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Annual Meeting Minutes

The Courtyards at The Links HOA Executive Board Annual Meeting Minutes October 10, 2018 I. Opening. Bud Vance convened the meeting at 7:03 P.M and welcomed everyone. II. Quorum. Dennis Bowman verified
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The Courtyards at The Links HOA Executive Board Annual Meeting Minutes October 10, 2018 I. Opening. Bud Vance convened the meeting at 7:03 P.M and welcomed everyone. II. Quorum. Dennis Bowman verified that a quorum was present. We had twenty-nine (29) homeowners present with no proxies received. III. Proof of Notice of Meeting. Bud indicated initial notification was sent to homeowners in an Aug 7, 2018 with a heads-up to save the date for the Annual Courtyards Meeting. On Sep 11, 2018 a second was sent which included the Annual Courtyards Meeting notification letter and a Resume Questionnaire for applicants for the Courtyards Executive Board. A final was sent on Oct 4, 2018 and included the Agenda, completed Candidate Resume, 2018 Budget, Proposed 2019 Budget, 2018 (Financial) Balance Sheet, and 2017 Courtyards Annual Meeting Notes. After sending out the Financial Sheets one question was received and we have one change to the Budget sheet pertaining to the difference in 2018 and 2019 Budget line. Under the line Total Maintenance please change to $2,538. The Change is due to a formatting problem. Proof of Notice of Meeting was fulfilled. IV. Approval of 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes. Bud advised that the minutes of the 2017 Courtyards HOA Annual Meeting had been distributed by and no changes to the Minutes were requested. A motion to not read the minutes was made, seconded, and approved. A motion to approve the minutes was then made, seconded and approved. V. Reports of Officers and Committees. Before continuing with the various reports Bud stated he would like to recognize some of the volunteers that have stepped up to support our community. Bud thanked Tom, Russ, and Karen for their outstanding work in supporting the Courtyards Community by service on the Executive Board. Russ has really stepped up after the resignation of Tom Fischer due to his home sale and relocating out of state. There was a round of applause. He then commended the volunteer work done by many of the residents of our community and thanked them all: Stu Kravits and Dennis Bowman for their advice and counsel to this Board and working on the committee working the Aqua rate increase; Cliff Feldman for his tireless IT support throughout the Links Community Stu Kravits for his work in maintaining a current list and distribution of Recommended Workers information throughout the community; Sharon Kuntzman for doing the Welcome Wagon for new arrivals; Frank Negro who collects our newspapers for the Boy Scouts; Special thanks to Jerry Wright for taking on the Links Newsletter; and another very special thanks to the members of 1 the Architectural Review Committee (ARC), Mike Sheppo, chair, and Bruce Terry, Shelly Anderson, and Alice Kabatt. The ARC has seen a significant increase in the number of ARC Requests this year. Many others have stepped up to volunteer in a variety of areas. It is critical in our community that we have volunteers and everyone is urged to volunteer in support of the community. If you have a desire to help, please contact any Executive Board Member. a. Architectural Review Committee (ARC). Mike Sheppo, ARC Chairman thanked the members of the ARC for their service during the past year. He reported that there has been a significant increase in ARC Requests due to the hail damage which resulted in replacement of roofs, gutters, downspouts, and screens. At this time last year (2017) there were twenty-nine (29) ARC Requests, but this year there have been eighty-four (84) to date, which includes fifty-seven (57) due to the roof replacements. To handle the increase the Courtyards Board and the ARC have streamlined the ARC requirements for roof replacement to allow for a quick turnaround of these requests. There were no questions from the homeowners at the meeting. b. Contracts. There were no new contracts initiated by the Board this past year. We are currently in the second year of a three-year fixed cost contract for both lawn sprinkling and home trash pick-up with the Developer; snow removal and brine application contract with Paul Malat at same rates as last year; and a five year optional contract for expanded lawncare services with Brightview, the largest lawncare providers in the US. There will be no increase to this year s rates by Brightview, with the exception of required maintenance of the sixty-nine (69) trees added this year by the Developer in accordance with the approved plan. c. Lawncare. i. We worked closely with the other Links HOAs to obtain the same standards throughout the Links Community. A contract with Brightview was awarded. Each HOA has its own contract, but the same rates and standards prevail throughout the Links. The contract was awarded after advertising a new, more thorough statement of work, receiving written bids for services, staffing the proposals, cost comparisons, on-site visits, oral briefs, etc. Some of the key areas covered by the contract include: twenty-six mowings; lawn treatment for fertilizer, insects, etc. which will be by TruGreen, a subcontractor of Brightview; mulching of all beds; edging with metal trimmers, including tree rings; five (5) separate fertilizings; three (3) trimmings; Fall and Spring clean-ups, etc. ii. We have experienced many issues with the lawn care contract this year, and we deal with the contractor to resolve issues as they arise. One major issue this year, beyond the control of the contractor was the terrible Summer weather with record rainfall. Brightview has been very responsive to rescheduling of mowing days. Even the quality of the mowings suffered as a result of the weather with ground and grass wet on many occasions even with changing of mowing dates, but required 2 mowing, or grass would be excessively high. Mowing of wet grass directly leads to clumps of wet grass on our lawns and upset homeowners. We are working to remedy various issues caused by lawncare workers - primarily stucco damage, fence damages and damage to other items. We will ensure that repairs are completed this Fall. Brightview will reimburse the Courtyards for all contracted mowings that were not completed this year, if applicable. The Board plans to continue Brightview s services and contract in Please notify a Board Member if you see or experience a problem with the contractor s crew or services. iii. Kevin Marks brought up that the preemergent treatment for crabgrass and other weed treatments throughout the year are occurring too late for maximum efficiency. Stu Kravits stated this has been a recurring problem over the years. We will coordinate and if necessary, change the application dates to get maximum benefits from these applications. iv. Stu Kravits asked if the current contract with Brightview included removal of old mulch. Our contract does not include removing of old mulch and mulch is applied early Spring. v. Sharon McFadden asked about the possible removal of a large white pine tree that is near her house. She is concerned that y is a danger to her home. The Board will meet with Sharon and assess the safety of the tree in question. vi. Stu Kravits asked about the newly installed Spruce replacing a large spruce downed in a storm currently leaning. Bud stated he will have the tree properly staked and straightened. d. Plantings. New spruce and arborvitaes were planted replacing dead or dying Leland Cyprus plants. This is the third year for this project. We still have some that will be replaced as needed next year and will be taking a close look at the Common areas in Battery Ridge and coordinating with homeowners for their thoughts. This will be an on-going project. Leland Cyprus just wasn t the correct plant for this area. Some Courtyard Islands were improved with plantings this year. We are planning and have budgeted for significant improvements of Courtyards islands next year as many have reached maturity and some plants are dying. e. Electrical Upgrades. We exceeded our electrical budget this year by approximately $9,500. The money was used to complete the conversion of all street lights from metal halide to Light Emitting Diodes (LED) light bulbs and other electrical infrastructure repair issues (Banner Court wiring). We used a portion of our surplus snow removal funds to pay for these upgrades. Although there was an initial cost outlay; in the long run, savings should more than make up for the initial expense. The switch to LED offers energy savings since the lights consume less energy and last longer resulting in lower maintenance costs. Our initial indications project a savings of $1,200 per year in electrical costs ($103 per month). 3 f. Developer Obligations. i. Developer has various obligations to meet his Mount Joy Township s approved Development Plan. The vast majority of unfinished planting was in Phase 1C, along Clubhouse Drive, Todd, Lookout, Shiloh and Chamberlain Courts as well as some utility boxes throughout the development, less Battery Ridge, which was completed. ii. Developer installed total of 69 new trees per the MJ Township approved Development Plan, primarily dogwood and maple which were planted in front yards, as well as spruce in the common areas. We have a one-year warranty and five spruce have been removed for replacement. iii. Landscaped utility boxes throughout the CY. iv. Installed 7 new lights along Chamberlain Ct. We are currently working to bring this area to standard with the light fixtures and electrical infrastructure as inferior wiring was originally used. That invoice will be submitted to the developer for reimbursement. v. Remaining Developer due outs per the Approved development Plan. vi. Additional plantings near the overflow containment pond south of Chamberlain, expansion of the pond across the access road. This will be completed after building one additional home on Chamberlain. At that time, responsibility for maintaining Chamberlain Court pavers will transfer from Developer to the HOA. g. Waste Management. Our trash and recycling are handled by Waste Management. We will be adding an additional trash dumpster as the four we currently have are at times overflowing. Overflowing containers, those that cannot close the lid to be flush with the container, incurs a $ additional fee per container each time. The driver has a camera and photographs the container as justification. It is more economical to add a dumpster to our contract than pay excessive overflow fees. h. Aqua Rate Increase. We have obtained legal representation from the Becker Law Group in Hanover for the pending court case against Aqua s proposed increase. The firm is reviewing all applicable correspondence and will be paid from the Master Association Budget since it is a community wide initiative and has the approval of all Master Association Board Members. Updates will be provided throughout the community as additional information becomes available. i. Master Association Update. i. The Annual Master Association Meeting will be in the Premier Clubhouse at 7:00 PM. 4 ii. We have seen an increase in the utilization of the Community Center and pool this year. iii. The carpet in the Community Center and Fitness Center was recently professionally cleaned. iv. The fountains and fountain basins were repaired this year. v. A new roof was approved by the claims adjuster for our insurance company and will be completed this Fall. vi. Estimates for resurfacing the pool is currently being worked. VI. Investments. A $50,000 two-year CD was purchased this past year. VII. Balance Sheet. We are financially secure as shown on the Balance Sheet having total assets and equity of $175,000+, including $124,000+ in checking and savings, and a $50,000 Certificate of Deposit. VIII. Year-to-Date Review of 2018 Budget. a. Bud reviewed the expenditures year-to-date including projected expenditures by year s end, noting that the budget had been based on projections of 100 homes which remained accurate. Our homeowners are very responsible in making monthly HOA fees on time with no homeowner behind more than one month, which is often an oversight. b. He discussed the various budget expenditures and highlighted areas where there were significant differences in budget and actual expenses. One area was the increase in Electrical Services, previously discussed. Additionally, we were significantly underbudget in snow removal costs due to a mild Winter. HOA funded plantings were also reduced from budget due to the Summer weather. These savings funded the electrical upgrades and added a possible reserve contribution of over $9,500. Other line items in the Budget were close to projected expenses. He also discussed the decline in quality of lawn service and the replacement of the Leland cypresses with arborvitae which are better suited to our area This remains an action until all are replaced, as needed. Paver maintenance is in process and is expected to be on budget. Trash and dumpster fees increased slightly with addition of an additional trash dumpster. c. Jerry Dougherty asked about why there was only $8.00 showing on the 2018 Budget as interest. This small amount represents the interest received for the bank amount and does not include the interest earned on the unmatured CD which will not be recorded until received. IX. Present and approve the 2019 Proposed Budget. There are only very minor changes from the 2018 Budget and the Proposed 2019 Budget. There will not be a rate increase of HOA fees, as they will remain at $165 per month for A motion was made to approve the Proposed 2019 Budget, Seconded and the motion carried. The Proposed 2019 Budget was approved without change. X. Election for Board Position. 5 Bud noted that, for the Board position becoming vacant, there was only one candidate, Russ Arrighi. Russ applied for the Executive Board via a submitted resume which was forwarded to homeowners for their review. A motion was made to close the nomination process, seconded and approved. A motion to elect Russ by unanimous ballot was made, seconded, and approved. Russ was then elected unanimously. XI. Old Business. a. We previously addressed the Developer contributions made within the Courtyards footprint. b. A change to the Holiday decorations Policy has been approved, and posted on the website. You will need to click on the tab for Courtyards HOA. c. A new fence policy was been approved and published. It also is available on the website. XII. New Business. a. The Master Association Annual Meeting will be held on November 14, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at the Premier Clubhouse. All homeowners are invited and encouraged to attend. b. The Links Homeowner Holiday Party will be held at the Premier Clubhouse on December 8, Details will follow shortly. c. Halloween Trick or Treating will be from 6-8 PM on Saturday, October 27, d. A question was raised by Cliff Feldman concerning the installation and maintenance of storm drains. There is concern that drains in the area behind Parkland Ct, in particular, are either blocked, not properly draining, or aren t properly installed. Cliff and Sharon Kuntzman volunteered to look into this issue and advise the Board of their findings and recommendations for resolution. XII. Adjournment. Bud asked if there was anything else any homeowner would like to address. There being none, a motion to adjourn was made and seconded. Motion to adjourn carried and the Meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM. Respectfully submitted, Courtyards HOA Executive Board Bud, Russ, and Karen 6 7
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