised as public enemy number one and two with Moonface Martin, in order to stay on the ship for Hope. Reno Sweeny in fact ends up with Hopes original finance,Evelyn.
  • 3. TEXT UNIQUE SELLING POINT ▸Opportunities for unique selling points are as followed: ▸Lots of dance such as tap and also singing is involved ▸It is set in the 1930s ▸it is based on a cruise liner ▸It's a comedy
  • 4. TEXT MY MARKETING VISION ▸as it is set on a cruise ship and musical based i could arrange a flash mob on boats/cruise ship ▸an advert could be spoken on radio 4 as that will approach the older audience mire directly than radio 1 for example ▸a TV advert with films snippets of the production ▸printed posters around towns and cities and on public displays ▸a billboard in a city of the logo of the show / possibly an action shot of performance followed by the dates underneath ▸The school radio could announce the show followed by some talks with the cast on the radio so that other students are aware
  • 5. TEXT MARKETING FOR SCHOOL ▸The school provides a Ringwood School Radio (RSR) which parents and students can tune into. I will take advantage of this by using it to promote the show through interviews of cast and crew members. For a behind the scenes view of the production from different perspectives ▸I will also produce posters of our own design of the logo to promote the show of anything goes. Ideally painted by a member of the art team. This will be printed and published around school as well as bus stops and other populated areas around ringwood. ▸Online promotions, meaning pictures and videos of rehearsals can be posted onto social media opening up the range of audience to have access to knowledge of the show. For example a YouTube account for the build up of of the production including rehearsals/ interviews as well as a promotional video. produced buy a media/ marketing team; An Instagram account as well as pictures published on the schools website for future students to see.
  • 6. TEXT MARKETING FOR THEATRE ▸In the West End there is an area where all productions are advertised through posters/billboards and leaflets. This is around many other theatres due to the knowledge of people around there will have an interest in viewing productions as they kay be going to or from another one. Therefore these locations will attract the already theatre enthusiasts ▸as the West End has a large budget it can approach the less knowledgeable audience members on theatre. through productions such as TV adverts and Radio adverts ▸However there are more inventive techniques that can be more precise to the show and accessible due to the budget. For example a flash mob in the style o the show on the location of a cruise ship perhaps.
  • 8. ▸There are two different types of audience to look at. for example there is the audience that will be being targeted for Ringwood schools show as well as the audience targeted for the West End show. Audience
  • 9. TEXT FOR THE SCHOOL When the school is performing the production, the audience will typically be the parents of children in the school and / or in the show, along with other Students. Meaning that promotions will be accessible from school promotional points such as on the website as well as the school radio and verbally through events such as assembly for example. The parents will be a variety of social classes due to the area covering bands A to E on the social scale. occupations.However the students are all on the same degree in society. There will also be a vast age range due to a typical family wanting to come and watch including grandparents, parents and younger siblings/friends… Therefore the advertising for the schools version doesn’t need to be as specific to target audiences.
  • 10. THEATRE ‣ Due to the show being set manny years ago in the 1930s, it may not appeal to a younger audience as much as it would to an older audience. Therefore the older age group is the prime target audience. They would appreciate the era of the show with the comedy aspects involved of that time. therefore these elements could be a unique selling point. ‣ Typically may appeal to female audience more due to the dancing and singing. Therefore colourful posters with the dancing costumes and sneak peek clips would be the best selling point for that target audience. ‣ may appeal more to an upper class audience (social grade A/B) with a higher income as that is what the characters are like in the show therefore the audience may be able to relate/ appreciate or understand certain aspects of the show due to the class factor. If this is made clear when promoting it, then those audience members will be attracted.
  • 11. TEXT PLACEMENT/ DISTRIBUTION/ BROADCAST ▸Due to show week being mid way through February, i would advertise the show about two to three months before, for the chance to fully sell out on tickets. ▸These advertising materials can be bases on TV, radio, posters around Ringwood and Bournemouth as well as Southampton as there are boat docks there for cruise liners. Audiences are more likely to travel a shorter distance than if we advertised it in London for example.
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