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'08/4/9~14. -What has been going on?:the Actual Aspects of Humannright or Free Rigfht for Writing and Speech in The Western World?

'08/4/9~14. -What has been going on?:the Actual Aspects of Humannright or Free Rigfht for Writing and Speech in The Western World?- America(and western Europe) has been said great patron of freedom of
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'08/4/9~14. -What has been going on?:the Actual Aspects of Humannright or Free Rigfht for Writing and Speech in The Western World?- America(and western Europe) has been said great patron of freedom of humannright. However,it is such them who had concealed and decieved serious and gigantic important truthes.due to general people's decorated life with rich goods and fluent mass madeia,and etc,people has not known the hiddenn suppresion of human-rights in the western world.almost the People in rather satisfaction in the world may have been slept.there are so many organizations hypocrisy and hypocrite.in other word,the total structure itself of the western world could be said gigantic deceptive. There is no such accidents in history,but is all intentional ones... -Franklin Delano Roosevelt- ❶The Fundamental View Points on This Report: ⑴The Necessity of Diversity: According to biologists view,it is the diversity of sorts in life that enable their adaptability in various change of life enviroments.the actual is that the difference of life enviroments make various sorts in life.in other words,a monopoly in the sorts is danger for encountering the crisises.also in actual dairy case,it is varieties of opinions that enable overcoming the difficulties. Also in actual dairy case,it is variety of cultures in the world that enable giving us joy in our entertaiment life. ⑵An Origin of Equality: In any nations,any races,any districts,any society,any family,each people are all different in each their characters.it is entirely and essentiallly due to accidents.to tell from the very beggining,chemical reactions which enable creating this universe and even such life in the ancient sea is fundamentally probabilitical due to essensial physics principle.but the unique realization of this world history(stochastic process) is determistic being with their 0* (the miracle number,and only God and his mission can know of the secrets) probability.a realization form probability is a realization of equality. A tossing coin in game initiation is such a realization. ⑶Prejudice: Then problem is ingenerous attitudes of neglecting or disgusting against the differences of variety,or diversity.a people has many peculiar prejudices due to their own tradition,enviroment,proper egocentrisim and education. ⑷The Western Civilization-centrisim: The most difficulty in process is the initiation,in which there must be something creating from nothing.for being humannrace,african was necessary. The recent DNA analysis proved the fact.all of us are relative of African. To tell as for modern civilization,as is written in history text,orient,edypt, India Greece and China were necessary.in this sense, the main cast of now was out of the category.they were move tribes in norht Europe. Especially role of rising of the Islam civilization was remarkable which was transfered to and stimulated Europe of the middle ages in the crusade wars. As is though refering from the conclusion,their common nature was a stagnation of civilization which may be partly caused from certain their satisfaction. But it is such satisfaction that can establish stability of society. If it were not for such satisfaction,what would happen?.what's going on?. Our knowledge can not be complete especially for stability as the whole. It becomes evident when you observe the situations of now world with truthes. 20th ⑴ entury was the most cruely genocide era in humann history,then what 21th would be?.it is too ridiculous that such phylosophy causing fatal destruction never be allowable in simple but essential sense of living, but the actual world is runninn on it!. For example,our humann history has been almost perpetual era of wars. Do you think it too ugly?.how far long to continue such era,can they satisfy?. Even without wars,degree or others,there always would be cetain struggles as for giving and taking between those who dominate and who are dominiated. Arther Kestler ⑵ was told having known for the fatal defeacts of humankind, then he pointed out excess growing of frontal lobe in humann brain,which work for especially comprehension of localized own wish and is relating with IQ. On the other hand,so called diencephalon works for intutional tortalized comprehension,but is said being degenerated.however there was a mystery of history when various religeons independently and simuletaneously rose in each different districts without any their intentional connections. After all,the modernization of humann histroy is becoming against religeonal and soley seeking material prospertity with growing knowledge called science and technology.it had been mainly caused from Europe and the hegemonism now world is entirely due to them.then note that the death in wars increasing is remarkably proportional to the progress.that's right,so called the modern civilinaization and the war is front and the back.that is entirely due to limitless seeking of material prosperity as grab land and resource. ⑸Reactions of White Westerm in Encoutering Accuse Against Them: Most of non western today consider their modern life is owed to contribution of white Western civilization.therefore they seldom think of speaking ill of Western civilization.generally they tend to be obedient to them.most of non-white nations soley seek becoming like white Western. Possibly as the consequnce,western consider themselves leader of the world. In this situation,they are generally kind and generous to non Europeans,or they are even devotedly.they are certainly persons with love and truth.though it also certainly that there are persons the evil in any nation,any races. But the situation is limitted in case that they feel sperior to non Western. Once they feel something inferior to them especially in essential problem debates,the situation suddenly change.they feel crisis of their hegemony. The debates are phylosoply,religeon,basic science,politics,economics,culture,.. Once they feel the crisis, they suddenly become fighter with starting engine. They become also person of very causious with prepareing military line, or with making conspriracy against whom they feel caution. After all,above all,their sperior consious or unconsious emotion to non Western is deep routedely stubborn,which may be caused partly from the difference of appearence,and partly caused from traditional education in history.however a infant child is said no racial prejudice.it was American Jazz seen where author saw white and black people began cooperation for the common aim with equality.soccer world is too.a common posession can overcome difference of people.this situation is different in competive academism world. White western is not a sort.in each nation people,the emotion is considered not simply the same.it seems not essential problem of people but is rather that of class in society. The most may be that of establishment in each nation. ❷Actual Examples 1 Suppression against free right on ideology in science : 1The summmary for the situation of the colonial nation: Author happened to be physcisist at 39 years old(now 60).Previous occupations were substantially many short term jobs of enginner,salesman,etc since retirement from joint venture of Japan and USA,where author had happened to know hidden activity of CIA against Japan.It seemed simply interfering on leftism at that time,but the essential aim was not only it.their final aim is making Japanese as livestock for all benefit to America with invisible and subtle-temptations and threatening in the long term program. ⑴The first stepp is dominating minor,but kernel of Japanese elite(the war criminal of the imperial family and the kinship of chaebols the hereditary,beurocrat(especially political police and political military elites),mass-media,econmics and politics elites(the ultra long term dictatorship LDP), ⑵The second stepp is making coop-broad network in non-govermental organization and each individuals,but their relation seems not so tight than that of elite. After the warⅡ,japanse had been eintirely brain washed by CIA strategy with remarkable economic growth,promoting decadance in their mind(money,goods,..) and threatening against persons the non favorable for America. ⑶Debilitating resouce industry such as agriculture,fishery,..,by promoting technical industrialization with commercialization. ⑷Debilitating personal resouce by destroying traditional scholl and home educations with promoting egocentricism,competitive,and temptative decadances. Especially infant children are bitterly spoiled by samll wealthy and ignorant pairent.as the consequence,youger Japanese is said becoming no independence,no ability to resist against difficulty.though the crisis is coming soon. ⑸Reader might think it exagerate that they make Japanese livestock.for example, Japan now encouter crisis of obstetric doctor shortage.it's not accident,but intentional.a recent medical policy had made abnormal concentration of city's doctor,so country people now encouter the shortage crisis.the medi-care cost for only diabetes had grown up even to 1/3 of the total,while evil TVs broadcast speciall issues on gorjeous foods everyday and day without tired. Simuletaneously they foment vanity competition in car life for no walking. If you observe carefully appearence of younger Japanese,you will notice something change.too much care for infant children make them egocentric and tendency to relying on other 's assists.in feeling something frustrative, they likely not to endure,not to make efforts of overcoming difficulty and easely to behave with hatred. An egocentrism is excess conscious of care for ownself. Since they promptly become hatred against one who behave nothing merits for them or seem harmful for them. As they feel lack of selfconfidence,so they likely to endeavor on vanity of appearence.they seem becoming weak even in petty criticizing and bashing by others.there seems lacking in so called adult generosity.the opposite of egocentrisism is fundamental attitude of adult parent who care for their children without collateral.as the reflection of excess competive economic activity in society,they had been made up such egocentrisists without confidence on others. This is the priciple of dominating people by devide. ⑹Conclusionary all shall be perhaps concentrated in economics problem,which is give and take dealing with the agreement between master and slave. As is slave,so give is larger than take.consequently much taker(sub master) accumulate huge money.then the actual master(usa) take up such huge money.now the gigantic debt in USA reacts as the pre-hyper-inflation in the indispensable living resource markets(oil,wheat,corn,beans,..) by excess printing $ by FRB. FRB supply $ for financial bussiness in crisis,then both of rich and wounded many investers invest eargerly the market to seek profit. The market is final one for investor in a sense,since the goods are all indispensable than any goods in humann living.thus the market system of such singular goods seems occasionary becoming harmful in view point from the advantage of whole people's living. So the slaves now encouter abrupt and unprecendent difficulty especially in oil and foods price.these situation will never soon be ceased unless something big change by peopele's extraordinary concentration on their will to overcome the difficulty.more detail of economy shall be discussed in the later again. :Such pension,medi-care,increasing lung cancer by air pollution,diabetes,and obstetric doctor problem in Japan are all connecting people's life directly. As though,why Japanese beurocrat is so good for nothing?. It has been caused from secret agreement with the white nobilitism. They ordered to a Japanese stateman that the population be decreased to the half. Their frank feeling on rather rich non white is that they enjoy rich material life which are almost imitations of them and consuming enormous resources. By their economic growth,our established one has been bittery declined.but what did they for white peoples?, Almost Nothing!.Thus they become hatered against non-white such as Japanese.It is not such the problem of difference of skin coulor!,certainly we non white must understand their reasoable frank feeling. On the other hand,it is also due to deep routed their historical instinct caused by severe survibal struggles around poor resource north land,that is fear for population growing.if we say that we shall co-live by decreasing consuming,by equal supplying,but not by increasing suffering of people to death,then can you allow us to liberate from the dominating colonial regime?.do you give us political freedom?. No,it's not allowable!!,at least, while it has been as it was. :What in the world,who volantary exported the civilization to nonwhite nations. It was caused from their indefinte wish to expand their survibal teritory. And also they gave us entirely fake goods!.since the western civilization has fatal defeact called global thermalized hell,which had been already predicted in the great religeon.to tell from the very beginning,the religeon might be created for the warning. Though they had protested against God. Certainly also we had been too stupid untill we knew it was fake. Therefore we are now shouting it's fatal fake,it's fatal fake! . 2Suppression against Free Right on Ideology in Science: ⑴Thanks to them,it had become difficult to get decent job since then.onece having derive serious essential discoveries in physics,author were to know the consipiracy made by international academic elite who are connecting with the establishment of the world.not only in Japan,also in USA and Europle,a series of thesis were all rejected to publishing without correct reason.not only rejecting publishing,also income became severely tight and activity for resolving problem were always interfered by certain organized groupe. ⑵Why academic elites are connecting with the establishment of the world.?, Then who give Novel prize to scientists?.it is a olympic in intelligence hegemony competition of the world.almost prizer are white Europeans. Jazz music seen and Soccer world are different with such hegemony motive. Frankly telling,author had bitterly had known that scientist wish is not money,but houor.it becomes occasionary more troublesome than money.author has not belongs to any established academic organization,it was so to say a big challenge causing upside of science the fundamental down by amateure. ⑶Those contents are elementally comprehensible by refering in the report. (The first problem of the world is America:Appendix:1,2,3,4,5,click here). ⑷Summary of the important basic conclusions: Objects of science are complete(causality low) or incomplete(probabilitical). Material world is non-contradictional described by mathematical representation. Vaccume world is contradictional of all mighty being,or spiritual one. The real number 0* is definte due to the maximum natural number definteness. 0* is so to say miracle number. Creation of universe was described by Quantum Gravity Dynamics(QGD) due to Einstein's principle equivalence of gravity field and accelating coordinate with guage field and the quantization theory r,utiyama,l.d.vadeev,v.n.popov . Elementary particle basic theory had been completed. Creating electric power from the vaccume by 0=+E-E. Nicola.Tesla . Chemical process is stochastic described by Qunatum Stochastic Dynamics. Consequenetly irreversibility of the process was found being due to essential infomation lack at each elementary interaction stage probabilitical . Economic Network Dynamics. ⑸Physical-Chemical Irreversibility Problem and Energy Industry. If you dropped ink liquid into water in glass,you never can recover it as it was in initial state.the each piece of liquid shall diffuse to every direction with so called random walking.the walking is series of collision of particles. The result of collision reaction is probabilitical due to its essential nature. Thus causality low(cause result)might be reversible,but without causality,it becomes impossible to reverse the process by anyhow. Irreversibility can be seen in almost aspects of dairy life. Iron gather rust,a free dusts shall diffuse and never spontaneously being gathered in a place.animal has finite life span becoming older as time goes on. The thermal closed system and the irreversibility(=thermal death): The 2 nd low of thermodynamics states that in a thermal closed system in which income and out come of heats is cutted off,then any internal material system has tendency to lose its chemical activity(end is called thermal death).the 2 nd low had been empirical one for long time and none could not prove it correctly from view of microscopic physical dynamics(quantum mechanics) exept author's work. The thermal stablity of earth entirely depneds on penetrativity of income energy flow from Sun and that outcome from earth.the gigantic energy income and outcome must be balanced in long term.heat energy of humann activity itself is entirely neglegible small amount.then if decreasing penetrativity=pmo, the temperature difference between penetrative matter(pmo) must be increase. S Universe=T U T U is the constant temperature of universe.t E is the that of earth.a decreasing penetrativity demands higher PM I PM O temperature T E of earth,which has been caused by growing Earth=T E higher density of so called Green House Gas(GHG) emitted by us consuming energy with enormous CO2 emitting. Note that pentrativity is different for income and outcome.the latter is troublesome. From view of 2 nd low : Themal death is rather exagerate,though high temperature stimulates disturbance of climate thermal death and sea level on earth. Thermal opened system Thermal closed system. inceasing thermal-disturbance Suppresions on Physicists and on his Concerned Persons. Author had found quantum mechanism of irreversibity in 1988,almost 20years ago. Then author had to encouter unprecendental incomfortable dairy events in life. Intentional noise around home stopped the work on quantum physics research and turned to research the hatred groupe.consequently he had known their connection with energy industry(and military industry chaebol),the academic groupe of right and left,and rightist and leftist party and security beurocrat= police.certainly it was strange that both left and right do active simuletaneously at that time.they were conscious and unconscious agents of unique operating center called CIA in Japan.Ofcourse the sytem must be hyeralchy one for avoding accusement their criminal responsibility and the secret defence. The details can not be written in this short paper.the combinned own experiences and many usefull reference books by journalists of ability was effective.especially reference books on CIA ⑹⑺⑻ in post the war in Japan had made them very evident. In these years,criminal events happened and all of them were out of low. More than 20 main cases had not become even police inverstigate.the direct appeal to district procecusion were all rejected without reasoable cause. Illegal medical treatments for ear and tooth also happend and the sequelaes had remaind,which become now serious trouble in life.in authors head,there may be internal bleeding causing slight paralysis of the left side of the body. Since the physical metabolism is slightly different between left and right. In recent years,intentional noise interference in sleeping often happened. They caused damages on brain and physical ability. Important documents and instruments were often stealed in absense. Also conspiracy against author often happened in order to flame up criminal.to speak from the beginning,author was flame upped by invisible( inhear-able)rumour of baby killer(aborting) in CIA company.perhaps due to the consequence,love relation with leftist woman at that time was ceased.it was few years late to hear the facts by fellow who was also out of the fact. :Almost of both left and right wing
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