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Fueling Growth by Changing How Marketing Measures Success: Optimizing Paid Ad Campaigns Using Down-Funnel Metrics

If marketers were to re-think their goals and align them more closely with sales, the entire marketing funnel could accelerate the sales cycle and yield higher overall returns for the company. By optimizing paid marketing efforts to metrics further down the funnel, a new standard will be set for Return on Ad Spend measurement. But with great power comes great responsibility! Marketers who tie their ad performance to sales closes will not only be able to command more power within the organization, their impact on revenue will become more central to the health of the business.
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  • 2. Fueling Growth by Changing how Marketing Measures Success: Optimizing Paid Ad Campaigns Using Down-Funnel Metrics Sahil Jain CEO & Co-Founder, AdStage
  • 4. Here’s what you’ll get from this session ● CMO responsibilities are changing ● The importance of marketing, revenue and sales alignment ● An actionable plan to meld your sales & marketing teams ● Strategies to move top-of-funnel efforts down funnel ● An overview of tools that will make closed-loop reporting easier
  • 5. CMO Responsibilities Are Evolving Quickly
  • 6. Data is changing the CMO role @sahilio
  • 7. Marketers are now responsible for revenue — Accenture, C-level disruptive growth @sahilio
  • 8. Digital-native marketers outscored corporate marketers by 73% Today, the greatest marketing advantage is technical marketing talent — the martecheter. – IBM 2019 Marketing Trends Report @sahilio
  • 9. Marketing and Revenue Alignment is Crucial for Business
  • 10. Marketers are aware of the need to align with sales – SnapApp Sales and Marketing Alignment: 45 Experts Explain How To Connect The Dots @sahilio
  • 11. 79% of leads never convert to sales partly due to a lack of nurturing, and of the leads that get passed to sales, 73% are never contacted. – HubSpot – HubSpot: Sales-Marketing Alignment Increases Revenue by 208% [Infographic] @sahilio
  • 12. Sales-marketing alignment increases revenue by 208%! – HubSpot – HubSpot: Sales-Marketing Alignment Increases Revenue by 208% [Infographic] @sahilio
  • 13. Sales + Marketing = A New Blended Team
  • 14. Melding sales + marketing to create “smarketing” – Roofer’s Coffee Shop @sahilio
  • 15. Define and agree on expectations – Business 2 Community: How to Build an Event SLA For Marketing and Sales Get key players in the same room to decide on KPIs, and write them down in a marketing and sales service level agreement or SLA. @sahilio
  • 16. A pretty good buyer persona... @sahilio
  • 17. Sales can help with Psychographic @sahilio
  • 18. Quid Pro Quo - Collaborate on Collateral Sync up with sales to see what they need: ● A lingering item on their to-do list that marketing can handle ● Repetitive customer questions that could be answered in a piece of collateral ● New life you can breathe into old pieces ● Filter through what’s been working, what’s never been touched, and why Pro Tips: 1. Create a shared doc where sales reps can add new collateral requests, offer feedback on existing pieces, and contribute insights 2. Test this collateral in your PPC campaigns for quick feedback @sahilio
  • 19. Talk, communicate, meet, connect, get together Hold regularly scheduled meetings where agendas include: ● Share outs of campaigns and other marketing initiatives data ● KPI updates ● Run throughs of in- progress work ● Collaborative collateral building@sahilio
  • 20. All this paves the way to CRM access
  • 21. Getting the Important Data into the CRM
  • 22. First, populate the CRM with the data you need @sahilio
  • 23. Your leads will carry this source data with them @sahilio
  • 24. Then run CRM reports down to your UTMs We like G-Connector for Salesforce to pull reports into Google Sheets or export into Excel. *you will need a Salesforce login to complete set-up @sahilio
  • 25. Show the value of campaigns in the context of business goals @sahilio
  • 26. Move Top-of-Funnel Strategies Down Funnel
  • 27. Affect ROI with a sales mindset Top-of-funnel efforts are history! Marketers must now be focused on down funnel strategies and KPIs. @sahilio
  • 28. But make sure you optimize correctly Channel Spend MQL CPL AdWords $15,000 30 $250 Bing $5,000 25 $200 Facebook $5,000 50 $100 LinkedIn $10,000 20 $500 Total $35,000 125 $280 Focus here Cut here @sahilio
  • 29. Results change as you go down funnel Channel Spend MQL CPL Customers Revenue ROAS ACV AdWords $15,000 30 $250 4 $32,000 213% $8,000 Bing $5,000 25 $200 3 $15,000 300% $5,000 Facebook $5,000 50 $100 1 $4,000 120% $4,000 LinkedIn $10,000 20 $500 4 $32,000 320% $8,000 Total $35,000 125 $280 12 $83,000 243% $6,917 Focus here Cut here @sahilio
  • 30. Now you have the data to ask for more budget Channel Spend Lead (MQL) CPL Customers Revenue LinkedIn $15,000 30 $500 6 $48,000 Channel Spend Lead (MQL) CPL Customers Revenue Facebook $10,000 20 $500 4 $32,000 Projection: $5,000 more ad spend will net another $16,000 in revenue. @sahilio
  • 31. Match keywords to bottom-of-funnel mentality – How To Map Content To The Buyer's Journey & The Marketer's Funnel [Inbound 2014] Decision phase keywords most often include: ● Purchase-related terms: buy, purchase, sale ● Branded and competitor terms ● Requests for direct information: contact, call, sales, demo ● Comparison, cost, and pricing terms ● Location-specific modifiers @sahilio
  • 32. Create campaigns based on sales milestones – Facebook Improve Customer Acquisition with the Power of Lead Ads and Offline Conversion Helps marketers track lower funnel conversion activity. Marketers can create campaigns based on sales funnel milestones by targeting high-value customers through Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences. Marketers can also push customers along through other cycles by retargeting buyers with another product or service. @sahilio
  • 33. CRM Tools For Closed-Loop Reporting
  • 34. MarTech + AdTech finally together = the Holy Grail of Marketing Enterprise brands use on average more than 90 marketing tools – IBM 2019 Marketing Trends Report @sahilio
  • 35. Use the power of Salesforce to improve paid ads – Salesforce Digital Advertising 2020 report @sahilio
  • 36. Google AdWords Conversion Import – About Google Ads Conversion Import for Salesforce® This integration allows marketers to automatically tally up Google Ads conversions for lead statuses and opportunity stages, or what it calls milestones, that you already track in Salesforce. @sahilio
  • 37. HubSpot’s closed-loop marketing integration – Hubspot + Salesforce integration product Help advertisers create more effective content to prospects already in the sales funnel or those just entering it. HubSpot says the integration allows for a bi-directional sync, which serves up email opens, CTA clicks, and form submissions, among other metrics. @sahilio
  • 38. So, what did we just learn? ● CMOs are now expected to drive the charge on growth and revenue ● Aligning your sales and marketing teams (smarketing!) can increase revenue by 208%! ● Building your smarketing team (and paving the way to CRM access) involves: ○ Defining and agreeing on expectations ○ Delivering high-quality leads that are ready for sales ○ Collaborating to produce helpful collateral ○ Talking, communicating, meeting, connecting, getting together @sahilio
  • 39. And don’t forget: ● UTMs are the key to populating your CRM with the data you need and mapping paid ads to sales conversions ● It’s time to start moving top-of-funnel efforts down funnel, but make sure you optimize correctly ● There’s lots of tools available (like AdStage Join!) that will make closed-loop reporting easier @sahilio
  • 40. Sahil Jain CEO & Co-Founder @sahilio
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