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Illustrated Parts List I YTH 2046 B.

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Illustrated Parts List I YTH 2046 B Repair Parts Manual Ride Mower SCHEMATIC RED BATTERY SOLENOID A AMMETER (OPTIONAL) RED WHITE RED FUSE WHITE C G RED WHITE RED M STARTER B G L S M A A2 CLUTCH / BRAKE (PEDAL UP) RED B F H RED ELECTRIC CLUTCH IGNITION SWITCH ORANGE SEAT SWITCH (NOT OCCUPIED) A E D PTO (DISENGAGED) A 0 GREEN GREEN BLUE HOUR METER OPERATOR PRESENCE RELAY # BLUE FUEL LINE (OPTIONAL) IGNITION UNIT SPARK PLUGS GAP (2 PLUGS ON TWIN CYL. ENGINES) FUEL SHUT-OFF SOLENOID CHARGING SYSTEM OUTPUT 6 AMP 600 RPM 28 VOLTS 600 RPM (REGULATOR DISCONNECTED) RED REGULATOR ALTERNATOR BROWN WIRING INSULATED CLIPS NOTE: IF WIRING INSULATED CLIPS WERE REMOVED FOR SERVICING OF UNIT, THEY SHOULD BE REPLACED TO PROPERLY SECURE YOUR WIRING. HEADLIGHTS G F C IGNITION SWITCH POSITION CIRCUIT MAKE OFF M+G+A NONE RUN/LIGHT B+A A2+L RUN B+A NONE START B + S + A NONE PTO SWITCH POSITION CIRCUIT OFF C + G, B + H ON C + F, B + E, A + D NON-REMOVABLE CONNECTIONS REMOVABLE CONNECTIONS A 8 0 RELAY H D E A B ELECTRICAL D.C. AMPERES ELECTRICAL 2449 Battery 2 Volt AMP Bolt Hex Hd /4-20unc X / Tray Battery Bolt Brt Frt /4-20 x 7 Ainc 2009 Holddown Battery Front Mount Nut Push Nylon /4 Battery Frt Switch Interlock Push-In Harness Asm Light W/42j Bulb Light # Cable Battery 6 Ga red Cable Battery 6 Ga 22 red w/6 wire 278 Fuse Nut Keps Hex /4-20 Unc Cable Ground 6 Ga 2 black Switch Plunger Nc Gray Switch Ign Key Ign Molded Generic Harness Ign Bolt Blk Fin Hex /4-20 x / Cover Terminal Red Solenoid Ammeter Rectangular Amp Meter Hour Switch PTO Ring Retainer TTO Screw Thdrol /6-8 x -/2 Tyt Harness Clutch Evx Relay Asm Bracket Snap-In Hourmeter NOTE: All component dimensions given in U.S. inches. inch = 2.4 mm. CHASSIS AND ENCLOSURES CHASSIS AND ENCLOSURES Chassis Stamping Drawbar Screw /8-6x/4 22 Bumper Dashboard Bolt Rdhd Sqnk /8-6 Unc x 29 Panel Dash Lh Clip Tinnerman Grille Panel Dash Rh Screw Thdrol /8-6 x / Hood Bumper Plate Mtg Battery/Fuel Tank Bushing Bolt /8-6 Unc x Gr Washer /2 x /6 x 2 Ga Nut Lock w/insert /8-6 UNC Grille Lens Asm Lens Fender 27 Bracket Foot Rest, L.H Foot Rest, R.H Bolt Rdhd Sht Sqnk /8-6 x / Screw Thdrol /6-8 x / Bracket Asm Pivot Mower Rear Strap Asm. Fender Nut Lock w/insert / Washer 9/2 x 7/8 x 6 Ga Bracket Grille Lh Screw Hex Wshd 8-8 x 7/ Bracket Grille Rh Bolt Fin Hex /4-20 Unc x / Duct Air Dash Lower Stlt Plate Reinforcement Stlt Rod Pivot Chassis Hood Cupholder YTGT Grey Panel Pnt Fender YT/GT Screw Tap Tite /4-20 x / Bolt Shoulder /6-8 TT Screw Thdrol /6-8 x /2 TYTT Screw Thdrol /8-6 x /2 Ty-TT Insert Lens Reflect NOTE: All component dimensions given in U. S. inches. inch = 2.4 mm DRIVE DRIVE Transaxle, Hydro 4-00 (Order Parts From Transaxle Manufacturer) Rod Shift Fender Adjust STLT Clutch Elecric Pin Cotter /8 x CAD Washer Lock Hvy Helical Bolt Hex /6-8 Unc Flghd Nut Lock Hex W/Ins. /6-8 Unc P Nut Lock Hex W/Ins /8-6 Unc Bolt, Hex 7/6-20 x 4-/4 Ga Knob Deluxe /2- UNC BLK/BLK Rod, Brake Hydro Bracket Asm Mtg CL Nut Hex Jam /8-6 UNC Spring, Brake Rod 896 Washer Pin Cotter /8 x /4 CAD Rod, Parking Brake Cap,Parking Brake Bracket, Transaxle Bolt Hex Hd /6-8 Unc x / Bolt Carriage /6-8 UNC x / Shaft, Foot Pedal 2208 Bearing, Nylon Washer Pin, Roll Pulley, Composite, Flat Bolt, Fin, Hex /8-6 x Spacer Split Keeper, Belt Idler Washer /2 x /6 x 2 Ga Pulley, Idler, V-Groove Plastic Bellcrank Clutch Grnd Drv STL Retainer, Belt Style Spring Bolt Hex Hd /8-6 Unc x -/ Nut Nut Crown Lock / Link, Clutch Spring, Return, Clutch Screw /8-6 x V-Belt, Ground Drive Keeper, Center Span Screw /8-6 x / Cover, Pedal Pulley, Clutch Elect Washer Lock Hvy HLCL Spr 7/ Keeper Belt Engine Screw Hex Wsh Hi-Lo /4-/2 Unc Strap Torque Lh Hydro Strap Torque Rh Hydro Spacer, Axle Washer 2/2 x -/4 x 6 Ga E-Ring Key, Square Washer 2/2 x -/8 x 6 Ga Shaft Asm Cross Tapered Spring Torsion T/A Washer 7/2 x /4 x 6 Ga Link Transaxle Console, Shift Control Asm. Bypass Hydro Retainer Spring Zinc/Cad Nut Lock Flg / Washer /2 x /8 x 6 Ga Spacer Retainer 8920 Washer /2 x 2 x 0 Ga Washer Srrted /6ID x Bracket Shift Mount Hub Tapered Flange Shift Lt Bolt Rdhd Sqnk /4-20 x /4 Gr Nut Crownlock /4-20 Unc Bolt Hex Fin /4-20 Unc x Gr Washer /8 x.28 x 0 Ga Bracket Pivot Lever Screw /6-8 x / Bolt Shoulder /6-8 x Plate Fastening STLT/CRD Nyliner Snap /8 ID Washer Nyl 7/8 ID x.0 Hyd Bolt Shoulder /6-8 Unc Bolt Rdhd Sqnk /6-8 Unc x Bolt NOTE: All component dimensions given in U.S. inches inch = 2.4 mm 7 STEERING ASSEMBLY STEERING ASSEMBLY 2666 Wheel Steering Axle Cast Lt Machined Spindle Asm LH Spindle Asm RH 2249 Bearing Race Thrust Harden Washer 2/2 X -/8 X 6 Ga Ring Klip #t Link Drag Washer Lock Hvy Hlcl Spr /8 268 Spacer Brg Axle Front 2422 Nut Hex Flange Lock Shaft Asm Strg Screw /8-6x/ Rod Tie Ball J 8926 Washer /2 x /4 x 6 Ga Washer Lock Hvy Helical / Nut Crown Lock /6-24Unf Bushing Strg 7 2 Screw Insert Cap Strg Wh Washer /2 x -/20 x Ga Lock nut Adaptor Wheel Strg Boot Steering Shaft Washer 2/2 X /4 X 6 Ga Extension Steering Shaft LR/LT Cap Spindle Fr Top Blk Nut Lock Hex w/ins / Bolt Fin Hex /6-8 Unc x -/ Bolt Fin Hex /8-6unc x Gr Spacer Brace Axle Bolt Rdhd Sq /8-6 x 2-/ Axle, Brace Steering Asm Bracket Susp Chassis Front Washer Flat.78 x -/2 x Bolt Shoulder 7/ Clip Steering NOTE: All component dimensions given in U.S. inches. inch = 2.4 mm. 9 SEAT ASSEMBLY Seat Bracket Pivot Seat Clip Push-In Nut Hex w/ins. /8-6 Unc Spring Seat Cprsn 2 20 Blk Zi Pan Seat Knob Seat Adj Wingnut Bracket Mounting Switch Bushing Snap Blk Nyl 0 Id Bolt Rdhd Sqnk /4-20x-/ Spacer Split 28 x.88 Zinc Spring Cprsn Plate Nut Lock /4 Lge Flg Gr Zinc Bolt Shoulder /6-8 Unc Nut Hex Lock W/Ins / Washer 7/2 X -/6 X 2 Ga Bolt Shoulder /6-8 X Screw Thdrol /8-6 x /2 Ty-tt Bolt /6-8unc x /4 W/Sens NOTE: All component dimensions given in U.S. inches. inch = 2.4 mm 40 DECALS Decal Oper Inst Hyd E/F Decal Strg Wheel Logo Decal Hood RH Decal Hood LH Decal Engine Decal Engine Recoil Cover Decal Warning Decal Fender Husq Decal Fender Danger E/F Decal Hood Sides Decal Clutch/Brake Decal V-Belt Schematic Decal Bat Dan/Psn Decal By Pass Lt Hydro Pad Footrest Decal Handle Lft Height Adjust Manual Owner's (English) Manual Owner's (French) WHEELS & TIRES 2, ,0, Cap Valve Tire Stem Valve Tire F Ts X Service Tube Front (Service Item Only) 286 Rim Asm 6 front Silver Service Fitting Grease (Front Wheel Only) Bearing Flange (Front Wheel Only) Rim Asm 8 rear Silver Service Tire R Ts 20x0-8 C Service Tube Rear (Service Item Only) 2709 Cap Axle Blk 0 X Sealant, Tire ( 0 oz. Tube) NOTE: All component dimensions given in U.S. inches inch = 2.4 mm 4 ENGINE OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Spark Arrester 4 42 ENGINE Control Throt Flg 80 LH Screw Hex Thd Cut /4-20x/8 T Engine B&S Model (Order Parts from Engine Manufacturer) Muffler Asm Twin Lo-Tone 299 Exhaust Tube LH Exhaust Tube RH Bolt /6-8unc x /4 W/Sems Shield Browning B&S Intek II 269 Gasket Muffler Tube Drain Oil Easy Washer Lock Ext Tooth / Screw Thdrol /8-6 x -/ Shield Browning Choke Control 7 Nut, Keps /8-24 Unf 2780 Kit Spark Arrestor (Flat Scrn) 246 Tank Fuel 0 Rear Cap Asm Fuel Top N/Lany Vented Clamp Hose Blk Pad, Spacer Line Fuel Plug Drain Oil Easy Pad, Idler Bushing Stem Tank Fuel Screw Hexwsh Thdr /8-6 x / Washer Lock Hvy Hlcl Spr / Screw Hex Hd Cap /6-8 x / Nut Keps Hex /4-20 Unc NOTE: All component dimensions given in U.S. inches inch = 2.4 mm 4 MOWER DECK MOWER DECK Deck Weldment Mower HD 46 WAD 2847 Bracket Asm., Sway Bar Retainer Spring Arm, Suspension, Rear (Sway Bar) Bolt, Patched /8-24 x -/4 Gr Washer, Lock Hvy., Unplated / Washer, Hard Blade, Mower Vented Blade, 46 High Performance 2244 Blade, 46 Mulching 27 Shaft Asm. w/lower Bearing Housing, Mandrel 2048 Bearing, Ball, Mandrel Stripper, Mower Bolt, Carriage /6-8 x / Bolt, Hex Head, Shoulder / Baffle, Vortex Mower 46 Nut, Crownlock /6-8 UNC Stiffener, Bracket Bracket, Deflector Cap, Sleeve Spring, Torsion, Deflector 2042 Nut, Push 2784 Shield, Deflector Mower Washer /2 x /8 x 6 Ga. 249 Rod, Hinge Screw, Thdroll, Washer Head 296 Washer, Spacer Mower Vented Pulley, Mandrel 276 Nut, Flg. Top Lock Cntr. 9/ Anchor, Spring Deck 46 Screw, Thdroll /8-6 x -/4 Tytt Washer /2 x /6 x 6 Ga Pulley, Idler, Flat Keeper, Belt, Idler Pulley, Idler, Driven Spring, Secondary 44/46/0 Vent Screw, Thdroll /8-6 x -/ Spacer, Retainer Arm, Idler Secondary Washer, Hardened Cover, Mandrel Deck Screw, Thdroll. /4-20 x / V-Belt, Mower, Secondary V-Belt, Mower, Primary Nut, Crownlock /8-6 UNC Bolt, Carriage /8-6 x -/2 Gr Pulley Idler Flat 46 Pri. Drive Bar Pnt Adjusting Wheel Gauge Pin Head Rivet Washer /2 x x 6 Ga Bolt, Fin, Hex /8-6 UNC x Bracket, Asm Noseroller, LH Nut, Lock, Hex w/ins /8-6UNC Washer 7/2 x 7/8 x 6 Ga Roller, Nose 8 & Bracket, asm Noseroller RH Cover, Mulching Screw Pan Hd Phillip 0-24 x / Washer, Lock # Washer Latch Asm. Bagger Nut, Weld Bolt, Shoulder Gauge Wheel Nut, Centerlock /8-6 UNC Washer /8 x 7/8 x 4 Ga Arm, Idler, Primary Deck 46 Pulley, Idler, V-Groove Dim Mandrel Assembly ( Includes Key Nos. 8-0, -, and ) Mower Serv 46 (Standard Deck Order nose roller, guage wheels, and mulching plate components separately Key Nos. 90-9,6-8, 0-06) NOTE: All component dimensions given in U.S. inche inch = 2.4 mm 4 MOWER LIFT MOWER LIFT Wire Asm Inner/Spring W/Plunger LT Shaft Asm Lift RH w/inf Pin Groove 00 Zinc E Ring # Washer 2/2 X X 2 Ga Bearing Nylon Blk 6 Id Grip Handle Fluted Blk Button Plunger Black 2986 Link Lift LH Fixed Length Link Lift RH Fixed Length Retainer Spring Link Front Nut Jam Hex /2- Unc Trunnion Blk Zinc Nut Lock w/wsh /2-unc Arm Suspension Rear Retainer Spring Nut Special Washer /2 X /8 X 6 Ga Spring 2-/8 Retainer Clip 297 Rod Adj Lift Zinc 7.49 Wrk Lg Nut Hex Jam /8-6 Unc 2807 Knob Inf /8-6 Unc Blk W/sym Trunnion Infin Height Bearing Pvt Lift Nut Crownlock / Indicator Height STLT Plug Hole Blk.48/. Dia Screw /6-8 x Washer /2 x -/2 0 Ga Scale Ind. Height Blk Nut Hex Flange Lock Nut, Push Phos & Oil NOTE: All component dimensions given in U.S. inches inch = 2.4 mm 47
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