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(PENNINE LINK) No.60 November/December FREE to Members

i i, ' No.60 November/December 1984 FREE to Members 25p council members Chairman & Uppermill Project David Sumner Vice-Chairman & Trevor Ellis Marsden-Siaithwaite Project, Tunnel End Cottages General Secretary
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i i, ' No.60 November/December 1984 FREE to Members 25p council members Chairman & Uppermill Project David Sumner Vice-Chairman & Trevor Ellis Marsden-Siaithwaite Project, Tunnel End Cottages General Secretary Robert Dewey Treasurer Sales Officer Publicity Officer Editor Uppermill Project Manager Boat Officer Projects Officer Mrs Susan Bradbury Jean Buckley David Wakefield Sue Gibson Graham Maskell John Maynard Keith Gibson Company Secretary John Fryer Membership Mrs Val Dewey Secretary West Side Chairman Jack Carr East Side Chairman East Side Secretary Sheffield Branch Press Cuttings Stamp Officer Dave lrving Mrs Anne Crosland Joyce & Phil Calverley Neil Frazer Brian Grant 54 High Lea Road, New Mills, Stockport, Ches. SK12 3DP Tel: Whaley Bridge Batley Ave, Marsh, Huddersfield, W.YorksHD14NA.Tei:Hudds Paris Rd, Scholes, Huddersfield, W.Y orks HD71 UA. Holmfirth Rowley Lane, Lepton, Huddersfield,W.YorksHD80JN.Hudds Edward St, Oldham, Lancs. OL9 7QT. Tel: Stile Common Road, Newsome, Huddersfield, W.Yorks. Hudds Simmondley New Rd, Glossop, Derbys. SK13 9LP. Glossop Quick View, Mossley, Ashtonunder-Lyne, Lanes OL5 9DU Tel: Mossley Thick Hollins Drive, Meltham, Huddersfield, W.Yorks HD7 3DL. Tel: Hudds Partington Court, Glossop, Derbyshire. Tel: Glossop 3051 non-council posts 2 Popley Drive, Meltham, Huddersfield, W.Yorks. HD7 3LU. 38 Paris Rd, Scholes, Huddersfield, W.Yorks HD71 UA. Holmfirth Sycamore Ave, Euxton, Chorley, Lancs. 416 Blackmoorfoot Road, Crosland Moor, Huddersfield, W.Yorks HD45NP 44 Marina Terrace, Golcar, Huddersfield, W.Yorks HD7 4RA. Tel: Hudds Wulfric Rd, Eckington, Sheffield, S.YorksS319GE.Chesterfield Bloomfield Road, Marsh, Huddersfield, W.Yorks HD1 4QD. Elland WMC, Roseberry St, Elland, W.Yorks. Front Cover shows Teddy Bears Picnic on Benjamin Outram. Photo courtesy of the Oldham Evening Chronicle. HCS LTD. Registered Office: Ramsdens, Ramsden St, Huddersfield HD7 4AP No. 60 Nov/Dec 1984 Contents The Journal of the Huddersfield Canal Society Ltd. Editorial.... Joint Presentation... 2 News... 3 Bates Saga Mark Three... 3 New Restoration Project Narrow Boat Trophy... 5 Restoration News... 6/7 Boats/HCS Flag Day... 8 Benjamin Outram Junior HCS/Giossop Cake Stall HCS Survey/HCS Drop-outs T.C.D.A /13 Message from Benji Mikron Message... 14/15 Sonny's Diary The Wife's Tale... 17/18 Canal Cruises Dungebooth Lock Print Crossword No Sales List Sonny's Diary continued Classified Ads Appeal to Whisky Drinkers/Press Cuttings Deeds of Covenant/Press Date Membership... back cover Diary... back cover editorial As this is only October it does seem a bit premature but I'd like to wish you all on behalf of HCS a very happy Christmas and a restorative New Year. As usual we've a selection of HCS happenings over the Christmas period and we hope you'll take the opportunity, come along, and maybe put a few faces to names. As Editor obviously I was overjoyed and very honoured to have had Pennine Link chosen for the Narrow Boat Trophy Award, which was presented at the National Rally. I would now like to thank YOU for all contributions without which Pennine Link wouldn't survive. Expecting the competition to try harder, I'm not sitting back and being complacent, certain changes and I hope improvements will take place over the next few issues, then next year you never know... Sue Gibson 1 Joint Presentation A Statement by the Council of the Huddersfield Canal Society On 18th October your Council and Consulting Engineers, W. S. Atkins & Partners are to hold a joint presentation to Members and Officers of the Greater Manchester, Kirklees, Oldham, Tameside and West Yorkshire Councils. Our guests will be taken through the restored Uppermill locks on board Benjamin Outram . A coach visit to see the work of lan Preston's team in Marsden will be followed by lunch. The afternoon presentation by the Society and W. S. Atkins will be chaired by Mr R. H. J. Cotton, the British Waterways Board's Director of Leisure. The meeting is particularly significant as the first occasion when elected Members of all five Local Authorities have met to discuss the Huddersfield Narrow Canal. The main purpose of the day is for the Society to suggest to those present that a Joint Steering Committee should be formed to work together to promote the restoration of the canal. We believe that the Local Authorities, the British Waterways Board, and this Society should all be represented on such a Committee, together with other interested parties. The two restoration projects on which work has commenced and others now being discussed or agreed, are self-contained schemes to restore individual sections ofthe canal. When significant lengths of canal are restored it will be possible to plan for the removal or by-passing of the more serious obstacles to through navigation. We believe that it may be easier to obtain grant-aid for these projects if a co-ordinated approach is made to restoration through a Joint Steering Committee. The pooling of knowledge and experience at this early stage would also be beneficial. The second purpose of the presentation is to float the idea that a Cost Benefit Study of restoration should be commissioned. Cost Benefit Analysis to Treasury approved guidelines is a technique by which the costs of carrying out a project by various alternative methods are considered, and compared to the likely benefits to the Community. A Cost Benefit Study can prove to be the key to unlock significant sources of grant-aid from outside bodies. For several months your Council have been discussing this matter with W. S. Atkins & Partners who successfully completed the similar study of the Montgomery Canal in lt is hoped that the meeting will provide an opportunity for the Local Authorities, the Waterways Board and the Society to discuss how best to co-ordinate restoration of the canal, and to consider the benefits of full restoration. 2 News British Waterways Board Chairman, Sir Leslie Young has asked to meet members of Kirklees Council's Agbrigg Area Planning Sub-Committee to discuss the Board's controversial proposals to construct a new spillway and drain Tunnel End Reservoir at Marsden. At the time of writing it is understood that no date has been fixed. At their meeting on 12th September the Tame Valley Joint Committee (which is composed of elected members from Oldham, Tameside, Stockport and Greater Manchester Councils and the North West Water Authority) noted the progress being made and gave their support to the restoration of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal, including the possible commissioning of a Cost Benefit Study. The Greater Manchester Council have agreed to restore the entire length of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal in the County over a 10-15yearperiod. Sadly this decision is one they are unlikely to be able to implement because of the expected demise of the Metropolitan Counties. We must hope that their successor authorities carry out this intention. Keith Gibson Tunnel End Reservoir - existing spillway visible over the roof of right hand building in foreground Bates view from just above Lock 2 showing Queen Street South Bridge. New building will join building just visible on left right across view Lock 31W- prior to any infilling - about 1963 Lock 31W - work on cascading almost complete - about Bates Saga Mark Three I've forgotten exactly when marks I and 11 took place so much water has flowed under the culvert since. However for those who join the story at this stage, a brief background. In 197'x' Bates & Co., a textile firm in Huddersfield who have filled part of the canal between Chapel Hill and Queen Street South, Huddersfield, in the 1960's applied for planning permission to put up a further building over the old line of canal. This was granted despite a big fight by HCS. Subsequently they decided not to build this (phew!) and applied again for a single storey building instead. HCS published a booklet 'A New Canal for Huddersfield' which showed that by moving lock 2E westwards by a couple of hundred yards, it would be feasible to erect such a building over the canal in a tunnel. The building was approved with 15 feet deep foundations to enable this to be done. Two new applications are with Kirklees and are being carefully monitored by your Project Officer and myself. One seeks permission to demolish a small part of the existing mill (which is listed as of historic interest); the other is to erect a three storey building across the ea na I. But wait... don't start writing to object yet, the building is raised off the ground (canal) level on 12 feet legs, so a canal could apparently be rebuilt under it without the tunnel, thus saving the cost of moving lock 2. There's a long way to go yet, but the council officers are now very much more sympathetic to our case and are seeking a solution to the problem on our behalf. I am hopeful that a compromise maybe forthcoming. Who knows? we may yet be supporting the application! BobDewey New Restoration Project Diggle Locks 31 & 32 West We a re a not her step nearer to starting a new volunteer restoration project at Diggle. Oldham Borough Council have recently confirmed that they have no objections to the Society's request to restore Locks 31 and 32 West. Detailed plans will need to be prepared and submitted to Oldham and B.W.B. for their approval before work commences. However, Oldham's permission means that we are likely to be able to start work on site early next year. Jobs to be tackled will include digging out concrete and rubble, part rebuilding lock chamber walls and reinstating landscaping around the locks -plenty of opportunity to get your wellies wet and your dungarees dirty! At Help will be needed so watch Pennine Link for further news and details. Kathryn Goodwin 4 . Narrow Boat Trophy Photo shows Sue Gibson and the Award Plaque, and Trevor Ellis with the 100 cheque, standing by the HCS stand at the National Rally. Photo: Harry Arnold The W.A. National Rally at Hawksbury Junction was a memorable day for Pennine Link's hard-working Editor, Sue Gibson. During the Awards Ceremony at the Rally, she was presented with the Narrow Boat Magazine Trophy by I.W.A. chairman, Ken Goodwin. This new trophy, awarded by Narrow Boat Magazine, is for the best Canal Society Boat Club, I.W.A. Branch or Region Magazine or Newsletter. Out of 32 entries, Pennine Link the magazine of the Huddersfield Canal Society was chosen as winner. The Trophy is in the form of a framed plaque, which the Society can keep, and along with this goes a cheque for 100 towards Society funds. Sue also received a replica of the trophy for herself. Narrow Boat Editor, Harry Arnold said that the final choice was between Pennine Link and the Wey and Arun Canal Society's Wey South . Both in the judges opinion, were excellently presented, very readable, had a good balance of content promoted their societies campaign and good clear illustrations. However it was felt that Pennine Link had the edge with a clearer typeface and consistent page design. A lot of the credit for this must go to Sue. In spite of the demands of four children, during her time as editor she has developed Pennine Link from a photocopied newsletter to the smart and professional-looking magazine we have today. Thanks must also go to all the people who have written articles and submitted photos and drawings for the magazine. Let's keep up the good work and make Pennine Link even better in the coming year. Kathryn Goodwin 5 Restoration News Restoring the Marsden/Siaithwaite Stretch In the beginning (sounds like Genesis) there was myself and one Supervisor. I had just found the workshop premises at Linthwaite (the units initially considered at planning stage, Cellars Clough, had the advantage of being nearerthe site but needed a large amount of structural work in order to make them suitable for handling lock gates). The telephone to the Col ne Valley Workshops was a long time coming and we worked off a pile of concrete blockwork which have now become offices, storerooms, canteen, diesel tank bund etc., inside the workshops. We also established a presence on site at Marsden. The workshops at Li nthwa ite a re now well established and we have erected a lifting frame to turn the lock gates and a system for getting them out of the workshops. This system (yet to be tested!) cost approximately %th the price of the forklift truck alternative. The manpower has now been built up to 38 people; consisting of my site foreman, three supervisors, one full-time carpenter, one clerk/administrator and 321abourers.l include in the above 71abourers recently offered posts to make up for losses. Most of the labourers work a three-day 231/ 2 hour week, but because of the nature of the work it is essential that dumper drivers, crane operator, chainsaw operatives, etc., should be full-time for safety and planning reasons. I have 6 full-time labourers. In order to keep a fairly constant number on site I have organized the 3 day/week men into gangs of 10 with staggered days. In this way I achieve a constant number of 6 men from the gang of 10 being on site each day, (although unfortunately not the same 6 of course!) This also has the effect of keeping my clerk even busier! I am currently seeking a further gang of 10 part-time labourers, 4 full-time labourers for lock gates, 2 supervisors (preferably with a bricklayer /mason background) and a deputy supervisor ganger. We have now been in operation 4 months and have removed upwards of 4,000 tons of spoil from the canal and locks. We have completely cleared 4 pounds, dug out 3 cascaded locks and uncapped 1. During the summer months the emphasis has obviously been on muck-shifting, winter will slow down earthmoving operations substantially. 6 @NINE LINK) The general modus operandi is:- 1. Achieve access from pound to dredging site (by cutting the temporary roadway along the side of pound and placing the bridge across lock 40 access has been achieved from lock 42 downwards to dredging site). 2. Clear head of lock, repair byewash. Getting at the paddles sometimes allows the water to drain through the filled locks and empty the pound above (together with a little help from pumps). lt has been necessary to break down the concrete weir wall in some cases as the head paddle recesses have been concreted in. 3. Dig out the pound either by hand, making an access road into it or reaching as far as possible from the banks. I have now on site a Priestman excavator, this was essential in being able to bring up the 2-3 ton copings knocked into the bottom of the cascaded locks and I have continued to use it on pound Even this machine, however, requires a gang of men on the opposite side to it digging the 3 or more feet of silt towards the machine. Being up to the thighs in silt has doubtlessly led to my quite high labourforce turnover but it would have been even higher if I had persisted with hand dig! When the excavator has dealt with the majority of the stone and fill in the cascaded locks, about 3 feet of silt remains to be dug by hand. During the winter, work will commence on rebuilding the lock walls and quoins. Scaffolding wi 11 be erected forth is purpose in lock 42 very shortly and I have purchased enough stone to complete this and lock 41. The walls will be gravity walls constructed in mass concrete using either masonry or brick as appropriate as a permanent front shutter. Using this form of front shutter will mean we will have to concrete in 750mm maximum lifts. The thickness ofthe gravity wall at its base attailgate position will generally be about 1.5m reducing to 1 m at the top of the wall. The quoins themselves cannot be totally rebuilt from rescued stone and I have made a shutter at Colne Valley to the shape required at lock 42. Unfortunately each quoin leans back and downstream by a different amount on each side of the same lock and the shape of the quoins themselves varies from lock to lock. This may necessitate a new shutter for each quoin. I hope to get a set of gates in at lock 39 in mid-november and follow fairly shortly afterwards with a set at lock 42. I shall be clearing summit pound by means of a dredger to be loaned by British Waterways Board in November. A great deal of public interest has been shown in the scheme as well as by both Councils. I obviously welcome this interest without which there would be no scheme but it must be remembered that this is a civil engineering site with all the usual consequent dangers. If you would like to visit the site please advise me so that an informative and safe visit may be arranged. I thank you for your co-operation and supportget your boats ready! fan Preston Restoration Scheme Project Engineer 7 Boats STAN has now been rescued from Slaithwaite and is safely moored at Marsden where an eye can be kept on her from the cottages. Her future is yet to be decided. BENJAMIN OUTRAM has been running regularly at weekends with volunteer members, and during the week by Harold Nield. The good summer has seen her off to a flying start but inevitably trade is starting to fall off as the autumn approaches. Harold has done a good publicity job and charter bookings are rolling in. So if you want an outing for your club, society, works, school or whatever book now while dates are still available. The installation of heating for the coming winter is under active consideration. We could not have done it during the summer without encroaching on valuable cruising time- just to forestall the inevitable question! Due to a fall-off of Saturday trade it has been decided to operate only on Sundays from the end of October. No.2. For new members this is a 'Day Boat' we were given; about 15' long by 6' wide and constructed in sheet steel. The original cabin has been removed and she is at present upside down at the cottages. The outside of the hull has been cleaned and painted. We require a member (or members) to take her over and build a cabin top and reburbish her. This is an ideal opportunity not to be missed by anyone wanting to do up a boat. She has a very fine line and would be an assettothe Society if done up. lt is a shame to let her lie idle due to the lack of a few hours of work a week. No.4. Now that the restoration of the Marsden/Siaithwaite length is under way consideration is being given to the provision of a trip boat, similar to 'Benji', on the east side. Any ideas, offers of help, or offer of a boat would be most welcome. John Maynard HCS Flag Day November 17th sees the second HCS Flag Day. lt is to take place in Huddersfield Town Centre and to make the day a success we need lots of volunteers to assist in collecting donations and giving out stickers. We also hope to have the HCS Sales Stand and Caravan in the town centre as well so there is bound to be plenty for all to do. Do you use any suitable tins or containers which could easily be converted to use as a donation box? Tins such as the powdered milk tins with the plastic tops etc. are ideal. If you do have any spare would you please contact one of the council members or anyone who regularly attends meetings as we will need as many donation tins/boxes as possible. If you are planning a visit to Tunnel End Cottages take them with you and leave them with the assistant behind our sales counter. Dave lrving 8 (PENNINE-LINK) CHRISTMAS CEILIDH. DANCE ~~. ~...-eo~, featuring THE ROSE TREE CEILIDH BAND & PIE AND PEA SUPPER on SATURDAY 15th DECEMBER 8pm AT THE FRIEZLAND HALL, WELL-I-HOLE, GREENFIELD Tickets 2.50 inclusive from JEAN HINDLEY ( ) or JEAN BUCKLEY ( ) 9 IIBenjamin Outramll First Report on Weekday Operation With the first two months of operating weekday cruising on Benjamin Outram behind us we now look forward with a high degree of optimism to changing patterns of trade. The abundant summer casual tourist trade is sadly finished and, with the return of children to school and holiday-makers back to workbench and office, we found ourselves waiting w
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