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North Redlands Vision Plan March PDF

North Redlands Vision Plan The North Redlands Visioning Committee is dedicated to working collaboratively with government, education, business, community and faithbased organizations to enhance the quality
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North Redlands Vision Plan The North Redlands Visioning Committee is dedicated to working collaboratively with government, education, business, community and faithbased organizations to enhance the quality of life for all. We are a diverse group committed to progress through responsible action. We strive to promote awareness, unity, respect, and integrity while preserving our heritage and the prosperity of our community. North Redlands Vision Plan Page 2 Introduction North Redlands Vision Plan As compiled by the North Redlands Visioning Committee The intent of the North Redlands Vision Plan (NRVP) is to address issues of public works infrastructure, housing and economic development, historic preservation, urban design, safety and access to services for residents throughout the city which will be included in the City s General Plan Update documents and utilized in the present and future planning of the North Redlands area. North Redlands is a principal gateway to the communities of East Highland, Loma Linda, Mentone and Yucaipa, and a convenient stop for mountain and desert resort travelers. The objectives of this plan are to facilitate responsible residential, community and commercial development in a manner that maintains the historic nature of the area, and strengthens the local economy, while ensuring the highest quality development through specific design guidelines and optimized standards that are consistent with Measure U and other established city planning and municipal code guidelines. The NRVP addresses the area bounded by Colton Avenue, Church Street, Pioneer Avenue and State Route 30. This Plan also addresses the need for equity and reiterates section 1.9 Themes of the General Plan that pertains to the consistency in the quality of services, quality of developments and quality of life for North and South Redlands. As in many cities, public and private amenities have not been evenly distributed in Redlands. The goal of this General Plan is to evenly distribute amenities throughout the city. There have been many years of neglect to infrastructure and despite the many improvements to the area in recent years, there is still much to be done. The survey of streets, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, street trees and other infrastructure performed by the City and the University of Redlands will be instrumental in prioritizing North Redlands Vision Plan Page 3 the specific streets and areas in North Redlands, in conjunction with the recommendations of the NRVC, to determine where these projects should begin. At the time of this report, this data remained unavailable to the Committee. SECTION 1 PUBLIC WORKS This section of the NRVP addresses the issues of public works within North Redlands. 1.1 HISTORIC AND SCENIC PRESERVATION General Plan Section 3.2 Historic and Scenic Preservation states, The purpose of the Historic and Scenic Preservation component of the City Design and Preservation Element is to foster awareness of Redlands many historic and cultural resources and to establish policies that will protect them. The committee recommends posting signs that highlight the historical meaning of the names of some of these streets to maintain the historical identity of the community. The committee recommends signage that identifies North Redlands as a historical community similar to the signs located at the Sixth Street offramp indicating Historic Downtown and Business District. The North Redlands Visioning Committee recommends the development of a citywide policy on preserving cut stone curbs, stonewalls, and stonework, etc. which are currently protected as part of historic districts or properties. There are many of these historical type curbs throughout North Redlands. The areas where these should be preserved are between, but not limited to the boundaries of Colton Avenue, Pioneer Avenue, Alabama Street and Judson Street. 1.2 CURBS North Redlands Vision Plan Page 4 The committee recommends ongoing maintenance of cut stone curbs that are in good condition or repairable condition. In cases where the damage is too extensive for repair, replacement of these curbs shall be included in the City s work plans. The Committee recommends the replacement of these curbs resemble old stone with concrete replicas. Where new curb is intermingled with the old, replacement should take place block to block with the ADA ramps at corners acting as a natural transition from old to new. The curbs shall be consistent along pedestrian pathways from block to block. The Committee recommends the addition of curbs and gutters along the street borders of Texonia Park where they currently do not exist. 1.3 GUTTERS One of the committee s priorities is to repair existing damaged gutters, and to add gutters where none exist. The specific area for repairs and installation are between Colton Avenue, Pioneer Avenue, Alabama Street and Judson Street. 1.4 STREET MAINTENANCE: LOCAL STREETS AND ALLEYS Maintenance and repaving of local and less traveled streets are an important issue for the community members. The Committee recommends local streets also be included in the City s Pavement Management System Plan. As with all public works efforts, the community needs to be informed of the workplan schedule and progress. The committee recommends the neighborhood character of these streets maintained where possible. The Committee recommends that major streets such as San Bernardino Avenue, Lugonia Avenue, Brockton Avenue, Colton Avenue, and Orange Street require inclusion in the City s Pavement Management System for repaving and street replacement, pothole repair, street restriping of lanes, and pedestrian crosswalks. North Redlands Vision Plan Page 5 The committee recommends the pavement of alleys within North Redlands to be included in the City s annual workplan. Deterioration has made some alleys unusable. At a minimum, alleys need to be maintained to keep down dust and prevent further deterioration. Other Cities in the region have recognized the need for alley pavement improvements. They are considered right of way improvements or concrete improvements that are funded as Capital Improvement Projects. Some Cities designate a portion of their Pavement Management System expenses to include the paving of alleyways. 1.5 PEDESTRIAN IMPROVEMENTS AND TRANSPORTATION ENHANCEMENTS A significant percentage of North Redlands residents walk within and beyond their neighborhoods to downtown Redlands, Citrus Plaza, as well as to the markets and shopping areas. Public transit service route headways are infrequent, and as a result, residents walk in areas without the pedestrian safety of sidewalks, ADA ramps and protected pedestrian signalized crosswalks. In order to provide North Redlands residents and visitors, disabled or not, the use of sidewalks rather than walking in dirt parkways or in the roadway to walk in the neighborhood, one of the committee s priorities is to recommend the installation of ADA ramps on existing sidewalks, thereby connecting all of the existing ADA ramps with current sidewalks to complete the City s long term pedestrian access goals and ensure compliance with ADA regulations. Improving pedestrian access will address the needs of disabled residents who are homebound because they are unable to access public transportation. Installing ADA ramps and facilities should be considered as a top priority as Federal Law requires ADA accessibility as part of any new improvement, including resurfacing projects. The next priority is to install sidewalks along the public right of way where none exist and can meet ADA standards. Specifically the committee recommends North Redlands Vision Plan Page 6 sidewalks around schools, and major gathering places (e.g. churches, parks, etc.). In addition, residents currently do not have safe walking access along Lugonia and San Bernardino Avenues to Citrus Plaza from North Redlands neighborhoods. In order of priority, pedestrian improvements including sidewalks should be installed along: Orange Street between Pioneer Avenue and Colton Avenue Colton Avenue between I 10 and Church Street Lugonia Avenue between SR30 and Church Street San Bernardino Avenue between Alabama Street and Judson Street Brockton Avenue between Texas Street and University Street The committee recommends maintaining the character of particular areas that have been established without sidewalks, (mature trees, etc.) such as but not limited to: Pioneer Avenue between Texas Street and Orange Street The next priority is to repair sidewalks that are uneven or broken by tree roots or from other causes. The damaged sidewalks are a public hazard and are potential liabilities as trip and fall claims to the City. The Committee has identified the specific areas for repairs and installation to be between Colton Avenue, Pioneer Avenue, Alabama Street and Judson Street. As sidewalks are installed, the committee recommends installing transportation enhancements and beautification to high traffic areas such as colorized street print crosswalk improvements along Orange Street and bus shelters at key transportation pick up and drop off points consistent with the design guidelines established within the General Plan, and Specific Plans of downtown Redlands (e.g. Redlands Boulevard and Third Street, Orange Street and State Street). This North Redlands Vision Plan Page 7 would create a uniform streetscape within the North and South sides of town. Currently the difference on Orange Street between the area South of the freeway and North of the freeway is quite striking, and reflects the neglect and inequity of landscaping and streetscaping differences between North Redlands and other areas of the city. 1.6 TRAFFIC CIRCULATION, SIGNALIZATION IMPROVEMENTS AND STREETSCAPE PLANNING The residential development boom that began in the 1980 s and 1990 s in North Redlands, Mentone, Highland and East Highland has increased traffic congestion along the main arterials, collector and residential streets. Population in Redlands alone has grown over 92% from a mere 36,374 residents in 1970, to an estimated population of 70,324 (per Census data and City 2005 CAFR statistics). Traffic overwhelms the community every day, especially during peak hours. New housing developments, increased population and traffic congestion have replaced the acres of orange groves in the North Redlands community. The Committee recommends the City perform traffic studies, speed surveys, and pursue and initiate signal phasing analyses, signal synchronization projects Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and peak hour parking restrictions to mitigate and address traffic flow issues such as rush hour traffic, speed reduction, and neighborhood traffic mitigation. The Committee recommends the City take proactive measures in North Redlands to address the wide variety of issues related to traffic movement and traffic mitigation. The City s effort should attempt to balance the need to move traffic efficiently with the goals of mitigating neighborhood traffic impacts. The North Redlands Visioning Committee recommends that the City remain consistent with the intent and elements of Measure U and General Plan Sections North Redlands Vision Plan Page 8 1A.60 Principle Six (a), (b), (c) and (d), ensuring new residential and commercial developments incorporate traffic calming measures to reduce the negative impact on existing neighborhoods, such as speeding or other moving violations, which endanger the high volume of pedestrian traffic in North Redlands. In addition, the Committee recommends thorough analysis of neighborhood circulation, and on site circulation of new developments, focusing on minimizing traffic impacts. Including mitigation measures to reduce traffic such as including infrastructure for alternative modes of travel, such as bus stops, bike paths, and pedestrian pathways are recommended for conditions of approval of new developments. The Committee recommends the City perform traffic studies to evaluate the installation of traffic signals with protected turn signals at the intersections of: Orange Street and San Bernardino Avenue Orange Street and Lugonia Avenue Orange Street and Colton Avenue In addition, traffic studies should be evaluated to ensure that the existing traffic signal timing, cycle length and systems are adequate for the efficient movement of traffic, and determine the appropriate traffic control methods that may be necessary to keep traffic flow moving safely. The committee recommends collaboration with the State of California as it pertains to State Highway 38 as it goes through the North Redlands community for the implementation of street maintenance, signalization, mobility and pedestrian improvements. Regional funding is available from SANBAG for mutually beneficial projects with CalTrans as well as with SANBAG. The Committee recommends the City utilize its Air Quality funding grants, regional transportation and/or State and Federal funds, as well as allocate General Funds, to implement the various capital improvements in North Redlands. North Redlands Vision Plan Page 9 Community residents identified various problems, and provided ideas and solutions to address the broad range of neighborhood issues, such as: Add traffic signals to improve traffic and pedestrian safety on 6 th Street between Pearl and Colton Avenue at Colton/6 th Street, Westbound Interstate 10 off ramp at 6 th Street, and Pearl/6 th Street. Street widening, centerline and/or lane realignments that will allow for the accommodation of increased traffic, and safe turn movements. Addition of landscaped medians to San Bernardino Avenue and streets where width permits. Addition of left turn pockets on high volume intersections. Re align traffic flow for Citrus Valley High School to alleviate impact on adjacent residential neighborhoods and improve access and flow to school from SR30. Without destroying existing neighborhoods, street widening is requested in order of priority at: Orange Street from Colton Avenue to San Bernardino Avenue Lugonia Avenue from Orange Street to Tribune Street San Bernardino Avenue from Alabama Street to Webster Street Church Street from Lugonia Avenue to Pennsylvania Avenue As Gateway street intersections into the community are developed, the Committee recommends the inclusion of streetscape planning and construction of landscaped medians, specifically on San Bernardino Avenue both East and West of SR30. Street print crosswalk improvements at intersections are recommended for these high traffic intersections and community gateways. The Committee recommends the installation of street print crosswalks and enhanced pedestrian crosswalks in the style of Redlands Boulevard on Third North Redlands Vision Plan Page 10 Street. NRVC requests these intersections receive upgraded street print crosswalks: Sixth Street off ramp Sixth Street and The Terrace Sixth Street and Colton Avenue Orange Street and Colton Avenue Orange Street and Brockton Avenue Orange Street and Lugonia Avenue Orange Street and Pennsylvania Avenue Orange Street and San Bernardino Avenue Texas Street and Colton Avenue Texas Street and Brockton Avenue Texas Street and Lugonia Avenue Texas Street and Pennsylvania Avenue Texas Street and San Bernardino Avenue Church Street and Colton Avenue Church Street and Brockton Avenue Church Street and Lugonia Avenue Church Street and San Bernardino Avenue Church Street and Pioneer Avenue 1.7 UNDERGROUND UTILITIES & STREETLIGHTS The committee recommends the City pursue Southern California Edison Rule 20 program and/or other providers for underground utilities for North Redlands. This would remove unsightly wiring and utility poles throughout high traffic areas. The committee recommends the City pursue the installation of additional street lighting consistent with other areas of Redlands. The Committee recommends working with Public Safety to identify areas with criminal activity, and work with North Redlands Vision Plan Page 11 the community members to identify neighborhoods with poorly lighted areas. Although lighting in alleyways are the responsibility of the homeowners, the committee recommends the installation of streetlights strategically placed at the entrance of alleys for visibility and safety purposes. Tall concrete pole lighting with high pressure sodium vapor overhead lighting should be utilized along all local streets. In existing neighborhoods, the committee recommends existing period style streetlights maintained and refurbished to produce more light. Additional street lighting should be consistent with the existing character of the neighborhood. New development in the area should be aware of the character of the neighborhood including period style street lighting. Examples of period style lighting are on Orange Street and Colton Avenue and replacements and additions should be made according to those already in existence. Replica lighting should be utilized on: Orange Street Colton Avenue The Terrace Lugonia Avenue Brockton Avenue San Bernardino Avenue Church Street Texas Street Add energy efficient street lighting to local streets to increase safety of residents by deterring crime in well lit areas. Historical replica lighting should be used along high traffic thoroughfares: Lugonia Avenue (between Church Street and SR30) Texas Street (between Colton Avenue and Pioneer Avenue) Colton Avenue (between SR30 and Church Street) Orange Street (between Colton Avenue and Pioneer Avenue) North Redlands Vision Plan Page 12 Brockton Street (between Church Street and SR30) 1.8 FLOOD CONTROL AND URBAN RUNOFF The ASCE 2005 Inland Empire s Infrastructure Report Card gave Flood Control Systems in the County a D grade. Storm Drain infrastructure in North Redlands is in distress as well. The Committee recommends ongoing maintenance, replacement and repair of existing storm drains that are not functioning properly. Additionally, storm drain installation or improvements in an adequate flood control system should be included in the City s workplan for areas in North Redlands that do not currently meet the growing needs of the Community. The committee recommends inclusion of the construction of adequate flood control system facilities as part of all new development in North Redlands. Streets in need of storm drains and/or repair in order of priority that are recommended for inclusion in the City s upcoming workplan are: Church Street between Pioneer Avenue and Pennsylvania Avenue Orange Street at Western Avenue Orange Street at Brockton Avenue Judson Street between Pennsylvania Avenue and Brockton Avenue The Committee also recommends the City take progressive action in its outreach and implementation efforts to address urban runoff issues Citywide. 1.9 PARKING Neighborhood parking is also negatively impacted due to limitations of private establishments, near houses of worship, and gathering areas, the shopping center at the corner of San Bernardino and Orange Streets, and Lugonia Elementary School. NRVC recommends the City take proactive measures to work with the property owners to identify other parking solutions. North Redlands Vision Plan Page PARKWAYS AND TREES Formatted The refurbishment and maintenance of the historical Terrace is a priority to the North Redlands community. This includes the linear park between Sixth Street and Alta Street along Colton Avenue. This parkway is on one of the main streets in North Redlands and committee members overwhelming asked that this be repaired, upgraded for ADA, and maintained to its former beauty. The committee recommends that existing trees be preserved with new development by designing streets and sidewalks around mature trees rather than removing them. The exception would be for trees that are destroying sidewalks, curbs and gutters and sewer lines. When mature trees have to be removed, they should be replaced within a timely manner. When trees are dying, they should
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