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Belvoir Bowhunters Newsletter

Belvoir Bowhunters Newsletter Issue 141 October 2005 CLUB MEETING ON WEDNESDAY 12 OCTOBERBER 2005 The next club meeting will be held in the Indoor Archery Range, at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, 17 September.
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Belvoir Bowhunters Newsletter Issue 141 October 2005 CLUB MEETING ON WEDNESDAY 12 OCTOBERBER 2005 The next club meeting will be held in the Indoor Archery Range, at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, 17 September. This month s word is PROLOGUE. Be the first to contact the editor (Mike Rotchford) with the location of the word and win five free raffle tickets at the next meeting. October Program Bring your things to trade or sell SWAP NIGHT Belvoir Bowhunters President Dan Van Gundy TAKING MY STAND How s everyone doing out there? Seeing lots of deer? I m not. The only deer I ve seen appeared after I d quit hunting and was walking out. Given that the mast crops are so meager this fall, you d think the deer would have to move more to find food. But I m not seeing them. I m sure they re out there, though. I know they haven t disappeared. Somebody smart once said that deer are always somewhere. It s a law of physics, preservation of matter. Bob Foster has some good advice on finding deer this season, and I hope it works for lots of you. We need to take as many as we can. But there are some who are having trouble deciding what to do with a deer after they take it. I ve gotten asking about butchers and about whether the deer has to be skinned first. These are legitimate concerns for new hunters. They re also legitimate concerns for old hunters who may be without the time or a place to process their own meat. As in years past, I ve hung up a sign at the check station on butchers in the Virginia counties surrounding Ft Belvoir that are meat processors for the Virginia Hunters for the Hungry. Elsewhere in this newsletter also is a list of these participating butchers. They ll process a donated deer for free. They ll also accept a partial donation of meat from a deer you want to keep most of yourself. Of course, you ll have to pay them to process your deer in Range Party Photo by Stan Parmentier IBEP and Hunter Safety Courses This years calendar Do We Have What You Need Classified Heads Tails Lennie Eubanks Official Publication of the Belvoir Bowhunters the latter case. But all of these butchers accept deer for processing. There may be other butchers who will process your animal. If you know of additional meat processors not listed on the list of Hunters for Hungry, please type or print a 3 x 5 card with address and phone and then post it at the check station for all to see. Additionally, if someone is lucky enough to take a deer next Wednesday or the second Wednesday in November, it might make an informative program at the club meeting to demonstrate how to butcher a deer. If this is a possibility, give Dani Seltzer or me a call to set it up on short notice. We ll work with you to make Continued on Page 2, Col October President s Corner sure you don t waste your time or your venison. NEW TOPIC: The start of the deer season is also the beginning of the club s food drive to support Ft Belvoir s Adopt-A-Family program. The club usually votes to spend club funds to augment the personal donations of the members, but the lion s share of the food comes from the generosity of individual members. I m asking you to stop by the grocery store this weekend and pick up a few cans or a half-case of one of the items specified below, and to bring it with you to the club meeting or to the check station when you come on post to hunt. Put the food in the blue barrel in the check station meeting area. Your individual can or two will make a difference, and it will allow the club to concentrate its collective spending on the big-ticket item for our Christmas dinner baskets: the turkeys. Here s a list of stuff we need: Canned Yams Potato Flakes Packaged Stuffing C a n n e d Green Beans Canned Cranberry Sauce Canned Turkey Gravy Evaporated Milk Fruit Cocktail Canned Black Olives Jar of Pickles Bags of Candy Soda: Six Pack Good Hunting! Continued from page 1 Vice President s Bob Foster Prognostications Two weeks of the special antlerless season and one week of regular season have come and gone. Hopefully you ve filled at least one DMAP tag by now. If not, here are a few observations. Acorns are very spotty this year. Last year I commented that it might be prudent to wear matching Kelvar helmet and vest when you go out because of all of the falling acorns. Wish we had that problem again! Instead the woods are bone dry. Besides the obvious danger of fire, the flora is suffering out there. Trees, shrubs and bushes in every area show shriveled up leaves that are falling early, just due to lack of water. Those that were already in a weakened state because of age, insects or other damage may be weakened beyond their ability to bounce back and survive when the rains finally do come. A secondary impact of the drought is the lack of foods that the deer and other wildlife rely on. Trees with acorns are scarce out there even the hardy chestnut oaks don t seem to have much to offer. None of the persimmon trees that I visited had any fruit. Same with wild pears. Bottom line is that the staples that deer depend on to put on fat for the winter is very spotty. That leads me to predict it is going to be a very bad winter for deer in terms of survival. Not that there aren t many out there; just the opposite. Last year s bumper crop caused many does to give birth to twins. There are plenty of deer out there, but they won t survive without food especially the young and the old. What can we do? Take as many as we can out of the woods. By lowering the numbers of deer competing for the limited food available, we improve Range Warden s Mike Brown Club Officer Election Approaching Have you considered serving in some capacity on your club s executive board? Do you know someone that might be a good choice? The November electon is just around the corner and a nominating committee will be putting together a slate of candidates. So let one of the club officers know if you would like to serve or let them know of someone who you think is qualified and would be willing. This is your club. Step up and give a hand for next year. A TLEA ST 4 POINT S QDM BUCK HA RVEST REQUIREMENT S A TLEA ST15 INCHES 2 Continued on Page 4, Col 1 WEB PAGE: Secretary- T reasurer s Kevin B rown President Dan VanGundy opened the meeting at 1900 on 14 September, All officers were present except Publicity Director Mike Rotchford. Dan asked for officer reports. Vice President Bob Foster remarked that since tournaments were over for the season, he didn t have much to report. Bob also informed the members present that he had donated a four point harness for the archery center for the use of hunters who have forgotten theirs. Secretary Treasurer Kevin Brown reported on club finances, with $ in the checking account. He gave a summary of the club picnic and HFH shoot results ($ $ in food receipts) which included $350 in donations from club members. On the membership front, starting in November, applications for renewal will be in the newsletters. There is no advantage for a renewing member to put it off after January the membership year runs from January 1st to December 31 st, so renew early and get your money s worth! Activities Director Dani Seltzer was next, and she remarked that although attendance at the HFH shoot was down from previous years, those who did attend were very generous. She then thanked all the volunteers who helped. Range Warden Mike Brown highlighted how BBH supports the post by providing volunteers such as Don Logeais and others who had recently participated in work parties. Field range points were worked, with conveyor belts added to targets to prevent passthroughs. Coming up, Rick Atkinson will be leading work party to work on bridges at the next work party. Sergeant at Arms Steve Richards had nothing significant to report. After the conclusion of the officer reports, President Dan VanGundy conducted the business portion of the meeting. He started by handing out the proposed schedule of events. He highlighted the coon shoot on the evening prior to the pig roast 3-D. In general, events are scheduled on non-hunting days Sundays in the spring to allow turkey hunting on Saturday. Mike Brown proposed a Hunter round (paper animal targets) in lieu of a field round, and Bob Foster seconded. After some discussion, the motion was called, and carried on a voice vote. John Peeler moved, and Paul Vogel seconded that the club accept the proposed schedule as amended. The motion carried. Next, Dave Burpee reviewed the VBA tournament schedule, and asked for the member s preferences on the clubs bidding on the various state shoots. Next, Dave discussed a proposed VBA constitution change to move the start of VBA officers term to July 01 from the present calendar year basis. After some discussion, Chas Singleton moved, and Robin Vogel seconded a tion to retain officer terms on a calendar year basis, which carried. Dan VanGundy asked if the club would be interested in making a donation to the Red Cross or other organization for hurricane relief.. John Peeler proposed that we contribute to the Salvation Army vice Red Cross. Chas Singleton moved that we donate $1500, Col. Williams seconded. The motion carried. Chas proposed an additional $1000 motion died due to a lack of a second. Dan then mentioned the officer terms expirations, and that Dave Burpee was heading the nominating committee. After the discussion of new business, President Dan VanGundy welcomed our guest speaker, Belvoir Game Warden Clint Horton to talk about game law changes and post regulations. Clint started off by recognizing Col. Williams for his support as installation commander and asked for a round of applause, which the club enthusiastically provided. Clint then remarked that at the hunter orientation recently held, he told the new hunters to thank the hunters who came before them for their high standard of conduct which has resulted in a close relationship between the post and the hunters. Clint highlighted a couple of key areas: first, the R-2 and T-16 off limits areas. Deer straying into these areas may not be recovered without first contacting the Game Warden. Next, Clint mentioned that while crossbows are legal in Virginia during the archery season, they are not allowed on Belvoir, unless required by a medical condition. He noted that DMAP tags are available for certain areas, and for hunters to be aware of this. He stressed that only antlerless deer may be taken in the early season, and emphasized that meant no bony protuberances above the hairline. He urged hunters to take doe fawns vice buck fawns if they are able to tell the difference. He asked hunters to help the wardens by clearly displaying their area parking passes. He finished by mentioning the new hoist installed behind the archery center, and he thanked the hunters for their help in previous years. He asked fellow warden Johnie Kibler to say a few words. Johnie noted that locks have been upgraded, and for hunters to put the locks back the way you find them all gates are to be locked even if you find them open. EPG gates will be left open during the week. Hunters have been locked in areas by improperly secured locks. After stressing the 100 yard buffer zone in T-6A, the wardens opened up the floor to questions. Don Logeais asked if the early urban season applied in Fairfax County. Clint confirmed that both early and late seasons applied to Fairfax County. Question on parking Continued on Page 4, Col 2 WEB PA GE: 3 Vice Presidents Continued from page 2 the odds of survival for those that remain. This is a year where we all need to be committed to taking every shot that falls within our personal comfortable shooting range. Especially does. With food scarce, the deer will be on the move trying to find it, particularly as it gets colder. Obviously if you find a good food source (one of the few oaks with acorns) you will find deer lots of them (I found such a tree in the early season and counted nine different deer feeding under it in one morning. Tim Seymour and I each took a doe there before they got skittish and quit coming in.) A good strategy especially later in the season - will be to look to alternative food sources. Grassy areas will become targets for feeding deer as it get colder. That may make places like the housing areas and hunting areas around parade fields and the like good choices. Areas around water the wetland hunting areas may have trees in better shape with more abundant food and therefore may also be good choices. Finally, the rut is the rut. Scare food or not, the boys will be out chasing the girls. The last time I saw similar conditions, it caused the rut to run later, but it still came. It will come this year as well. The bottom line is that part of the challenge of hunting is learning to play the cards that Mother Nature deals us. This year may test you, but adjusting your hunting strategy will pay off! Good Hunting! Sun 9 am - 5 pm Mon CLOSED Tue CLOSED Wed 1 pm - 9 pm Thur 1 pm - 9 pm Fri 1 pm - 9 pm Sat 9 am - 5 pm Phone (703) B ldg A rchery Range Continued from page 2 areas Clint mentioned that new map posted outside the archery office. Question on eagle nests drew the response that previous nest areas were still active, and the same restrictions will still apply. Chas offered that if you find an eagle feather, do not pick it up it is a federal offense. A question on tree stands brought the replies that no permanent tree stands were permitted. Leaving a stand in an area overnight does not guarantee exclusive use of the area the next day first come, first serve. Screw in steps are permitted, but no linesman boots. The wardens finished by reminding hunters that any deer taken on Belvoir must be checked at the archery center no phone-ins were allowed. Following the guest speaker, several items were highlighted by the membership. Dave Burpee asked for nominations to be submitted, and Stan Parmentier asked for donations of snatch block or gambrel to provide for multiple hoist points on the beam. Stan also mentioned that beginning archery classes would be held starting on Monday, the 26 th of September. Following the presentation, the meeting was adjourned, and the raffle was held. The club cleared $65 in the raffle, and the members listed below won the following prizes. Prize Winner Cap Gary Hitz Ninja mask John Castaneda Camo t-shirt Paul Vogel Camo water bottle w/case Dan VanGundy $15 Kay Core $20 John VanPelt $30 Chas Singleton A ctivities Directors Dani Seltzer I guess it is that time again. I have no real activities to report on. We have a club meeting coming up. I hope you all will be there as it promises to be exciting. In lieu of a formal program this time around we will be having a swap night. With the hunting season upon us, a swap night will give us all a chance to swap/sell equipment we aren t using, find out what is working well for others and seek out more of what is working well. As for future Activities I have begun work on planning this year s Holiday Party. I feel very strongly, as some of you may have guessed, about us having a Holiday Party. This goes back to my original statement (in July) about taking the time to remember why we all come together as part of this club. The Belvoir Bowhunters was not founded to host shoots. This club was founded because the charter members wanted to create an organization that furthered the sport of archery and a hunting program on Fort Belvoir. This club was built by the hard work and dedication of it s members, it grew because it was fun. This is a great club and comraderie is part of that. The holidays are a busy time of year for all of us, but also a time to come together and share time with the people in many parts of our lives. It is one of two events we host that we can bring our husbands/wives, boyfriends/girlfriends, and enjoy each other s company with out our bows. I am working on three alternatives for this year s holiday party. I would love to hear from you about your thoughts and opinions. My home number is listed on this news letter and my is This is your club, you have a voice please use hope you all choose to share in it with Continued on Page 5, Col 3 WEB PA GE: Sergeant-A t-a rms Steve Richards Back in November of last year, when I was elected to this esteemed position, I must admit that I had absolutely no clue what the Sergeant-at-Arms duties were. I made the assumption that the putting down of insurrection would be largely unnecessary, and therefore spent little time establishing contingency plans in case Chas or Dave or Stan or (God forbid) Robin got rowdy and had to be dealt with. Well, as it turns out, the bulk of work consists of simply getting food, drink, and other assorted supplies together for the various club events. This is really pretty much a piece of cake, so to speak. I have many years experience in this sort of endeavor, so this kind of work is really easy for me to do. It generally goes something like this. Carefully and meticulously establish what is needed for a given event. Take a careful and detailed inventory of what we have on hand so as not to duplicate any items unnecessarily. Go to Costco and purchase all necessary items. Return to Belvoir and stow the stuff in the storage room. Make a list of the additional 10 or 15 items that any imbecile could plainly see were also needed, but were somehow inadvertently left off of the initial list. Return to Costco and buy these 10 or 15 items. Return to Belvoir and stow the stuff in the storage room. If steps one and two above are executed properly, the third trip to Costco is generally a quick one, and the final item or two can easily be picked up on the fourth foray. See? You just have to have a system, and it goes smoothly, just like that, every time. As an added bonus, I am now on a first-name basis with every employee at Costco, and have been invited to 4 birthday parties, 2 weddings and a barmitvah. Other duties are blissfully light. But there is one other one that woulda caused me to decline this position if I d had wits enough to think about it at the time. That is, of course, this newsletter. Every month (seems more often); I have to come up with some sort of an article. And for this duty, unlike procurement, I have absolutely no talent at all. It is actually a two-part problem. First, I ve gotta come up with something to write about. Second, I ve gotta actually write it. Of the two parts, both are the hardest. I have therefore come up with a plan. Each and every member of BBH is hereby invited to submit ideas for articles to me at through the 15 th of each month. I will personally have the article ghost-written, so there is no need to worry about the actual writing part. If I choose your idea, you will be awarded a $200 gift certificate from Bowes and Arrows, good on any day between February 29 th and February 31 st of Now, for the educational portion of this month s drivel, I thought I would pass along some hard-learned lessons pertaining to hunting right here at Fort Belvoir. Please bear in mind that these suggestions are inspired by real events that have actually happened to, uh, a friend of mine. Suggestion #1) Remember to bring your bow. Bow hunting by its very nature requires both a hunter and a bow. It is most disconcerting to hear that little voice in the back of your brain saying oh yeah, the darn bow is still on the dining room table, as you begin to unload your hunting vehicle. Suggestion #2) Always remember to pad lock your bow when on base prior to hunting hours as required in the LOI. Also, and this is extremely important, remember to bring the key to the lock. A really bad time to hear that little voice again ( oh yeah, the darn key is still on the dining room table, right by where I left the bow last week ) is after you have already racked a tree about half a mile from your hunting vehicle. On the positive side, this is an excellent time to practice your creative language skills. Well, I could go on,
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