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2019 Manhattan Beach Grand Prix Race Protocol July 21, PDF

2019 Manhattan Beach Grand Prix Race Protocol July 21, 2019 Rev 2 Introduction and Summary of Changes for 2019 In 2019 the race will be run COUNTER-CLOCKWISE as it was the last two years. It will take
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2019 Manhattan Beach Grand Prix Race Protocol July 21, 2019 Rev 2 Introduction and Summary of Changes for 2019 In 2019 the race will be run COUNTER-CLOCKWISE as it was the last two years. It will take place on the same route around the Valley-Ardmore corridor between 15th Street and Pacific Avenue as always. The start/finish line will be lined up with the driveway on the North side of the Joslyn Center. The change in direction helped to present a better view of the finish sprint and was also close to the downtown area. Feedback was generally favorable among racers and other stakeholders and the races were at least as safe as the previous clockwise direction; however, there were more crashes last year because we added back less experienced category 4 and 5 races. For the second year, the Grand Prix will include the Manhattan men s and women s mile (foot-)races which will be run before the kids races. They will begin on Ardmore near 19 th street and run counter clockwise to the finish line near the Jocelyn Center. All vehicle traffic on the course, including emergency vehicles, will accordingly be directed to proceed in a counterclockwise direction as describe in detail below. This is an important safety precaution and required of us by the USAC (United States Cycling Association). Individual access control instructions (hard copies) will be provided to SBW course marshals (and CSC) for vehicular access points at the beginning of the first race. In the event that a large emergency vehicle must be driven under the start finish banner, it will be raised two feet higher than last year to meet clearance requirements and avoid lengthy delays. It is recommended that the Fire Department check the clearance on race day before races begin! Racers will stage on 15th at Valley as usual. They will subsequently be directed by race officials to proceed CLOCKWISE on the right-hand side of Valley as instructed by the race officials past the start/ finish line where they will then make a U-turn and queue up behind the start line. This is the only exception to the counter-clockwise rule! Vehicles parking in the Vendor lot (Joslyn Center/Post Office lot) and VIP lot (City Lot on 15th) will enter via 15th at Highland as usual and proceed to their lots as directed by course marshals. Parking spaces (2) in the city lot will be reserved for city employees as usual. Emergency Vehicles needing access to the course will enter at 15th and Valley as usual and will then be directed to proceed in a counterclockwise direction around the course to the emergency location. This is done to protect racers still on the course. Team cars will be notified in advance to stage on Blanche at Valley; any team car that attempts to enter via 15th and Highland will be directed to proceed North on Highland, turn right on Marine Ave and again right on Blanche in order to stage at Valley. An SBW course marshal (and CSC) will be stationed at Blanch and Valley to identify each team car (per the approved list). The Marshall shall communicate!1 with the USCF race officials by radio that car(s) are staged. They will also receive instruction from officials that the cars are safe to enter and proceed COUNTER-CLOCKWISE (i.e., turn right) and proceed to the designated parking area on the left (infield) where directed. During the running of the mile races, vehicle and pedestrian access to the course will be controlled as usual, without interruption. Runners (contestants) will be directed when and where to enter and exit the course by the runner s officials. CSC personnel will receive passes to park in the parking lot on Ardmore South of 15th Street. Entrance to the lot is from Manhattan Beach Blvd on Ardmore. Fencing, barricades and pedestrian crossings will remain essentially the same, with possible minor variations. There will be bleachers at Pacific (outside turn) and possibly more than the usual spectator interest as this the final corner before the run-in to the finish. The wheel Pit will again be located on the South side of the stage on the infield and controlled by the USCF officials. Approved Vehicle Access 1. Vendor and VIP vehicles except Team Cars (see below) will enter the race-course area via Highland and 15th Street. An SBW course marshal located at 15 th and Highland will check that the Vendor or VIP is on the official access list or already has a color-coded entry pass and will then direct the driver to their designated parking area. All vendors and VIPs should already have their passes. Team Cars that may show up at 15th and Highland will be directed to proceed North on Highland, right on Marine, and right on Blanche where they will stage at the right side of Blanche just before the blockade at Valley. City employees should be allowed access to the city lot also. A volunteer will check the VIP and Vendor lot entrance on 15 th as soon as possible in the morning before the first race. (Several people have unfortunately been towed away who had entered the lots well before the street access was controlled at Highland.) The entrance to 15th will be given first priority in the morning to close this access to help prevent racers and others from entering these lots early without a pass. Vendors will be instructed to take the last left turn before Valley into the Post Office parking lot. Vendors who have parked in the lot as of 0500 Sunday should have a pass on their dashboard; a volunteer will be assigned to check the vendor lot and report any cars without a pass to the MBGP Race Director (Greg A) to determine if any subsequent action is required. VIPs on the list will be told by the marshal at Highland to take the first right turn and park in the city lot (unless they have a pass permitting entry to another lot). 3. Teams requesting team cars will be informed in advance that they must have their team cars stage on Blanche (via Rosecrans or Marine) at Valley. Team Cars must be on the approved list to gain entrance to the course. The Marshall at Blanche will check the Team Cars against the approved list. Team cars shall then get in one line by the curb as directed. No double parking will be permitted when staging at Blanche (unless otherwise instructed by marshals). Drivers should be asked to place their passes on the!2 dashboard to facilitate further identification and guidance. There is only one vehicle (plus trailer) per team allowed. If there are any access issues that can t be resolved by the marshal at Blanche, contact the race director (Greg Aden) for guidance. If Greg does not respond, radio to the course marshal coordinator (Chuck Watson). The Course Marshall at Valley will then instruct each Team car driver to enter the course to the right (counterclockwise) and proceed to the parking lot on the left before the Start finish line as instructed. Approved Rider Access When a race is completed and the course is clear, the SBW course marshal at 15th and Valley will open the barriers to allow the staged riders on 15th to proceed to the start line. (The race Chief Referee will radio or in person that the staged riders can be allowed to enter the course before this happens.) As mentioned in the summary of changes, the riders will subsequently be directed by officials to proceed CLOCKWISE on the right-hand side of Valley and past the start/finish line where they will then make a U-turn and queue up behind the start line. This is the only exception to the counterclockwise rule! After the riders have all entered, the course marshal at 15 th Street will replace the barriers. 6. Team cars are permitted to leave the parking lot only after completion of all racing. Access Control of Resident s Vehicles This section is particularly relevant to Course Marshals assigned to 15 th, 17 th, and 18 th Streets. Each position will receive a tailored set of instructions that must be passed on to their substitute. Please read carefully to ensure safety of riders and drivers. All participants, residents, etc. are to be treated with courtesy and patience as they may reasonably be frustrated with the restrictions on their movements. All vehicles entering the course as instructed will travel COUNTER-CLOCKWISE around the course to the designated exit. Residents on the 17 th street cul-de-sac may exit in their cars as directed by the Course Marshal at 17 th. They are to be instructed to turn right onto Ardmore in order to exit on 18 th street. The Course Marshal at 17 th will radio to the Course Marshal at 18th that a resident s car is headed their way; the Course Marsh at 18 th shall acknowledge that they got the message and then open the barrier at 18th and direct the resident to exit East on 18 th Street. The resident shall also be informed when waiting at 17 th street that they must return via 15 th street and then proceed to 17 th Street when and as directed. No vehicle is to enter at 18 th onto the race course. The Course Marshal at 15 th will allow access to the course for automobiles wishing access to 17 th Street only. Other vehicles shall be turned back, The Marshall shall radio to the 17th street Marshal that a vehicle is returning to 17th.!3 The Course Marshal at 17 th street will proceed to open the barriers for residents coming from 15 th to re-enter. Residents shall not be unnecessarily delayed and do not need to be detained until after a race if it is safe to proceed from 17 th to 18 th or from 15th back to 17 th via Ardmore. The race official on the following motorcycle stays behind the main pack during the race and will signal the number of stragglers that are behind the motor. The marshals at 15th, and 17th Streets must be careful to ensure that the stragglers have passed or are at a safe distance before permitting residents vehicles on the course. Cars coming West on 15th trying to go to American Martyrs Church should be directed to go back, turn left on Pacific and enter from the East side of the Church. CSC may have personnel assigned at these intersections; Marshals at 15 th, 17 th and 18th should introduce themselves and coordinate with CSC. This race protocol is the official instruction for course access and CSC has been briefed. Individual instructions will be prepared for each corner and given to the Marshal prior to the first race, along with verbal instructions; instructions and briefing will be passed on to any replacements. Affected residents (15th, 17 th, 18 th, and 19 th Streets) will be notified by mail or by hand delivery about the street and excess watering restrictions. Pedestian Control SBW volunteers will control pedestrian and spectator crossing at the designated and heavily used crossings (see below). Whistles will be issued to volunteers to alert people when there are approaching riders or vehicles. It is essential that the crossings be controlled on both sides throughout the races, including the Manhattan Mile. Volunteers will be issued orange vests for identification. Wearing the vests is a City requirement while on marshal duty. Emergency Access Emergency services (Police, Fire, ambulances, etc.) will enter from 15 th street at Valley as a primary access point. The secondary access point, if needed, will be via Ardmore at 15th St. The marshal at 15 th will make themselves available to remove barriers to assist entry as directed by Police of Fire. Having entered the race course at 15 th street, emergency vehicles should proceed in a COUNTERCLOCKWISE direction around the course to the incident location. Communication As in the most recent MBGP s, there will be a communication Command Post. This will be staffed by CSC, representing the MB Police. The Command Post will have two handsets of each type of!4 communication device used by participating organizations. The purpose of communications with Command Post is an emergency situation, such as a major crash with serious injuries, a car on the course, excess water on the course, or worse. Crash/injury assessment of the racers and need for notifying the Command Post is the responsibility of the USCF officials, not SBW volunteers. Any other major disturbance should be reported to the Command Post by any individual assigned a radio for that purpose. The individual making a report to Command Post shall have a pre-assigned call ID that includes their assigned location as listed below. Reports to Command Post shall include a statement of facts and Command Post will take it from there to request additional info or forward to emergency services, etc. Caller ID, with Cross reference to the SBW Course Marshal Volunteer list: Volunteer List Caller ID (when addressing the Command Post) Turn 3/4 Pacific Course Marshal at Pacific and Valley/Ardmore Ardmore at 18 th Course Marshal at 18 th and Ardmore Ardmore at 17 th Course Marshal at 17 th and Ardmore Turn 1 Course Marshal at 15 th and Valley Turn 2 Course Marshal at 15 th and Ardmore 15 th and Highland (gate) Course Marshal at 15 th and Highland *Finish (Inside) Course Marshal across from Joslyn Center on Valley *Finish (Outside) Course Marshal next to Joslyn Center on Valley *Playground (Inside) Course Marshal across from the Playground on Valley *Playground (Outside) Course Marshal next to Playground on Valley Fence End North Course Marshal on Valley near North end of the fencing Blanche Team Car Staging Course Marshal at Blanche and Valley (*) Denotes pedestrian crossing (only) If you cannot reach the Command Post on the radio, in the event of an emergency, call TBD. The Volunteer Matrix for Course Marshals is attached. Alternates may be added or assigned elsewhere as needs and resources dictate. Volunteers should call the Marshal Coordinator (Chuck Watson) as needed for a temporary break. They should call on the radio, if assigned one, or Chuck s cell phone at Other non-emergency calls from volunteers should be addressed to the individual, e.g., (see list below). Please refrain from using the term SBW Command Post to avoid confusion with the emergency Command Post.!5 Radios for the Command Post When the radios are received by SBW from Chevron, two sets must be delivered to the Command Post (CSC) as soon as possible. They are located inside the office of the Fire Department at 15 th and Valley. We continue to have spotty radio response to course marshals. Users should be briefed at the SBW tent on radio usage. They should be familiar with the above protocols before the event. Key SBW Contacts Phone Numbers Race Director: Greg Aden Volunteer Director: Steve Whitsitt Course Set-up/Tear- Down: Jim Heise Course Marshals: Chuck Watson or Steve Whitsitt Command Post TBD Note: most individuals on this list above will also have radios.!6
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