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Need for a joined up strategy to op2mize use of medicines for HIV/AIDS, TB, and diabetes

Need for a joined up strategy to op2mize use of medicines for HIV/AIDS, TB, and diabetes Symposium at ISoP Nov. 13, 2018 Chairpersons: Jing Bao, Brian Edward Background The global control of Global HIV/AIDS
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Need for a joined up strategy to op2mize use of medicines for HIV/AIDS, TB, and diabetes Symposium at ISoP Nov. 13, 2018 Chairpersons: Jing Bao, Brian Edward Background The global control of Global HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis (TB) has been challenged by the parallel epidemic of type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM), a non- communicable disease whose incidence has rapidly increased over the last few decades. Diabetes increases the risk of developing acive TB, and the prevalence of diabetes has risen fastest in low- and middle- income regions where TB and HIV/AIDS are prevalent. Of addiional concern, paients with two or three of these diseases have worsened clinical manifestaions, increased risk of treatment failure, relapse, and death compared with paients without DM. The symposium will address whether we have a suitably joined up strategy to opimise treatment and minimise risks or are we sill acing in silos? Aim of the symposium We hope to address this serious public health problem by addressing the following points: 1. To discuss the common ADRs resuling from the interplay of polytherapy in TB, HIV and diabetes. 2. To idenify the challenges and barriers to minimising risk when treaing such paient populaion and to define the strategies 3. To discuss the safety issues relaing to the novel treatment regiments such as delaminate and bedaquiline for tuberculosis treatment. 4. To design the best strategies to enhance the effeciveness of therapies and reduce adverse events when treaing these paient populaions. Why is this topic of interest to ISoP s members Despite recent advances in medicine, HIV/AIDS remains a serious public health problem. In 2016, 36.7 million people were living with HIV/AIDS and 1 million of them died. Tuberculosis, an ancient disease, sill afflicts 10.4 million and was the azributable cause of death for 1.7 million in The global scale- up treatment program for HIV and TB has strengthened the pharmacovigilance systems in countries such as South Africa, but the complexity of the treatment of these diseases warrants further PV system development. Diabetes, a non- communicable disease, whose prevalence throughout the world is steadily increasing to over 400 million, now threatens to undermine the HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis control program. This symposium will invite the world- renewed scienist and physicians to address the reality of the convergence of the diseases, describe the drug- drug interacions when treaing comorbid condiions, and discuss the experiences, challenges, and soluions to establish a bezer PV system for this paient populaion. Speakers Name: PosiBon Btle: AffiliaBon: Country: address: Title of the presentabon Jing Bao (Chair) Vice President FronIer Biotechnologies, Inc. Nanjing, China China Strengthening HIV pharmacovigilance in China. Name Title of the presentabon Brian Edwards (Co- chair) Board Member ISoP, Director ISoP Secretariat Ltd Human Factor Science For Improving The Impact Of Risk CommunicaIon Name: Title of the presentabon PosiBon Btle: AffiliaBon: XiaoHuoi, Yang and Huang Jukai Clinical applicaion and regulaion on oral medicines for diabetes in China: current status and further perspecive Professor, Beijing Department of ScienIfic research, Dongfang Hospital Affiliated to Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Jing Bao, MD, PhD Abbreviated Biography for Dr Jing Bao VP FronBer Biotechnologies, Inc. Vice President, Clinical Development at FronIer Biotechnologies, Inc., present Director, Chief Physician, Physician, Zhuhai and Tianjin Respiratory Hospitals, Dr. Bao is the Vice President of FronIer Biotechnolgies, Inc, a science- driven biopharmaceuical company located in Nanjing, China. She is also the China Liaison of Alliance Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES) and the member of Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety. Before this, she was physician and Clinical Director in two hospitals in China, Project Officer and Medical Officer at the NaIonal InsItutes of Health of the USA. Dr. Bao received her MD from the Southeast University in China and PhD from the Weizmann InsItute of Science in Israel. Brian Edward Director of ISoP Secretariat Ltd and Advisory Board Member of ISoP Vice President Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety in the Alliance Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES) and Chair of UK PharmaceuIcal Human Factors & Ergonomics group Guy's Hospital Medical School followed by hospital medicine and clinical research in London, Birmingham, and Manchester Senior Medical Assessor Pharmacovigilance Assessment Group UK Medicines Control Agency Senior Medical Director Parexel Scientific and Medical Services Deputy Qualified Person for pharmacovigilance for Janssen Cilag Since July 2007 Principal Consultant in Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety with NDA Regulatory Science Ltd based in UK. Dr. Jukai Huang Jukai Huang graduated from Fujian University of TradiIonal Chinese Medicine, where he got his Physician license, Bachelor's and Master's degrees. He has been studying at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine since September 2017, majored in TradiIonal Chinese Internal Medicine for Doctor degree as full- Ime graduate, and mainly engaged in the Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine treatment of endocrine diseases and safety monitoring on TradiIonal Chinese Medicines.
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