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Number 83 March NECTFL Review. A Journal for K 16+ Foreign Language Educators. Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

Number 83 March 2019 NECTFL Review A Journal for K 16+ Foreign Language Educators Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages The Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
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Number 83 March 2019 NECTFL Review A Journal for K 16+ Foreign Language Educators Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages The Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages serves educators in all languages (including classical, less commonly taught, and ESL), at all levels from kindergarten through university, in both public and private settings. In existence since the late 1940s, NECTFL is the largest of five regional associations of its kind in the United States, representing educators from Maine to Virginia but exercising leadership nation-wide. NECTFL has expanded its outreach, professional development and advocacy efforts through publications, workshops, research projects and other initiatives. Its prestige has been reflected in its singular ability to bring together the profession s most prestigious leaders for world-class and ground-breaking programs while sustaining an organizational culture that is interactive, welcoming, and responsive. Through representation on its Board of Directors, through its Advisory Council, through conference offerings and refereed journal articles, NECTFL maintains a commitment to the individual foreign language teacher, to collaborative endeavors, to innovation and to inclusionary politics and policies. What We Do: We serve world language teachers by listening to them representing their diverse views bringing them together nurturing their growth as newcomers and veterans treating them as caring friends and respected professionals Number 83 March 2019 NECTFL Review A Journal for K 16+ Foreign Language Educators Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Go to Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages NECTFL Review 83 March 2019 CONTENTS NECTFL Board of Directors and Staff... 4 NECTFL Review Editorial Board & Reviewers... 5 A Message from the 2019 Conference Chair NECTFL Annual Meeting... 8 Articles A Survey of Teachers Integration of Culture in Secondary Foreign Language Classrooms... 9 Danielle T. Asay, Rob A. Martinsen, Blair E. Bateman, Robert G. Erickson Syllabus Matters: The Impact of Course Type on Speaking Gains Abroad Jorge H. Cubillos and Thomas W. Ilvento Reviews Picturing Another Culture: Developing Language Proficiency, Empathy, and Visual Literacy through Art Gisela Hoecherl-Alden and Kathy Fegely Arabic Brosh, Hezi. Salamaat! Learning Arabic with Ease North Clarendon, VT: Tuttle Publishing, (David F. DiMeo) Familiar, Laila and Tanit Assaf, editors. Saud al-sanousi s Saaq al-bambuu: The Authorized Abridged Edition for Students of Arabic. Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press, (David F. DiMeo) Chinese Liu, Yuehua, Tao-Chung Yao, Nyan-Ping Bi, Liangyan Ge, and Yaohua Shi Integrated Chinese I & II. 4 th Edition. Boston: Cheng & Tsui, (Judy Zhu) French Amon, Evelyne, Judith Muyskens, and Alice C. Omaggio Hadley Vis-a -vis. 7 th edition. New York: McGraw-Hill, (Andrzej Dziedzic) Arganbright, Brian. Le Creuset des savoirs: Cours de rhétorique et de composition. Lexington, KY: Seven Cities Publishing, (Eileen M. Angelini) Graingier, Claudine, and Nadine O Connor di Vito. Comme on dit: première année de français. Washington: Georgetown University Press, (Andrzej Dziedzic) Germaine Choe, author; Nathan Lutz, editor; Nancy Meyers, illustrator Language Together French Set 1: 10 Books with Online Audio for kids. First edition. Shenzen, China: MaxiPro LTD, (Cheryl Berman) German Blanco, José A. Mosaik 1. German Language and Culture Boston, Massachusetts: Vista Higher Learning, Mosaik 2. German Language and Culture. Boston, Massachusetts: Vista Higher Learning, Mosaik 3. German Language and Culture. Boston, Massachusetts: Vista Higher Learning, (Christopher Gwin) Japanese The Japan Foundation. MARUGOTO: Japanese Language and Culture Starter A1 (Coursebook for Communicative Language Activities). First Edition. Tokyo, Japan: Sanshusha Publishing Co., MARUGOTO: Japanese Language and Culture, Starter A1 (Coursebook for Communicative Language Competencies). First Edition. Tokyo, Japan: Sanshusha Publishing Co (Chikako Nakamura) Latin Neumann, Jeanne Marie. Lingua Latina: A Companion to Roma Aeterna Indianapolis, Indiana: Hackett Publishing Company, (Michael Holstead) Spanish Germaine Choe, author; Carolina Gómez, editor; Nancy Meyers, illustrator Language Together Spanish Set 1: 10 Books with Online Audio for kids. First edition. Terre Haute, Indiana: Moore Langen/RR Donnelly, (Cheryl P. Berman) Palo Boyles, Peggy, Myriam Met, and Richard Sayers. Auténtico 1. 1 st edition New York: Pearson Education, Inc., (Cheryl Berman) Other Fairclough, Marta, and Sara M. Beaudrie, editors. Innovative Strategies for Heritage Language Teaching. A Practical Guide for the Classroom. Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press, (Isabel Álvarez) Lang, James M. On Course: A Week-by-Week Guide to Your First Semester of College Teaching. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, (Pamela Shuggi) Hildebrandt, Susan A., and Pete Swanson. Understanding the World Language edtpa: Research-Based Policy and Practice. Charlotte, NC: IAP-Information Age Publishing, (Todd A. Hernández) Legendī, and Vocabulā. Each chapter begins with an introduction, written by Ørberg, that provides background information and context for the readings in corresponding chapter in Roma Aeterna. The Auxilia Legendī section contains line-by-line commentary on the grammar and vocabulary of the Roma Aeterna chapter readings. This commentary is supplementary to Ørberg s marginalia and generally does not repeat marginalia content, although it does frequently repeat the material in Neumann s corresponding Pars Prima chapter. Lastly, the Vocabula section contains a Latin-to-English lexicon of the vocabulary found in each chapter, divided according to parts of speech. It was a bold decision to separate the chapter material between Pars Prima and Pars Altera, but the vastly different natures of the two segments justify the decision. And while it might be inconvenient at times to look up a given chapter s content first in Pars Prima and then in Pars Altera several hundred pages later, the inconvenience is minimal compared to the flexibility such format offers in a variety of academic settings. In using Ørberg s Roma Aeterna students undertake the daunting task of reading Latin containing advanced and complex grammatical concepts without the aid of any English explanations or assistance. Neumann s companion text regularly serves as a welcome relief and periodically as a necessary crutch in the task. Using the two texts in coordination with each other is a highly effective method for learning Latin, maximizing the strengths and minimizing the weaknesses of Ørberg s Natural Method. In the end it all boils down to this: Roma Aeterna will successfully teach students to read Latin, and Companion to Roma Aeterna will help those same students understand the complex grammatical and syntactical concepts that struture the Latin language. Michael Holstead Adjunct Instructor of Classical Studies St. Norbert College De Pere, WI Publisher s Response Hackett Publishing and Jeanne Neumann are very grateful to Michael Holstead and the NECTFL Review for this thoughtful review of Companion to Roma Aeterna. North American instructors of Latin interested in Hans Ørberg s unique and ingenious series Lingua Latina per se Illustrata, to which Companion to Roma Aeterna is such a useful ancillary, are urged to visit our website at for more details. Brian Rak Editorial Director Hackett Publishing Co., Inc. Spanish Germaine Choe, author; Carolina Gómez, editor; Nancy Meyers, illustrator. Language Together Spanish Set 1: 10 Books with Online Audio for kids. First edition. Paperback - Box Set. ISBN: Terre Haute, Indiana: Moore Langen/RR Donnelly, Language Together Spanish Set 1 components include ten books that present the following themes: Introductions/Family, Animals, Clothing, Colors, Face & Body, Fruit, Numbers, Shapes, Snacks, Toys. The ten books feature 100 thematic vocabulary 102 March 2019 NECTFL Review 83 words, 50+ high frequency words, verbs and cultural phrases. Each book is 16 pages in length and available in Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese and English/ESL. Online components include an Online audio center (narrated by native language speakers), Apple ebooks with audio and a Complimentary 23-page Teacher s Guide. The ten books come in a small box and can be purchased online for $25.00 per set. Language Together offers education pricing when purchasing 10+ copies. Language Together Spanish Set 1 was developed by teachers and curriculum experts and features a unique Spot Color Immersion Method that makes languages fun and easy for children. Based on extensive linguistic and classroom research, these Language Together stories build vocabulary and pre-reading skills for children up to the age of eight. Set 1 is suitable for preschool to early elementary students. The grade level at which your school introduces a language learning program would determine the best time to add these wonderful books to your reading list and class curriculum. Language Together books are designed to supplement any early language curriculum, whether it be FLES, immersion, bilingual, FLEX, after-school, weekend, or home school programs. The books support vocabulary, pre-reading and review for native and non-native speakers. As the Language Together website states: At the heart of Language Together is the Spot Color Immersion Method, an approach that combines all the proven methods which teachers want with picture stories that use color purposefully to reinforce comprehension. And, Our Spot Color Immersion Method incorporates research from language experts such as Stephen Krashen, Steven Pinker, and Blaine Ray. Krashen and Pinker promote natural immersion over grammar and drilling. Ray invented TPR Storytelling in the 1990s, a story-based method which has gained rapid popularity among teachers worldwide. Moving step-by-step, these simple stories introduce high frequency words and phrases. Target vocabulary is woven into short stories that make kids laugh and forget they are actually learning. The Set 1 Spanish series was first published in I was privileged to receive a complimentary copy through a colleague. I have since incorporated all ten books into my Spanish K-4 FLES curriculum. These books can be used in a variety of environments using different various teaching methods: Whole classroom read-alouds Thematic activities: warm up, drills, games etc. Oral presentation practice Small group and paired activities Free voluntary reading (language library supplement) Independent audio review Pre-reading and early literacy tool Language Together has developed a multi-pronged approach that works well in the elementary level curriculum. It includes wonderful little treasures, including Immersion, Flashcards with a Story, content that helps students make connections faster through familiar scenarios, patterned repetition activities that provide structure and opportunities to practice, and an Audio model (with native speakers-online). March In addition to the ten-book pack, teachers receive a 24-page Teacher s Guide filled with much useful information, suggested uses as well as objectives and standards according to the ACTFL World Readiness Standards. This also includes Receptive Vocabulary Activities, Productive Vocabulary Activities and Extension Activities. It is a wonderful Guide for new teachers and offers creative enhancements for the seasoned teacher as well. I have incorporated these books to fit all of the above suggested uses. Students love the stories because they are not too long and because pictures are extremely entertaining and clearly assist in the language learning process. Students feel incredibly accomplished after reading and presenting in class what they have learned by reading. Activities created around each themed book are proof positive that this method of language learning for young students has a high efficacy rate. The book titled Qué Rico! is one of my favorites because it is all about snacks and most students love the food unit in every level I teach. The themed words, useful phrases and story line can be expanded upon beyond the pages of this little book. It teaches Me gusta...me gustan...me encanta...es hora de comer, as well as the importance of washing your hands before eating all the delicious food items that can be added to an already ongoing class food list. This book is also a great way to begin a list and add to it throughout the curriculum unit on food. Abracadabra! is one of my favorites of the ten books because my students love animals and magic. By learning the names of animals in this book, students can elaborate on color, size, habitat, number of legs or no legs, tails, ears, noses or snouts and use all the descriptive adjectives applicable to each animal. Qué Divertido! covers wonderful play time at home or at school. This can carry over to learning additional games and toys and can spike a conversation between students about their favorite games and toys, again extending a list of single words or phrases beyond the walls of the classroom to the playground and home. The Language Together French Set 1 introduces the same ten themes. I have used these French books in after-school enrichment programs for language learners with the same success as I have had in my public-school classroom. Some of the titles of this set are: Chic et Chouette!, La Fête de Fruits and my favorite, Bon Appetit! The French set of books incorporates cultural words and phrases such as Zut!, Chouette!, Chic!, Génial!, Hourra! and many more. Both French and Spanish Sets have covered the cultural expressions in a fun and entertaining way that stimulates student repetition, participation and curiosity. The choice of vocabulary words for each book has been thoroughly reviewed by the editors and researchers that contributed to the books. I found only one word in the Set 1 of the ten books that I had any reservations about based on my language training: the word el banano used for the word banana. I shared with the author that plátano was more appropriate and common in most Spanish-speaking countries. As we all know, words can vary in popularity and meaning from country to country. I looked into this a little deeper and found that some educators and speakers in some countries refer to el banano as the banana tree and not the actual fruit of the tree. Prior to publication the author had consulted with Real Academia and their goal was to select the most neutral word choices in their books, understanding that Spanish varies from one region to 104 March 2019 NECTFL Review 83 another. That said, after further review and discussion within the company, the editors made the changes in time for the 2 nd edition. These books have enhanced my classroom teaching skills and have added so many connections from one theme to another as well as connections within a theme. My students ask to read the books. They enjoy reading and answering questions. They enjoy creating drawings and writing simple phrases. They enjoy making bulletin board storyboards. All this and so much more is a direct result of introducing these books into my curriculum on the 10 themed projects This Language Together Spanish Set 1 and Language Together French Set1 are well worth the price because they provide enjoyment, fun and learning. The Language Together Spanish Set 2 and Language Together French Set 2 are now out for purchase as of September The themes to be addressed in the French and Spanish Set 2 will be: Introduction/Delivery, Verbs, Food, Tableware, Art Supplies, Feelings, Nature, Jobs, Furniture and Bedtime. Both programs are wonderful and a strong complement to any elementary school level world language program. Samples and a brief history of the company can be found at Cheryl P. Berman Spanish teacher Newington Public School Newington, NH Palo Boyles, Peggy, Myriam Met and Richard Sayers. Auténtico 1. 1 st edition. New York: Pearson Education, Inc., Includes: Student Textbook. ISBN-13: Pp Teacher s Edition. ISBN -13: Pp Leveled Vocabulary and Grammar Workbook Guided Practice. Pp Core Practice. Pp ISBN-13: Authentic Resources Workbook. Pp ISBN-13: Literacy Skills Workbook A.B.1.2 Pp ISBN-13: Digital Components Sampler Level 1. Auténtico 1 is by far one of the most comprehensive language learning programs for novice-mid to novice-high-middle and high school first-time language learners. All components are interconnected and blend beautifully for teachers wanting to take full advantage of all that this program has to offer. Auténtico incorporates integrating 21 st Century Skills with ease through the series pedagogical framework, assessment and instruction and the integration of print and digital resources (T14). Auténtico 1 supports the Global Can-Do Benchmarks across all levels and builds skills outlined on the 21 st Century Skills Map for World Languages. The 5 C s standards are clearly stated and built into each chapter. Auténtico 1 promotes: Real-world tasks and authentic sources built into each chapter. Instruction that is learner centered. Technology integrated with instruction and assessment in text. Differentiation built-in to meet the needs of individual learners. Assessment focusing on what students can do with the language. (Entry-level, Formative and Summative) March
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