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August 28, APPROVED MINUTES OF THE LACOMBE REGIONAL WASTE SERVICES COMMISSION BOARD AUGUST 28, 2019 The meeting of the Lacombe Regional Waste Services Commission was called to order by Chairman
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August 28, APPROVED MINUTES OF THE LACOMBE REGIONAL WASTE SERVICES COMMISSION BOARD AUGUST 28, 2019 The meeting of the Lacombe Regional Waste Services Commission was called to order by Chairman Grant Creasey at 1:00 p.m. in the Boardroom of the Lacombe Regional Waste Services Commission Administration office on Wednesday August 28, Present Commission Members: Present: Village of Alix Town of Bentley Village of Clive Town of Eckville City of Lacombe Lacombe County Others: Jay Hohn Alissa Lundie Barb Gilliat Neil Maki Jeremy Whelan (Alt) Colleen Ebden Grant Creasey Thalia Hibbs Barb Shepherd John Ireland (Alt) LRWSC Commission Manager Recording Secretary Welcome Chairman Creasey welcomed the Commission Board to the sixth LRWSC meeting of 2019 at the Administration Office at the Prentiss site. RWS/60/19 Agenda the agenda. presented. Mr. Creasey asked the Board if there were any additions to Moved by Ms. Gilliat to approve the agenda as RWS/61/19 Minutes Moved by Mr. Ireland that the minutes of June 12, 2019 Regular Meeting be approved. Business Arising from the June 12, 2019 Minutes No business arising from previous minutes 1:05 pm Commission Board adjourns to tour Airburner area on Prentiss site. 1:20 pm Commission Board reconvenes. RWS/62/19 Waste Haul Summaries Administration reviewed the Waste Haul summary for the months of June and July, Mr. Hohn clarified how annual dry rubble tonnages are calculated. Currently the total weight of mixed loads of rubble and wood are added to the dry rubble weights, even if part of the load is being sent to the burn area which is falsely inflating the dry rubble weights. There August 28, is also some concern as to how much wood is currently being landfilled due to non-separation of materials by clients. As it is not possible to weigh each part of a mixed load to calculate how much material is being put into the rubble pile and how much ends up in the burn area, Administration will research possible ways to fine tune the system to better calculate the true rubble weights that are being buried in the landfill to ensure annual capacity compliance and work with contractors to encourage them to separate their loads prior to coming to the landfill to increase wood diversion to the burn area. Moved by Mr. Whelan that the Waste Haul Summary for the months of June and July 2019 be received as information by the Commission. 1:30 p.m. Ms. Shepherd arrives. RWS/63/19 Accounts Paid YTD Budget Comparative List Acct. Payable Cheque Listing Administration reported on the following with the Commission: - Year to Date Budget Report July 31, Accounts Payable Cheque Listing from June 1, 2019 to July 31, The Commission Board requested an update from Mr. Hohn in regards to whether a replacement for the site truck had been purchased. Mr. Hohn indicated that it had not, as it was very difficult to find something suitable for the budgeted amount as neither the County or City were disposing of any vehicles this year. Mr. Creasey suggested that Mr. Hohn find a suitable replacement and present the cost to the Commission Board at the next meeting to receive consideration for additional funding for a replacement site truck. Moved by Mr. Maki that the YTD Budget Comparative to July 31, 2019, be received as information by the Commission. Moved by Ms. Hibbs that the Accounts Payable Cheque Listing from June 1, 2019 to July 31, 2019 be received as information by the Commission. New Business RWS/64/19 Stockpiled Shingle Processing RESOURCE RESOLUTION RWS/57/19 Mr. Hohn reported that as the shingles are being processed, it appears that there is closer to 25,000MT to process and haul. As this is a onetime deal with West Dried Meat Lake Landfill to take the shingle stockpile, and the cost of processing and transport is at a very reasonable cost to eliminate the huge stockpile, processing and hauling as many of the shingles as we can would be in our best interest. Funding in the amount of $300, from the Shingle Recycling Reserve Fund to process 18,000MT of shingles and to transport 10,000MT of the stockpiled shingles to WDML was approved at the June 12, 2019 Board Meeting. Therefore, additional funding of $221, will be required to process the entire shingle stockpile due to the higher than anticipated volume. Shredding up to a total of 25,000MT of shingles and hauling 22,000MT to WDML will bring the final total of the project to $521, plus GST. August 28, Moved by Ms. Ebden that the Commission Board approves the additional cost of $221, plus GST to be funded from the Shingle Recycling Fund to a total of $521, plus GST to complete the processing and transport of the shingle stockpile at the Prentiss Site. RWS/65/19 Amendment to Policy WS(4) Mr. Hohn recommended to the Commission Boards that the current hours of operation be adjusted for safety reasons, and to make the site access hours more convenient for public/commercial access. A change in operational hours would enable the public and commercial/contractor users access to the sites earlier in the morning, as frequently there are lineups at all of the facilities before the 10:00am opening time. Tracked usage at all facilities showed a low usage during the last hour of the day. Mr. Hohn also reported that the Commission employs a no loads accepted 15 minutes prior to closing rule which is confusing and irritating to the public as they feel they should have site access up until the posted closing time. The rule is in place to allow the public time to vacate the premises prior to closing time, and it gives the staff the opportunity to close up and leave at closing time. Mr. Hohn requested that if the Commission implements a change in operating times, it would also be best to change all of the signage and the website to read the actual hours of when the public can access the site to avoid any confusion and contradictory information. Mr. Hohn requested that the Commission Board approve the change to update Policy No. WS(4) Approved Hours of Operation Transfer Stations - to the following hours of operation listed below, to be effective October 1, Prentiss Landfill: Monday-Saturday 9:00am to 4:45pm Alix/Mirror Transfer Station: Thursday-Saturday 9:00am to 4:45pm Spruceville Transfer Station: Tuesday & Wednesday 9:00am to 4:45pm, Saturday 8:30am to 12:15pm Bentley Transfer Station: Thursday & Friday 9:00am to 4:45pm, Saturday 1:00pm to 4:45pm Eckville Transfer Station: Tuesday & Wednesday 9:00am to 4:45pm, Saturday 8:00am to 11:45am Moved by Ms. Shepherd that the Amendments to Policy WS(4)for Hours of Operation be approved as presented. RWS/66/19 Addition of Policy WS(20) Respectful Workplace To ensure that the Commission s Policy manual is up to date with the current employment standards, Mr. Hohn recommended that the LRWSC adopt a Respectful Workplace Policy. August 28, Policy WS (20) Respectful Workplace refers to the Commission s commitment to provide a respectful workplace for all of its employees and the general public. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all employees, board members and members of the public have a safe and healthy work environment where they will be treated with respect at all times by others. Mr. Hohn reported to the Commission Board that this policy would be a valuable addition to the LRWSC policy manual. Moved by Ms. Hibbs that the Commission Board adopts Policy WS(20) to be effective this date. RWS/67/19 Manager s Report Mr. Hohn reported on the following Manager s Report to July The highlights are as follows: Transfer Site Security door cage and window bars at Eckville have been installed. Sea cans have been delivered and there has been a reduction of trespassers. Site signage all updated signage has been installed. There are two old signs located just outside of Clive and the City of Lacombe that need to be removed as they state the Prentiss site is open seven days a week. Site Scale Repairs update scale repairs have been completed. Alix/Mirror site does require load cells but we are going to leave the site as is at the moment as the current system being used is adequate. Air Burner Update Air Burner has been delivered and it is now operational. Currently the project is under budget and a total cost will be available by the next board meeting. Fluorescent Tube Crusher Update the tube crusher is working great and it has been a great addition. Shingle Recycling/Disposal once the shingles are recycled, if we choose to stockpile in the future, a rate of $80.00 per tonne is recommended to cover recycling costs. Service Levels to Members Meeting with the Town of Bentley went well and they are happy with the service levels. They are looking forward to continuing the partnership with the LRWSC for the use of the Bentley transfer site to host the household waste roundup. Staffing We filled the vacant full-time position July 8 th, The summer students have been a great addition. We are going to retain one of the summer students on a casual basis during the school year to fill in on the odd weekend if he is available. Safety Meeting. AG Plastic Recycling The LRWSC/Prentiss transfer site has been selected as one of the sites for the upcoming AG Plastic Recycling Program. In partnership with the County of Lacombe, we will be housing the plastics that the County of Lacombe collects. There will also be a collection area/system set up for twine as well. Track Loader Replacement we are exploring various avenues as to the disposal of our existing track loader. We are guaranteed a trade in value of $50, and we have been offered $80, by Richie Bros. on an outright purchase. If we choose to consign the track loader or send it to auction, an additional $ for repainting and detailing would be required. Richie Bros. would also charge a 10% commission fee to sell the loader via consignment or auction. August 28, Cell 3 Height Compliance Cell 3 is over height on the southeast end. We are currently working with WSP to determine what needs to be done to bring Cell 3 into compliance and we will also be in touch with Alberta Environment before moving any portion of Cell 3. Prentiss Compactor Engine the new engine at the Prentiss site is a little under powered for the application it is being used for. We are going to trade the old engine in at full cost and replace it with a used engine that will better fulfill our needs cost for the upgrade to be approximately $ plus install. We will ensure the engine has received the proper maintenance and that there is adequate warranty provided. Social Media we are looking at possibly setting up some kind of social media platform to better communicate with the public. Recommendation by the Commission Board is that we contact the Communications Coordinator at Lacombe County to obtain more information on potentially setting up LRWSC on Facebook. Moved by Ms. Shepherd that the Commission Manager proceed with the purchase of the used engine from Polar Industries. Moved by Ms. Gilliat that the Managers Report be received as information by the Commission. Next Meeting The next regular meeting of the Commission will be September 18, 2019 at 1:00 p.m. in the LRWSC Administration Boardroom at Prentiss. RWS/68/19 Adjourn Moved by Ms. Gilliat moves that the meeting adjourns. Time: 3:00 p.m. Chairperson Manager
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