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Local Control Accountability Plan and Annual Update (LCAP) Template

LCAP Year (select from , , ) Local Control Accountability Plan and Annual Update (LCAP) Template Local Control Accountability Plan and Annual Update (LCAP) Template Addendum:
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LCAP Year (select from , , ) Local Control Accountability Plan and Annual Update (LCAP) Template Local Control Accountability Plan and Annual Update (LCAP) Template Addendum: General instructions & regulatory requirements. Appendix A: Priorities 5 and 6 Rate Calculations Appendix B: Guiding Questions: Use as prompts (not limits) LCFF Evaluation Rubrics: Essential data to support completion of this LCAP. Please analyze the LEA s full data set; specific links to the rubrics are also provided within the template. Laguna School LEA Name Contact Name and Title Luke McCann Superintendennt and Phone Plan Summary The Story Describe the students and community and how the LEA serves them. Laguna Joint Elementary School is a small public K-6 school located in the ranch lands west of Petaluma, CA. Built in 1906, Laguna School maintains the historic flavor of a one-room schoolhouse yet offers the unique experience of multi-aged classrooms that reflect the diversity of the district. Laguna School appears to be right out of the history books, but provides well-balanced academic programs rich in technology, hands-on Science, music, and art within a nurturing community. Laguna Elementary school serves 14 students, 13 of which are English Learners and low income. The District is dedicated to increasing the academic performance for all students with ELD strategies, GLAD and CLAD techniques, guided reading, writers workshops, individualized instruction, project-based learning, and hands-on lessons. Whether students come from low-income households, are English Learners, or have special needs Laguna Elementary School strives to meet their needs and encourage a love of learning. The school encourages and provides opportunities for home-school connections during which parents are partners in their children s learning. Laguna Parent Club meets monthly with the faculty to discuss and plan school activities, events and plan for the future. They are an integral part of developing this LCAP. LCAP Highlights Page 1 of 64 Identify and briefly summarize the key features of this year s LCAP. Laguna has a commitment for all students to achieve the Common Core State Standards, with a focus on literacy at all grade levels and providing support or interventions to students not meeting grade level expectations. There is an ongoing facilitation of community involvement and strengthening home-school relationships. Personnel maintain school facilities to ensure a safe school environment and correct any deferred maintenance issues to avoid stress on future budgets. The school is transitioning from a twoteacher staffing model to a one teacher/one instructional assistant model. Review of Performance Based on a review of performance on the state indicators and local performance indicators included in the LCFF Evaluation Rubrics, progress toward LCAP goals, local self-assessment tools, stakeholder input, or other information, what progress is the LEA most proud of and how does the LEA plan to maintain or build upon that success? This may include identifying any specific examples of how past increases or improvements in services for low-income students, English learners, and foster youth have led to improved performance for these students. Greatest Progress Faculty is active in professional development and improving instructional strategies to ensure that an academic culture is sustained. There is a continued focus on literacy and serving the needs of the EL student population, the majority of the school's students. California schools are now changing the measurement for EL progress from the CELDT test to the ELPAC, and more accurate year-to-year data will provide better information on student progress and where to focus attention on particular student needs. Writing across the curriculum is emphasized at all grade levels. Because of the small number of students at the school, LCFF Dashboard information is not displayed. School personnel are, however, able to use State testing results, local assessments and a wealth of student information collected on site to gain a comprehensive picture of each student's strengths and needs. Report cards are being modified to make them better aligned with standards and easier to read and understand. Introduction and ongoing English Language Development lessons in grades K-2 has increased student use of English language substantially. Parent engagement continues to be positive, and student attendance rates have improved this year. Referring to the LCFF Evaluation Rubrics, identify any state indicator or local performance indicator for which overall performance was in the Red or Orange performance category or where the LEA received a Not Met or Not Met for Two or More Years rating. Additionally, identify any areas that the LEA has determined need significant improvement based on review of local performance indicators or other local indicators. What steps is the LEA planning to take to address these areas with the greatest need for improvement? Greatest Needs ELD support for all English Learners continues to be important. Along with the new ELA adoption, teachers are using GLAD strategies and emphasizing reading comprehension, fluency, and writing to bring scores up. There is a continued need to take advantage of professional learning opportunities to keep up with advances in instructional practices. Page 2 of 64 With the school moving to a one teacher school, it will be crucial to continue the attention given to using strategies for differentiated instruction in the multi-grade classroom. Referring to the LCFF Evaluation Rubrics, identify any state indicator for which performance for any student group was two or more performance levels below the all student performance. What steps is the LEA planning to take to address these performance gaps? Performance Gaps EL students are 93% of the school's population, and the small number of students means that there are no student groups to register on the California Dashboard. The focus for the school will continue to be addressing the academic needs of all students, particularly with EL strategies. School engagement, as measured by attendance, and school culture, as measured by behavioral data, do not indicate areas of particular concern. If not previously addressed, identify the two to three most significant ways that the LEA will increase or improve services for low-income students, English learners, and foster youth. Increased or Improved services Increased implementation ELD strategies for intervention. Adoption of ELD/ELA materials with focus on English Learners needs. Continue with translation services to better meet the needs of unduplicated students and their families. More community participation to strengthen home-school connection and give families opportunities to utilize school grounds. Provide a Bilingual Instructional Aide to support EL needs for differentiated instruction. Budget Summary Complete the table below. LEAs may include additional information or more detail, including graphics. DESCRIPTION AMOUNT Total General Fund Budget Expenditures For LCAP Year $335,487 Total Funds Budgeted for Planned to Meet The Goals in the LCAP for LCAP Year $173, The LCAP is intended to be a comprehensive planning tool but may not describe all General Fund Budget Expenditures. Briefly describe any of the General Fund Budget Expenditures specified above for the LCAP year not included in the LCAP. The following budgeted expenditures have not been included in the LCAP: 1 - special education services, $95, STRS on behalf payment mate by State, $10, Distict Administration (audit, business services, board) $19, School Site Administration (business, techology, and communication) $19,985 Page 3 of 64 5 - Child Nutrition Program $2, Substitutes $2, Instructional, Materials & Services $10,259 Total, $161,585 DESCRIPTION AMOUNT Total Projected LCFF Revenues for LCAP Year $204,206 Page 4 of 64 Annual Update LCAP Year Reviewed: Complete a copy of the following table for each of the LEA s goals from the prior year LCAP. Duplicate the table as needed. Goal 1 Laguna School students will have a high quality education with a broad course of study by highly qualified educators who participate in professional development and maintain best practice educational learning and techniques State and/or Local Priorities addressed by this goal: State Priorities: Priority 1: Basic (Conditions of Learning) Priority 2: State Standards (Conditions of Learning) Priority 4: Pupil Achievement (Pupil Outcomes) Priority 6: School Climate (Engagement) Priority 7: Course Access (Conditions of Learning) Priority 8: Other Pupil Outcomes (Pupil Outcomes) Local Priorities: Page 5 of 64 Annual Measurable Outcomes Expected Metric/Indicator 1.1 Teacher HQT status 1.2 Common Core State Standard use (based upon training) 1.3 Standards-aligned Materials and Student achievement on standards aligned report card. 1.4 Teacher reporting of collaborative learning class time. 1.5 Teacher reporting of % of time students use technology. 1.6 Number of annual field trips. 1.7 SBAC scores. 1.8 CELDT/LPAC 1.9 Reclassification rate 1.10 Suspension and expulsion rates School record of student behavior data. Actual 1.1 Metric met - Both teachers are HQT 1.2 Metric met - Both teachers participated in NGSS and PBL workshops during K-2 teacher attended Kinder conference and 3-6 teacher attended Phonemic awareness, CAASPP and ELD intensive trainings. 1.3 Metric met - Student achievement documented on report cards, in-class assessments and annual tests. K-2 report card aligned to standards and 3-6 CCSS report card being piloted for EOY. 1.4 Metric nearly met - Grades 3-6 Students engage in collaborative learning 40-50% of time. K-2 students participate in more teacher led instruction as befits their developmental stage. 1.5 Metric nearly met - Grades K-2 students utilize technology approx. 20% of ELA time. 5% of math time. 3-6 students utilize technology 30-40% of the time. 1.6 Metric met - Hands on, experiential learning and field trips goal exceeded in Metric nearly met - Smarter Balanced test scores from are not all at grade level competence for CCSS. Staff has engaged in intensive ELD instruction for all grade levels with an emphasis on reading comprehension, fluency and writing to bring scores up. Page 6 of Metric met - EL students comprise 93% of enrollment and are progressing toward goal. CELDT administered as initial assessment only. ELPAC will be administered in April CELDT results show growth across all grade levels. 1.9 Metric not met - No reclassifications in or One student is approaching competence in all four domains, but requires growth in writing Metric met - 0 students suspended/expelled Metric met - Behavior data consists of forms sent home. Due to the slow student to teacher ratio interventions take place before behavior concerns escalate data shows a decrease to 0 formal behavior concerns Metric nearly met - One student was sick for a field trip and another was out of town. Expected % of staff will maintain their Highly Qualified Status 1.2 Registration in NGSS, ELA/ELD standards trainings by staff 1.3 Students will participate in learning that is encompasses CCSS standards for mathematics and ELA/ELD as well as Next Generation Science Standards as measured by consistent year to year growth on standards aligned report card trimester data to include the percentage of students making growth in all subject areas. Actual 1.13 Metric met - Weekly music, art, and PE programs continue with standards for each showing growth. Student in 3-6 participate in training for 5th grade PFT as part of their P.E. program Metric nearly met - Attendance rates monitored; only 1 student may exceed district attendance allowance. Student has improved markedly over the last 6 months as confidence and comfort level has grown. 1.4 Students will participate in collaborative learning at least of 60% of time in all subject areas. 1.5 Students will demonstrate increased use of technology in learning in ELA/ELD, Mathematics and Science as measured by teacher observation at least 30% of class time. 1.6 Students will continue to be provided hands on and authentic learning at least 4 field trips a year in settings that are relevant to curriculum. 1.7 Students scores, on Smarter Balanced tests/standardized testing, will reflect grade level competence. 1.8 EL students will continue to progress on the CELDT or other EL measure 1.9 Reclassification rate for students will maintain consistent rate internal data as state level data yields limited information Maintain Suspension and Expulsion rate of 0 students 1.11 Monitor behavior data by incident and grade 1.12 Maintain 100% student participation rate in identification of school field trips and assembly 1.13 Maintain music and PE programs using established rubrics/standards to monitor effectiveness and or create vision Monitor Attendance rates for patterns and maintain Chronic Abenteeism rate at 0 students. Page 7 of 64 Expected Actual Baseline of 2 teachers highly qualified of 2 teachers trained in NGSS; one in ELA/ELD (GLAD). 1.3 ELA/ELD adoption in progress. Standards aligned report card in progress of being developed. 1.4 Students participate in collaborative learning more than 50% of class time. 1.5 Students use technology at least 50% of class time. 1.6 At least five field trips taken No suspensions or expulsions Student behavior recorded. Actions / Services Duplicate the from the prior year LCAP and complete a copy of the following table for each. Duplicate the table as needed. startcollapse Action 1 Planned Actual Budgeted Expenditures Estimated Actual Expenditures Page 8 of 64 1.1 Maintain a two highly-qualified teacher instructional model: with one teacher/principal and one second teacher. 1.1 Action fully implemented. Resources 0000 and 1400 Object 1xxx-3xxx : Certificated Personnel Salaries Base $121,415 Resources 0000 and 1400 Object 1xxx-3xxx : Certificated Personnel Salaries Base $147,748 Resource 0000, 1400 Object 1xxx/3xxx Supplemental and Concentration $38,300 Resource 0000, 1400 Object 1xxx/3xxx Supplemental and Concentration $28,213 Action 2 Planned 1.2 Faculty to participate in available professional development that supports curriculum and instruction in ELA/ELD, Science, technology and Project Based Learning or GLAD. Actual 1.2 Action fully implemented - Both teachers attended NGSS and PBL workshops, K-2 teacher attended Kinder conference and 3-6 teacher attended Phonemic awareness, CAASPP and ELD intensive trainings. Budgeted Expenditures Resource 4035 Object 1xxx-3xxx : Certificated Personnel Salaries Title II $1,185 Resource 4203 Object 1xxx-3xxx : Certificated Personnel Salaries Title III $1,280 Estimated Actual Expenditures Resource 4035 Object 1xxx/3xxx : Certificated Personnel Salaries Title II $2,162 Resource 4203 Object 5210 Conferences Title III $1,307 Action 3 Planned 1.3 Staff to participate in professional development specific to modifying curriculum to meet the needs of EL student and students with exceptional needs. Actual Budgeted Expenditures 1.3 Action fully implemented. Resource 0000 Object : Certificated Personnel Salaries Base $1,170 Estimated Actual Expenditures Resource 0000, 1400 Object 1xxx/3xxx, Goal : Certificated Personnel Salaries Base $1,027 Action 4 Planned Actual Budgeted Expenditures Estimated Actual Expenditures Page 9 of 64 1.4 Adopt ELA/ELD materials/curriculum Action 5 Planned 1.5 Continue to use online learning resources, adding additional resources as needed, and align those resources to EL student needs. 1.4 Action fully implemented. ELA/ELD curriculum adopted. Actual Texts Supplemental and Concentration $7,000 Resource 5830 Object : Books And Supplies REAP $3,000 Budgeted Expenditures 1.5 Action fully implemented. Materials and Supplies : Books And Supplies REAP $1,500 Texts Supplemental and Concentration $7,000 Resource 5830 Object : Books And Supplies REAP $2,744 Estimated Actual Expenditures Materials and Supplies : Books And Supplies REAP $300 Action 6 Planned 1.6 Update Report cards to common Core aligned Action 7 Actual 1.6 Action partially implemented - Continue to refine and align report cards to CCSS so they are easier to read and parents are more comfortable with them. Budgeted Expenditures Estimated Actual Expenditures Included in Goal #1 Included in Goal #1 Planned 1.7 Continue implementing and creating new/updated lessons that emphasize STEM, Physiology/Biology and NGSS, and good health and nutrition. Actual 1.7 Action fully implemented. Both teachers attended NGSS workshop and developed units to address health and nutrition. Budgeted Expenditures Materials and Supplies : Books And Supplies REAP $1,000 Estimated Actual Expenditures Materials and Supplies : Books And Supplies REAP $909 Page 10 of 64 Action 8 Planned 1.8 Through teacher professional development, lesson design and part-time staffing, expand the Visual and Performing Arts program to include instruction that of art and music, and investigate the feasibility of including dance. Actual 1.8 Action fully implemented - Program incorporates art and music. Dance was considered but determined not to be a priority due to budget constraints. Budgeted Expenditures Professional expert Teachers salary & benefits 1xxx/3xxx : Certificated Personnel Salaries REAP $1,847 Estimated Actual Expenditures Professional expert Teachers salary & benefits 1xxx/3xxx Music Goal 1454: $2,309 Art Goal 1451: $1, : Certificated Personnel Salaries REAP $3,418 Action 9 Planned 1.9 Enhance student learning experiences that align with curricular goals by having four or more field trips, bringing in guest speakers and holding Rural School Joint assemblies. Actual 1.9 Action fully implemented. There were more than 6 field trips, joint assemblies, and guest speakers. Budgeted Expenditures Field trips REAP $3,000 Estimated Actual Expenditures Field Trips 5830/5819 REAP $3,000 Action 10 Planned 1.10 Establish an after school homework center. Actual 1.10 Action not implemented. An aide to run the program was not budgeted. Budgeted Expenditures $0 $0 Other Estimated Actual Expenditures Action 11 Other Page 11 of 64 Analysis Complete a copy of the following table for each of the LEA s goals from the prior year LCAP. Duplicate the table as needed. Use actual annual measurable outcome data, including performance data from the LCFF Evaluation Rubrics, as applicable. Describe the overall implementation of the actions/services to achieve the articulated goal. Overall, the planned actions/services have been implemented this year. Both teachers participated in professional development opportunities pertinent to the goal and designed and implemented lessons drawn from the material. Curricular programs are in place and have been enhanced. More field trips occured this year. Describe the overall effectiveness of the actions/services to achieve the articulated goal as measured by the LEA. Laguna school has a high percentage of EL students (93%), and professional development in this area. With the recent adoption of ELA/ELD materials and professional development for staff, there will be additional resources directed toward student progress. Student reclassification rate has not increased. The transition from CELDT to ELPAC may provide consistent data that can better inform student needs and progress. Student attendance and behavioral data is generally sustained in a positive direction. Explain material differences between Budgeted Expenditures and Estimated Actual Expenditures. No Material Differences Describe any changes made to this goal, expected outcomes, metrics, or actions and services to achieve this goal as a result of this analysis and analysis of the LCFF Evaluation Rubrics, as applicable. Identify where those changes can be found in the LCAP. Board voted to shift model to 1 full time HQT and one bilingual-aide for due to declining
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