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_ ^ { = ` \ ` = { ^ _. March +++ Volume 2019, No. 3. Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. - Ps 51.7b

Office: Website: The mission of Washington Prairie Lutheran Church is: To create and maintain a welcoming community
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Office: Website: The mission of Washington Prairie Lutheran Church is: To create and maintain a welcoming community of believers; To witness to the reconciling Word of God which comes to us through Word and Sacrament. We are united in a steadfast spiritual journey of worship, support, learning, and service to one another, our neighbors, and to our world with the love of Jesus Christ. March +++ Volume 2019, No. 3 There is renewal. The naked trees are dressed with frosty crystals. Fields and lawns are carpeted with a new layer of snow, or sculpted with drifts. The slush and mud that have made the world look dingy are sparkly white again. There is hush. The weather is doing (some might say, raging) all around, but there is a quality of silence or hush that is calming. There might be things to do, but during a storm it is okay to just be quiet. In many ways, the experience of a snowstorm can be a parable of our life in Christ. Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. - Ps 51.7b Do we have snow, or do we have snow? The question can confidently be answered, We definitely have snow! One person commented that the world looks like we live in a snow globe. No doubt about it. The weather in recent weeks has reminded me of winters in northwestern Pennsylvania. Weather systems would come from the northwest in Canada, travel across Lake Erie picking up every drop of moisture, and then drop it on the lake plains in the Erie area. Snow. Big Snow. And so, some reflections on snow. There is beauty. Huge flakes dance from the sky. Other flakes are caught up in swirls and spin around corners and over surfaces. The snow clings to trees dressing them in a thick coat. There is power. All those tiny snowflakes gang up. The snow is bigger than we are. Plans are changed. Cars get hung up in the snow. Life just slows down. We surrender to a larger power. Beauty. We are created in the image of God. We are recreated in the image of Jesus. The Holy Spirit fills us with the presence of God. The handiwork of God gives beauty to our life. Power. As much as we like to be in control of our lives, or just plain in control of everything, there are those moments when we are reminded how easily our façade of strength can come crumbling down. In those crumbled and weak moments we need the strength and power of God. Renewal. Our drive for control exposes our fragility and then reveals our sin. Wanting to be in control, rather than allowing God to be in control is an expression of sin. God gives renewal with the precious gift of forgiveness. God forgives us over, and over, and over, to renew and dress us in a clean coat of grace. Hush. In the push, the heartbreak, the effort, the joy, the busyness of life, and we think all depends on us, the psalmist reminds us, Be still and know that God is God. _ ^ { = ` \ ` = { ^ _ Washington Prairie Lutheran Church Vision Board Meeting 1/3/2019 Meeting was called to order by Bruce Schuman at 6:35pm with members Bruce Schuman, Pastor Jenny Edinger, Jean Dickman, Karla Bakken, Davis Johnson, Ron Moen, Joel Teslow, and Carolin Remmen present. Devotions were led by Pastor Jenny. Secretary s Report: Minutes for the December meeting were prepared by Joel Teslow. Minutes were reviewed by the board. A motion to approve the minutes was made by Carolin, seconded by Davis, and passed. Financial Secretary s Report: No report at this time Being prepared for the annual meeting. Pastor s Report: Report was reviewed by the board and minor edits to dates were noted as being needed. A motion to approve the report with minor edits was made by Karla, seconded by Joel and passed. Old Business: Congregational Communications Postcard: Karla created a postcard to be sent to members in an effort to update current contact information and increase opportunities for communication. Discussion was had about the card and process. Karla will add a column to inquire if members would like announcements and cancelations via text message Carolin will type up a letter to go with the card Cards will be sent through the mail and return envelopes will be provided with stamps Pastor Jenny will create a mail merge and get labels ready We Care We Share: Pastor Jenny reached out to Our Savior Lutheran Church (one of our sister congregations) in McAllen, Texas who runs the LaFrontera Ministries Shelter for Immigrants. A letter was sent from LaFrontera in return, but did not list specific needs. Pastor Jenny will contact again to gain more details. Gifts for Luther College Helpers: Small thank you gifts were purchased and sent to the students from Luther College who helped with Sunday school and confirmation classes. Annual Meeting: Date is set for January 20, 2019 after worship Auditors Wanda Hemaseth, Keith Sersland, and Mike Bergan have been contacted. The Auditors Committee will need to meet with the financial secretary (Donna Zidlicky) in preparation for the annual meeting Property Brian Hansen and Chris Hoyme have been appointed and have agreed Vision Board Rachel Hanson and Brian Lensch have been contacted Budget - The following changes have been proposed: Continued on page 3 2 Programming - Increase of $35.00 Property - Increase of $2, for church and parsonage utilities and water treatment Pastoral Ministry - Increase of $2, Instead of a raise in wages, Pastor Jenny has asked that her TSA from her former church be rolled over to Washington Prairie A motion was made by Joel for the board to recommend an increase in Pastor Jenny s 2019 compensation package with a contribution of $2, to a Thrivent Annuity Fund. The motion was seconded by Karla and passed by all. Staff Compensation Discussed the need for splitting Financial Secretary and payroll Services into two separate line items on the budget. Also discussed increase in wages for staff. A motion was made by Karla to increase wages for the financial secretary and office coordinator to $13.50/ hr. The motion was seconded by Davis and passed by all. Potluck A potluck will follow the meeting. Bruce will bring drinks and Karla will bring plates. Organ Repair: The organ is in need of repair and the worship committee is currently working on collecting bids. Repairs will be very expensive. This will be discussed further at the annual meeting. Doorbell Pastor Jenny and Lisa have asked for a doorbell to be installed at the church to announce the arrival of visitors/deliveries when they are there working. The VB will need to discuss this with the property committee. Lights Jean brought up the need for better lighting in the Oak Room. First Lutheran Church A motion was made by Karla to allow First Lutheran Church to use our facility (as available) if the need arises while they undergo renovations. The motion was seconded by Carolin and passed by all. New Business: Annual Meeting Agenda: Reviewed and discussed Tree Decorations: Will come down after church on Sunday. Will announce in church. Apple Orchard: A letter was received from member Wayne Wangsness encouraging further development/use of the apple orchard on the church property. The letter was reviewed by the board. No further action was taken at this time. Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 11 at 6:30pm. Adjourn Lord s Prayer 3 4 5 Property Committee The Prperty Committee met at 7 pm on February 4, Members present were Mark Johnson, Dennis Zidlicky, Chris Hoyme, Brian Hanson, and Bruce Sersland. Brian Hanson will be the new chairperson. Bruce Sersland will remain secretary. Duane Moen talked about the new section of cemetery to be added. We will get information from lawn experts about seeding the grass this spring or do it in the fall. We will discuss this more at the March meeting. Mark Johnson will look into getting a door bell or buzzer for the office, so if anyone at the north door can ring if Pastor or Lisa are in the office. Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm. Respectfully submitted, Bruce Sersland, Secretary W/ELCA NEWS WELCA is seeking donations for their Lutheran World Relief kits. We are in need of: *Large bath towels *hand towels *socks & t-shirts for baby kits *ivory soap large bars Any donations are appreciated! Thank You! 6 Washington Prairie W/ELCA Treasurer's Report December 2018 Balance Forward $5, Receipts: Martha Circle Dec. offering $30.00 Mary Circle Dec. offering $11.00 Naomi Circle Rachel Circle Rebecca Circle Dec. offering $16.00 WP Love Gifts from Sunday School $ Depot Outlet for Bingo Prizes $ Total Receipts: $ Disbursements: #5132 Self Help Int Love Gift $ #5138 Wellington Place Aux Love Gift $ #5140 Women of the ELCA Thankoffering $ #5141 Women of the ELCA Love Gifts $1, #5143 W/ELCA Synod Offering 4th Quarter $ #5144 W/ELCA Shipping fund $ #5145 Martha L. for Christmas gift for Pastor $ Total Disbursements: $2, Ending Balance: $3, Special Funds: Prayer Shawl Yarn $94.54 Improvement fund $1, Bingo Fund $ To Be Designated $50.00 Kitchen remodel $ LWR Shipping Fund $10.00 Love Gifts $ Thank Offering fund $0.00 Total funds: $2, General Funds: $1, Respectfully submitted, Cheryl Wangsness, Treasurer 7 Washington Prairie W/ELCA Treasurer's Report January 2019 Balance Forward $3, Receipts: Martha Circle Mary Circle Naomi Circle Rachel Circle Rebecca Circle January Offering $18.00 Total Receipts: $18.00 Disbursements: Total Disbursements: $0.00 Ending Balance: $3, Special Funds: Prayer Shawl Yarn $94.54 Improvement fund $1, Bingo Fund $ To Be Designated $50.00 Kitchen remodel $ LWR Shipping Fund $10.00 Love Gifts $ Thank Offering fund $0.00 Total funds: $2, General Funds: $1, Respectfully submitted, Cheryl Wangsness, Treasurer 8 March Lectors/Readers/Communion Assist/Ushers/Acolytes And Coffee Hour Sunday morning coffee Readers Acolytes Communion Assist 3 Jesse & Megan Lyons Jeanette Spilde Ushers Albert Ashbacher Duane Moen Duane Synder Joel Teslow 10 Craig & Jeanette Spilde Craig Spilde Kate & Klara Kelly 17 Marilyn & Karla Kathy Moen Karmyn Bakken & Jule Sadler? Not needed 24 Morgan Moen Not needed 31 Kate &Klara Kelly? 2019General Fund Reconciled 1/1 Balance brought forward $ 31, January Income $ 6, January Expenses $(19,503.04) 1/31 Balanced carried forward $ 18, Mission Fund Balance $12, /31 Sent to Synod $ Balance remaining for 2019 $ 11, Respectfully submitted, Donna Zidlicky, Financial Secretary February 5, 2019 Dear Sisters in Christ, Thank You! Thank you for the very generous Christmas gift I received from the WELCA group. One of my goals is to use media as an outreach ministry tool. I will put your gift together with other gifts to enroll in a web design course at Luther College as a way of working toward that goal. Thank you for your gift and for all the work and ministry of the WELCA. God s peace, 9 March 2019 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 3 8:45 am Sunday School 10 am Worship service/ Holy Communion 10 8:45 am Sunday School 10 am Worship service 6 pm WPP 4-H meet in parish hall 17 8:45 am Sunday School 10 am Worship service/ Holy Communion 24 8:45 am Sunday School 10 am Worship service 31 8:45 am Sunday School 4 7 pm Property Committee meet 11 6:30 pm Vision Board meet 5 11 am Pastor s text study 9 am Do-Days/ potluck am Pastor s text study am Pastor s text study 12 pm Rebecca Circle Svenson home 2:30 pm Holy Communion Wellington Place am Pastor s text study 6 6:30 Ash Wednesday worship service m Holy Communion Eastern Star 5:30 pm Lenten Supper/Rebecca circle 6:30 pm Lenten Worship Service 20 5:30 pm Lenten Supper/Rachel circle 6:30 pm Lenten Worship Service 27 10:30 pm Holy Communion Aase Haugen 5:30 pm Lenten Supper/Martha circle 6:30 pm Lenten Worship Service 7 9 am Do-Days/ potluck 1 pm WELCA business meeting am Martha Circle meet 1:30 pm Rachel Circle meet am Worship service 10
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