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EAST LEROY ELEMENTARY HANDBOOK KINDERGARTEN-5 TH GRADE Daily Schedule: Buses begin to arrive.8:20 School Begins... 8:30 1 st Lunch (K, 1 st & 2 nd ).11:25 Morning Young Fives leave 11:35 2 nd Lunch (3
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EAST LEROY ELEMENTARY HANDBOOK KINDERGARTEN-5 TH GRADE Daily Schedule: Buses begin to arrive.8:20 School Begins... 8:30 1 st Lunch (K, 1 st & 2 nd ).11:25 Morning Young Fives leave 11:35 2 nd Lunch (3 rd &4th).12:15 Afternoon Young Fives arrive 12:15 Dismissal...3:20 MORNING ARRIVAL AT SCHOOL: Buses begin arriving at 8:20 AM. School starts at 8:30AM. Students should not arrive before 8:20 AM if brought to school by parents or if walking. LATE TO SCHOOL The student arriving after 8:30 will need to be checked in at the office. Students arriving after 8:30 but before 8:45 will be marked tardy. Students arriving after 8:45 AM will be considered absent for half a day. Students leaving before 3:05 each day will be considered absent for one half day. If students leave between 3:05 and 3:20 they are marked Early Dismissal which is equivalent to a tardy. ABSENT FROM SCHOOL: Because we as a school community are always concerned with your child s safety, we ask that parents call the school before 8:30 AM when your child is going to be absent. If you need to call and leave a message to report an absence, please use the office extension 10, not an individual person s extension. If we have not heard from you by the time school starts, and attendance has been taken, we will be contacting you. We will first call the student s home and if we are unable to reach you there, we will be calling one 1 or both parents at work and your emergency contacts. (PLEASE KEEP EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION UP TO DATE.) We want to make sure every student is safe. A student may not attend after-school activities if he or she is absent from school that day. SCHOOL CLOSINGS: In cases of school closing or delay because of severe weather, the official announcement may be heard over the local radio ( WNWN 98.5, WBCK 106.9, WWKN 104.9, WKFR AND WRKR 107.7) and TV stations. (CHANNELS 3,4, 8 AND 17) The official decision is made at the Administration Office by 6:30 AM. A red flag will be displayed on the west wall by the flag pole when school is closed. A striped red and yellow flag will be displayed if there is a two-hour delay. If school is closed the day of a Halloween, Christmas, or Valentine Party; the party will be held on the next school day. If school is delayed, the party will be held as planned. If school should be dismissed early due to emergency conditions, students should be advised as to where they should go in case parents are not home. Please make sure your emergency closing form is on file at school, and to notify us of any changes during the school year. MAKEUP WORK WHEN A STUDENT IS ABSENT: Grades K-5 Students will be given twice the amount of time to make up assignments when returning from an absence. EXAMPLE: absent for two days, a student will have four days upon returning to school to turn in work missed. Homework will not be given in advance if absence is less than 3 days, and 24 hours notice must be given if you would like to pick up your child s homework. If a student must leave during the day, a note from home is necessary stating the date, time and reason for leaving. If you take a vacation during the school year, your child s normal class work will be saved and given to him/her upon their return. TRUANCY: We have a compulsory attendance law in Michigan. The law states: Every parent, guardian, or other person in this state having control and charge of any child between the ages of 6 2 and 16 years shall send each child to the public school during the entire school year. Attendance is highly important for the child to learn and progress in school. When a child is absent, there are learning opportunities missed that cannot be made up. We as a school district are required to file truancy with the Calhoun Intermediate School District and the truancy officer. When 10% of the school days have been missed in a given period of time or a pattern of absences is apparent, the school will contact the parent(s)/guardian by letter. If a student does not maintain regular attendance following our first contact, a second contact will be made. At this point documentation from the doctor as to why a student is absent is helpful. If the student does not attend school regularly, the truancy officer of Calhoun County will be notified, and further legal action may occur. Consideration will always be given for documented, extended medical related absences. PICKING UP STUDENTS: If someone other than the parent is picking up a student, a note is required. Without a note the student will be sent home on his/her bus. No children will be released by a teacher or staff member without a yellow sign out slip from the office before 3:20. Please do not call the school and ask up to hold your child from the bus. These arrangements should be made before 8:20 A.M. Parents are to enter the double doors by the music room, complete a white sign-out slip, and pick up their children from the gym once gym class has ended and students have been dismissed. Students should not be pulled out of line before they enter the gym. Remember, students who are picked up before 3:05 are marked absent for the afternoon. If they are picked up after 3:05, but before we dismiss at 3:20, they will be marked early dismissal, which is the equivalent of a tardy. FIRE AND TORNADO DRILLS: We will have periodic lockdown, fire, and tornado drills throughout the year. Teachers will explain the procedure to their students. 3 EAST LEROY ELEMENTARY EMERGENCY CODES: Modified Lock Down Lock all doors and windows and keep students inside the building students may use the bathroom and classes proceed as usual. Word is spread by word of mouth. Lock Down Announcement This is an L Day. Lock all doors and windows. Take students to a corner of the room where they cannot be seen by people looking in the door or window. Close blinds if possible. Read to students to keep them calm. No one is allowed in the hall. This will be in the case of an immediate threat. Modified Lock Down This is a Code L Modified Lock all doors and windows and keep students inside the building. This is when there is an outside threat. TORNADO POLICY Weather will be monitored through the superintendent s office and in conjunction with local civil defense officials. During such times the following will be followed by school officials: 1. If a tornado watch or warning is in effect at 6:00am in the morning and announced to be ending at or before 8:00am, we will implement a 2-hour delay to the school day. 2. If a tornado watch or warning is in effect at 6:00am in the morning and not expected to be lifted until after 8:00am, we will close school for the day. 3. If our school day has already begun and a tornado watch or warning goes into effect while the students are in our care, we will keep the students safely at school. 4. If a tornado watch is in effect at the end of our regular school day, we will release the students at the end of the day and our buses will be running their normal schedules. 5. If a tornado warning is in effect during the school day, we will not release the students until the warning has been lifted even if the regular school day has ended. We will supervise our students at each building until the tornado warning is over. Buses will then transport their assigned student s home by their normal route. 4 The official weather source we use is News3Now at We try and make timely decisions about school disruptions always with the safety of our students in mind. As soon as we make a decision to delay or close school, we immediately contact the major local radio and television stations as well as placing a recording on our phones regarding the school delay or closing. BREAKFAST/LUNCH PROGRAM: Our school provides a Breakfast and Lunch Program which is available to all of our students. The cost for breakfast is $1.25 per day or $6.25 per week. ** Lunch is $1.90 a day or $9.50 a week. ** Money should be brought to school on Mondays in an envelope marked with your child s name, teacher s name, and the amount of money in the envelope. Milk is included with a hot lunch. Extra milk or a milk purchased for a cold lunch is 40 cents per day. Please send checks if possible. ** Prices subject to change. Please be aware that we do not have available funds to accommodate making change when you send your child s lunch money in. We will, however credit any money due you to your child s lunch account. Please make sure your child does not accumulate charges. If a child owes more than $10, we will ask that the charge is paid or that the child brings cold lunch until the account is paid. INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES: The American s with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act provide that no individual will be discriminated against on the basis of a disability. This protection applies not just to the student, but to all individuals who have access to the District s programs and facilities. DRESS CODE: While fashion changes, the reason for being in school does not. Students are in school to learn. Any fashion (dress, accessory, or hairstyle) that disrupts the educational process or presents a safety risk will not be permitted. Personal expression is permitted within these general guidelines. Students should consider the following questions when dressing for school: 1. Does my clothing expose too much? (no) 2. Does my clothing advertise something that is prohibited to minors? (no) 5 3. Are there obscene, profane, drug-related, gang-related, or inflammatory messages on my clothing? (no) 4. Am I dressed appropriately for the weather? (yes) 5. Do I feel comfortable with my appearance? (yes) If a student has selected a manner of appearance that is beyond mere freedom of expression and disrupts the educational process or presents risk to themselves or others, they may be removed from the educational setting. For the first and last 6 weeks of school students may wear shorts to school; however, they must be of fingertip length. Muscle shirts, spaghetti strap tops, as well as midriff tops are not allowed. Hats worn to school must be kept in the lockers, during indoor school activities. Students should wear gym shoes for Physical Education classes. LOCKER SEARCHES: A school administrator or designee may search a student s locker at any time. PROCEDURES FOR HANDLING PROBLEMS: Any person having a problem about an East Leroy employee should contact that person and attempt to resolve that problem. If this fails, they should contact the school administrator and he/she will attempt to find a solution. Please call the school and give us the opportunity to find solutions to any problems, and any questions you wish answered. Before complaints are brought to the Board of Education, the following procedures must be followed: 1. Meet with staff member 2. Meet with building administrator 3. Meet with superintendent 4. Complete complaint form SNAP SUSPENSION: A student may be removed from a classroom by a teacher for up to one day, for severe inappropriate behavior. A conference with the teacher, administrator, and student will occur and parents will be notified. 6 SCHOOL NURSE: Consent to treat forms will be sent home with every student and must be completed, signed and returned to school before the nurse may treat any student. If you do not want the nurse to see or speak with your child, we need a written request sent in attached to the permission form. HEARING AND VISION TESTING: A hearing and vision technician from the Calhoun County Health Department may visit our school once a year to administer hearing and vision tests to students. If you do not wish for your child to receive this free screening, please send in a written request to exclude him/her from this testing. MEDICATION POLICY: Children receiving medication which is taken during school hours must have the medication brought to school by the parent or guardian. DO NOT SEND ANY FORM OF MEDICATION TO SCHOOL WITH YOUR CHILD ON THE BUS. (THIS INCLUDES OVER THE COUNTER MEDICINES SUCH AS COUGH MEDICINE, COUGH DROPS, TYLENOL, ETC.) A form must be completed by the parent, and signed by the physician before any medication will be given at school. The form states: 1. What the medication is for 2. How many times and how much should be given 3. Who prescribed the medication (doctor) 4. Possible side effects which may be anticipated and the length of time the child should receive the medicine. 5. A parent or guardian and physician MUST sign the permission form Medication must be given to the student and taken in the presence of a designated adult. All medication will be locked up in the office unless refrigerated. Prescription medicines must be accompanied with the up-to-date prescription label, in the original packaging and with the doctor's directions. The medication form can be found at the end of this handbook for your convenience, or you may find it online at go to more, health, medication form for students. 7 COMMUNICABLE DISEASES: In case of communicable disease, please call the school office and let us know so that other parents of children in your child s classroom may be notified. Students with a communicable disease will be excluded from school. We have attempted to put together some information to help parents better decide when to send or exclude their children from school. This information is based on recommendations of the Health Dept. It should be noted that these diseases are primarily transmitted by direct contact with the infected individual through coughing, sneezing, or physical contact. Books, papers, and other school equipment usually do not act as vehicles for transmission of diseases. Below are some helpful hints for various childhood illnesses: Disease Incubation Period of Communicability Impetigo 2-6 days While sores are draining Chicken Pox days few days prior & until lesions dry Pinkeye 2-5 days While discharging Ringworm days While Visible Scabies 1-14 days Parasite visible Headlice Parasites/nits visible Students should be excluded from school for 24 hrs. after treatment begins for the above problems. Students must be nit free before returning to school. A headcheck will be done before student is allowed back in school. EAST LEROY HEADLICE POLICY The school will check a student for head lice if a staff person sees something that might look like lice, nits or eggs in the hair, or if someone tells a staff person that he/she or a close contact has head lice, or is being treated for lice. 8 The school will check the student, all siblings, locker mate, and friends that may have come into close physical contact with the student, in the hope of catching a problem before it is severe or more difficult to treat. In some instances, the school nurse and/or school staff member will do entire classroom checks, particularly for younger students who tend to be in close physical contact, or are more likely to share hats, combs, brushes, etc. School officials will send students home if nits or live lice are present. The student must be brought back to school by a parent to be checked for nits before being allowed back in school. TOYS AND ELECTRONICS: Students should avoid bringing large amounts of money, MP3 players, IPODS, and other items (toys) such as hand held video games, laser pointers, cd players and radios to school. Cell phones are allowed as to teacher discretion. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items WEAPONS: Weapons, look alike weapons, or any item which can be used as a weapon are prohibited from all school property. Consequences may be expulsion. PARKING: There are separate student drop-off and bus drives for the safety of our students. Please do not park in the bus drive during the school day except on party days. On party days, please move your car by 3:00 so buses may park. The staff and visitor parking lot has been expanded and a student drop-off lane has also been added. Please do not part in the drop-off lane. The speed limit in front of the school is 25 mph when students are present. This is for their safety. DRUGS: East Leroy Elementary is a DRUG FREE SCHOOL ZONE. Violations of this policy will not be tolerated. PARENTAL RIGHTS: 9 Parents have the right to review all curriculum materials and survey instruments and procedures prior to them being used with your child. If you have any questions, please contact us. SCHOOL VISITS: Visitors, particularly parents, are welcome at the school. In order to properly monitor the safety of students and staff, each visitor must report to the office upon entering the school to obtain a pass. Any visitor found in the building without a pass shall be reported to the principal. If a person wishes to confer with a member of the staff, he/she should call for an appointment prior to coming to the School, in order to schedule a mutually convenient time. Students may not bring other visiting children to school without prior written permission from the administrator. When picking up your child before 3:20, parents must report to the office and sign your child out. STUDENT RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The rules and procedures of the school are designed to allow each student to obtain a safe, orderly, and appropriate education. Students can expect their rights to freedom of expression and association and to fair treatment as long as they respect those rights for their fellow students and the staff. Students will be expected to follow teachers' directions and to obey all school rules. Disciplinary procedures are designed to ensure due process (a fair hearing) before a student is removed because of his/her behavior. Parents have the right to know how their child is succeeding in school and will be provided information on a regular basis and as needed, when concerns arise. Many times it will be the student s responsibility to deliver that information. If necessary, the mail or hand delivery may be used to ensure contact. Parents are encouraged to build a two-way link with their child s teachers and support staff by informing the staff of suggestions or concerns that may help their child better accomplish his/her educational goals. Students must arrive at school on time, prepared to learn and participate in the educational program. 10 PARENT INVOLVEMENT: Parents play an important part in their child s education. We welcome your involvement both at home and at school. Good communication with the school staff is very important. Some of the opportunities for parent involvement include: attending conferences, open house, assemblies, Motor Moms, or serve on an advisory committees, and special events. Parents may also serve on school improvement teams, on the PTSO, as chaperons for field trips and as volunteers in the classroom. Parents are invited to attend school board meetings which are held the 3 rd Monday of each month at the Athens High School. SELLING POLICY: Student fund-raising is permitted by students in school, on school grounds, or at any school-sponsored event only when the profit therefrom is to be used for school purposes or for an activity connected with the schools. Fund raising by approved school organizations may be permitted in school with the approval of the administrator. SCHOOL RULES: 1. Listen and follow directions. 2. Maintain a reasonable noise level. 3. Be prepared for class and turn work in on time. 4. Use class time wisely. 5. Show respect for others. 6. Show respect for people in charge. 7. Show respect for property. 8. Be truthful and do not cheat. 9. Walk quietly in the building. 10. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself. 11. Swearing, name calling and obscene gestures are not allowed. 12. Observe all playground and lunchroom rules. 13. Fighting, bullying and harassment are not allowed. 14. Keep our school and grounds clean and free from litter. 11 LUNCHROOM RULES FOR A SAFE AND PLEASANT ATMOSPHERE: 1. Talk in quiet voices. 2. Use good manners. 3. Stay in your seat until dismissed. POSITIVE
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