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Heart and circulatory diseases cause more than a quarter of all deaths in the UK. The chances are that heart disease has already affected you, your

Join the fight Heart and circulatory diseases cause more than a quarter of all deaths in the UK. The chances are that heart disease has already affected you, your family, or friends. Far too many people
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Join the fight Heart and circulatory diseases cause more than a quarter of all deaths in the UK. The chances are that heart disease has already affected you, your family, or friends. Far too many people die prematurely, and for those who survive, life can be frightening and hard. The British Heart Foundation (BHF) is committed to supporting and caring for heart patients and preventing heart disease by promoting a heart healthy lifestyle to everyone. This booklet contains details of the information and services that we ve created for you and your loved ones. 01 To order items To order any of our heart health information: bhf.org.uk/publications bhf.org.uk/publications bhf.org.uk/publications bhf.org.uk/largeprint Frequently asked questions How long will it take to deliver my order by post? Can I download booklets and films rather than have them delivered? bhf.org.uk/publications bhf.org.uk/vidoes Do you charge for booklets, DVDs and kits? Does this catalogue contain everything you produce? Kids & schools catalogue Heart health information and services catalogue Where can I find out more about the British Heart Foundation? bhf.org.uk As a charity we rely on you to fund our vital work. Thousands of people with heart disease turn to us for help every year and even more will need us in the future. We want to be there for them. To donate today, go to bhf.org.uk/donate or send in the form on page Contents Keeping your heart healthy Information about heart conditions Finding the right support Emergency Life Support 74 Kids and schools 76 Join the fight 78 Order form 79 Donation form 80 Discover the facts about heart health and heart conditions. Watch films and hear real people s stories. Get inspired with tips and tools. Connect and share your experiences in our online community. Find out about BHF, who we are and our mission. Explore the heart research we fund. Get involved with events, fundraising and campaigning. Shop online and learn more about our high street shops. Visit bhf.org.uk 04 05 Dave, changed man Two years ago I was 21 stone and a prime candidate for heart disease. Now I m 16 stone and full of energy. It s been a real transformation. I cycle to work, control my portions, watch my salt and get involved in charity cycling events. The one big thing I ve discovered is this being healthy is about changing your lifestyle, not just going on a diet. It s about getting the right advice and making simple changes. They can make all the difference in the world. 07 Keeping your heart healthy Packed full of motivational ideas, hints and tips, our booklets, DVDs and webpages explain how to look after your heart. Many feature stories from real people talking about the choices and changes they ve made to reduce their risk of heart and circulatory disease. 09 Eating well Eating well is a vital part of staying healthy. In the long term, a balanced diet can help protect your heart. Healthy eating should be enjoyable as well as being good for you, so our booklets, guides and charts are packed with simple tips and easy ideas for feeding you, your friends, and family. Eating well A5 booklet Order code: G186 So you want to lose weight... for good A4 booklet Order code: M2 Cut the saturated fat A2 wall chart Order code: M4 Guide to food labelling A5 booklet Order code: G54 10 Find out more about healthy eating at bhf.org.uk/eatingwell Cut down on salt A5 booklet Order code: G160 For the kids Artie Beat s picnic Story book Order code: G38b Taste of South Asia A5 recipe book Order code: G6 12 Find out more about our information for children and young people on page 77 Taste of the Caribbean A5 recipe book Order code: G503 Managing blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes If you have high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes, you re at greater risk of developing heart and circulatory disease. Blood pressure Order code: HIS4 Diabetes and your heart Order code: HIS22 See page 27 for our Risking it films, featuring people who ve taken positive action to manage their high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Reducing your blood cholesterol A6 Booklet Order code: HIS3 Our booklets clearly explain each condition and their effect on your heart health. They discuss what causes each condition and how they can be kept under control through medication and self-help. 14 Find out more about these conditions at bhf.org.uk/conditions 15 Len, heart bypass survivor As well as scaring the daylights out of me, my coronary artery bypass surgery really focused my mind on what was important. So that was it for me. I changed everything. I got the info I needed from the BHF and started exercising more, eating better and improving my work/life balance. I feel like a new man and can t thank the BHF and my local cardiac unit enough for helping me look forward to life as a happier, healthier dad. 17 Getting and staying active Being active provides fantastic benefits for your heart health, and it s never too late to start. Getting and staying active helps control your weight, reduce blood pressure and blood cholesterol and improves your mental health helping you look and feel great. bhf.org.uk/ stayingactive Get active, stay active A5 booklet Order code: G12 Be active for life A5 booklet Order code: G364 Physical activity and your heart Order code: HIS1 Advice for parents and carers Physical activity What if my child has asthma? Order code: G700 Physical activity What if my child has a congenital heart condition? Order code: G524 Put your heart into walking A5 booklet Order code: G26 Get kids on the go Booklet Order code: G80 Physical activity What if my child is overweight? Order code: G703 Physical activity What if my child has diabetes? Order code: G702 Our online calorie calculator is a fun tool that helps you find out how many calories you ve burnt being active. For more information about congenital heart conditions 20 Find out more at bhf.org.uk/calories See page 42 50 Quitting smoking and reducing stress Smoking and stress can have a negative effect on your heart and general health. Our booklets provide information, support and practical tips to help you stop smoking and cope with stress. Stop smoking A5 booklet Order code: G118 Smoking, shisha and chewing tobacco, how to stop A5 booklet Order code: G500 Coping with stress A5 booklet Order code: G Stopping smoking is the single best thing you can do for your heart health. Check out the BHF No Smoking Day campaign at nosmokingday.org.uk See page 27 for our Risking it DVD featuring Lisa, who took positive action to quit, reducing her risk of heart disease. Knowing the risks There s lots you can do to keep your heart healthy whatever your age and circumstances. Take a look at our booklets and website to find out more about the risk factors for heart disease and how you can maintain a heart healthy lifestyle. 24 Keep your heart healthy Order code: HIS25 Women and heart disease Order code: M37 Cadw ch calon yn iach (Keep your heart healthy) A5 booklet Order code: G511W Dbaj o zdrowe serce Informacje dla Polaków (Keep your heart healthy) A5 booklet Order code: G511POL Healthy living, healthy heart A5 Booklet Order code: G532 For the kids Artie Beat club Membership form Order code: G48b Live with a healthy heart DVD and booklet Order code: G448 Heart health in British Sign Language bhf.org.uk Videos include: bhf.org.uk/hearthealthbsl Risking it DVD Order code: DVD21 bhf.org.uk/videos Find out more at bhf.org.uk/ prevention Know your heart Our free, fun, interactive online tool. You ll find out through film, interactive tasks and quizzes: bhf.org.uk/knowyourheart Meredith, cardiac nurse l think of the BHF as the Delia Smith of cardiac. They re approachable, sensible and make complex things easy to understand. So their huge range of resources is the perfect place to start if you re a heart patient. When I was a student nurse I remember finding their booklets really friendly, useful and non-patronising. So I regularly give them to my patients and would advise you to get online and order some for yourself Information about heart conditions If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with a heart problem you may be feeling worried, overwhelmed or anxious. Sometimes, knowing the facts can help. Our booklets, DVDs and webpages contain all the vital information you ll need to know about each heart condition from symptoms and tests through to treatments and recovery Conditions Angina Order code: HIS6 Heart attack Order code: HIS7 Heart valve disease Order code: HIS11 Peripheral arterial disease Order code: HIS16 Heart rhythms Order code: HIS14 Rheoli ch angina Order code: G534W Trawiad ar y galon (Heart attack) Order code: HIS7W Atrial fibrillation Order code: HIS24 Endocarditis warning card A5 booklet and card Order code: M26A or M26B Go to bhf.org.uk/conditions 34 for more information about these conditions Heart failure Living with heart failure Order code: HIS8 An everyday guide to living with heart failure Book Order code: G275U One step at a time Living with heart failure DVD Order code: DVD5 bhf.org.uk/videos Byw gyda methiant y galon (Heart failure) Order code: HIS8W An everyday guide to living with heart failure: Personal record A5 booklet Order code: G275A An everyday guide to living with heart failure Do you care for someone with heart disease? We produce a booklet specially for you Caring for someone with a heart condition Order code: HIS20 Information about inherited heart conditions BHF Genetic Information Service Genetic cardiac conditions and procedure following a sudden death Leaflet Order code: M104H 39 Publications about inherited heart conditions Title Sudden arrythmic death syndrome Inherited heart rhythm disturbances Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy Dilated cardiomyopathy Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy Familial hypercholesterolaemia Code Familial hypercholesterolaemia A5 booklet Order code: M111F 40 41 Information about congenital heart disease The Understanding your child s heart series has been written to help parents who are caring for a child with congenital heart disease. Each booklet discusses the way the heart works and explains a particular condition, its diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment and gives information about where to find additional support. Complete & partial atrioventricular septal defect Order code: C14 Title Aortic stenosis Atrial septal defect Caring for children on anticoagulants Coarctation of the aorta Common arterial trunk (truncus arteriosus) Complete & partial atrioventricular septal defect Double inlet ventricle Hypoplastic left heart Large ventricular septal defect Patent ductus arteriosus Pulmonary atresia with intact ventricular septum Pulmonary atresia with ventricular septal defect Pulmonary stenosis Single ventricle circulation Supraventricular tachycardia Tetralogy of Fallot Transposition of the great arteries Tricuspid atresia Code 42 43 Physical activity What if my child has a congenital heart condition? Order code: G See page 21 for more information about making physical activity safe and enjoyable for children and young people with asthma, or who are overweight. Children with congenital heart disease Understanding your child s heart DVD Order code: DVD24 Information for young people with heart conditions All of our information for young people has been written and designed especially for them. They help young people understand their condition and discuss the problems they may encounter. Information leaflets Title Aortic stenosis Arrhythmias Atrial septal defect (ASD) Coarctation of the aorta Hypoplastic left heart syndrome ICDs Large ventricular septal defect LQTS Pacemakers Pulmonary atresia with intact ventricular septum Pulmonary stenosis Tetralogy of Fallot Transposition of the great arteries Tricuspid atresia Code Coming soon! Sammy s heart operation Straight from the heart Booklet and videos Order code: G562 yheart.net/straightftheart Find out more at yheart.net, a website set up by BHF in collaboration with young people with heart conditions. 47 teenheart Our programme helps young people with heart conditions to meet other young people who ve been through similar experiences to them. UK teenagers aged with a heart condition are invited to join it s a great way to meet other young heart patients, learn new skills and build up confidence. To join or for more information, call us on , or to sign up for our Update newsletter, featuring information about upcoming events and other interesting news. Shannon, teenheart member If you thought people with heart disease were all old, you d be wrong. I was diagnosed with a congenital heart condition at 14 and I m certainly not alone. I regularly meet other young people with heart conditions to stay active, share stories and help the BHF shape their website, booklets and policies. In fact, their resources are the best I ve come across if you re a young person with heart disease and you want to carry on getting the most out of life Tests, treatments, medicines and surgery Finding out that you have a problem with your heart can be frightening. Our guides and DVDs give you the information you need in a clear and concise way, helping you to feel more prepared. We explain why you need a certain test, treatment or medication, what happens during them, and what you can do to help yourself. Tests Tests for heart conditions Order code: HIS9 The road ahead Your guide to heart tests and treatments DVD Order code: DVD30 Tests Treatments For more information go to bhf.org.uk/treatment 52 53 Treatments Coronary angioplasty Order code: HIS10 Pacemakers Order code: HIS15 Medicines Medicines for your heart Order code: HIS17 Surgery Having heart surgery Order code: HIS12 Primary angioplasty for a heart attack Order code: HIS26 Implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) Order code: HIS19 The beat goes on: Implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) A guide to everyday life DVD Order code: DVD2 Lifelines Heart surgery and after DVD Order code: DVD10 I m gonna go for it DVD Order code: DVD20 Heart transplantation Order code: HIS13 The road ahead Your guide to heart tests and treatments DVD Order code: DVD30 54 For more information go to bhf.org.uk/medicines 55 Rehabilitation and recovery If you re dealing with a heart condition it s natural to think about what s happened to you and how your everyday life may be affected. These booklets contain information about cardiac rehabilitation and what to expect during your recovery. Physical activity and your heart A6 Booklet Order code: HIS1 Returning to work with a heart condition Order code: HIS21 Cardiac rehabilitation Order code: HIS23 Caring for someone with a heart condition Order code: HIS20 My progress record Ring-bound manual Order code: M92M My progress card A4 leaflet Order code: M47 Looking for an Everyday guide to living with heart failure or One step at a time living with heart failure? 57 They re listed on page 36 Priscilla, heart campaigner If you want to see change, use your voice. Get out there and tell people about heart disease. Lobby parliament. Run awareness days. Talk to real people and make some real changes. Thanks to the BHF I ve been able to do all these things. They ve bent over backwards to get me all the things I ve needed, helping me put my heart attack behind me, get involved in the community and make a positive difference. 59 Finding the right support We know you appreciate help and support from people who know their stuff whether you have a heart condition, care for someone with heart disease, or you re keen to look after your own heart health. If you re seeking information, or need support or advice, we re here to help. It makes all the difference. Heart Matters Join Heart Matters the FREE programme that can change your life Join heart matters to: Kick start your healthy lifestyle Be inspired Collect healthy recipes Stay up to date Get online Ask the experts Heart matters membership pack Magazine and recipe folder Heart matters getting online A5 booklet Order code: G204OS Heart Helpline Do you have questions about heart health or need support? Our Heart Helpline provides information, support and guidance If you or someone you know has a question about a sudden cardiac death or inherited heart condition Take a look at page 41 End of life and bereavement support The death of a loved one is something that, very sadly, we all have to go through at some point in our lives. It s also very common to experience feelings of grief and loss if you or someone you care about becomes terminally ill. Losing someone to heart disease Booklet Order code: G419 The Small Creature Pack containing a story book, felt toy, an audio CD and cards Order code: G458 bhf.org.uk/smallcreature For information and support call our Heart Helpline on The helpline is open 9am 5pm, Monday to Friday (similar cost to 01 or 02 numbers). Heart Support Groups With more than 250 BHF-affiliated groups in England and Wales, these groups are as varied as the people in them. Some are large organisations offering a weekly programme of activities, while others are smaller and meet once a month. For more information about Heart Support Groups, and to find your nearest group, visit: bhf.org.uk/heartsupportgroups Make a difference How to build a successful campaign A5 booklet Order code: G485 The British Heart Foundation campaigns hard to make things better for those with heart disease now and in the future. But we can t succeed without your help. Our Heart Voices programme supports and trains heart patients and carers who want to help shape the future of cardiac care by influencing local and national health service decision making. If you have something to say then go to bhf.org.uk/heartvoices 70 71 Health at Work Health at Work toolkit Order code: G566 There s a lot you can do to make a difference in the workplace and improve the health, wellbeing and fitness of your colleagues with the help of our Health at Work programme. Our Health at Work programme is free and provides a wide range of fantastic benefits such as a regular membership pack, monthly enewsletter and free resources on physical activity, healthy eating, mental wellbeing, stopping smoking and alcohol awareness. Join Health at Work at bhf.org.uk/healthatwork to get your programme and your colleagues up and running Emergency Life Support We provide a number of training programmes and resources to help everyone recognise the signs of a heart attack and learn vital emergency life support (ELS) skills. Heartstart training bhf.org.uk/map How to save a life Booklet Order code: G541 For the kids Artie Beat s lifesavers Booklet Order code: AC16 Heart attack know the symptoms Leaflet Order code: G Kids and schools cbhf.net For children under 11 To find out more: Kids & schools catalogue bhf.org.uk/publications bhf.org.uk/schools Teaching heart disease a lesson Booklet Order code: G66 yheart.net and yoobot.co.uk For young people over 11 years old Take a look at page 48 for details of our offer for young people with congenital heart conditions. Join the fight As a charity we rely on the generosity of people like you to fund our vital work. Thousands of people with heart disease turn to us for help every year and even more will need us in the future. We want to be there for them. There are many ways you can get involved and play a crucial role in our efforts to beat heart disease: Become a volunteer and help run our shops, support local events and fundraising or even campaign for the UK s heart health there s something for everyone. Take part in one of our events they re a great way for you to have fun, get fit, and save lives. Choose from cycles, runs, walks and many more. Join our Heartstart initiative and learn to save lives with the skills of emergency life support. Over 3.5 million people already have. Give to your local BHF shop it s easy to donate your unwanted items to us and help us raise vital funds. Make a
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