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X A V I E R C O L L E G E A JESUIT SCHOOL Senior Campus... newsletter Phone: Fax: Number 18 8 November 2012 FROM THE RECTOR Dear Parents and Guardians, For my reflection this fortnight
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X A V I E R C O L L E G E A JESUIT SCHOOL Senior Campus... newsletter Phone: Fax: Number 18 8 November 2012 FROM THE RECTOR Dear Parents and Guardians, For my reflection this fortnight I offer you the homily I preached at our Year 12 Valete Mass on Thursday 25 October. On Wednesday 27 June this year, Fr Peter Steele SJ, one of the giants of the Australian Jesuits and one of Australia s leading poets, died after a sixyear battle with liver cancer. Peter spent most of his priestly life working at the University of Melbourne where he had a Personal Chair in English. Even though he never worked at Xavier, his influence on our College has been significant as he penned the words to our College Anthem, Sursum Corda, the very words we will conclude our Eucharist with this evening. These inspiring words remain as one of Peter s gifts to our community and every time we sing Sursum Corda, I remember Peter with much fondness. In recent years, as Peter battled cancer, he spent many weekends with us in the Jesuit Community resting and recuperating from the various treatments he endured. Often on a Saturday I would return to the house for a quick bite to eat in between watching different sports and Peter would either be cooking in the kitchen or reading or writing in the lounge room, and he was always interested in what was happening in the College and how our Year 12s were travelling. He would ask me what texts you were studying in English and Literature or who were the authors we were focusing on in our European Literature Tour earlier this year. He was pleased to know that James Joyce, who had been educated at Belvedere College, one of the Jesuit schools in Dublin, was our first stop. For me, Peter was a man of extraordinary faith and great depth. He was a man of great compassion, kindness and friendship calling nearly everyone mate. He embodied the pursuit of excellence with a passionate zest for life. These are also the qualities that I have enjoyed watching grow and develop within our graduating Class of There is much that could be said about each of you individually and as a group and we, as a community, gather tonight to give thanks to God for the ways in which you have developed as young men and in the process have strengthened the Xavier Community. We also gather to give thanks for the gift of your parents, your first and lasting educators in life, and for the teachers who have assisted them in helping each of you strive for the magis, strive for lasting depth, developing your God-given talents to the best of your ability. Together your parents and your teachers have helped you find the traces of God active in your lives, navigating the shadowed world in which we live, the world that God continues to love in all of its complexity. As a year level you are held in high esteem throughout the College, and there is a deep and lasting affection for you. There are many reasons for this but I would like to suggest the principle one has been your capacity for friendship and passion for life. As we heard in our first reading from the Book of Sirach (Sir 6:14-17), whoever finds a faithful friend has indeed found a treasure; as a faithful friend is something beyond price, there is no measuring their worth. The way in which you and your parents and (Continued on page 2) COMING EVENTS FRIDAY 9 NOVEMBER Year 11 Examinations Commence XCMA Volunteers Morning Tea (Dalton Room) 10:00am - 12:30pm YEP Years 9 to 12 themed night (Hawthorn Parish Centre) 7:30pm - 10:00pm SUNDAY 11 NOVEMBER 32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Remembrance Mass (Chapel / EHPAC) 10:00am MONDAY 12 NOVEMBER VCE Examinations continue TUESDAY 13 NOVEMBER FEAST OF ST STANISLAUS KOSTKA SJ WEDNESDAY 14 NOVEMBER FEAST OF ST JOSEPH PIGNATELLI SJ OXA Past Presidents Lunch (Dalton Room) 12:30pm - 2:00pm THURSDAY 15 NOVEMBER Final day of Year 10 Classes FRIDAY 16 NOVEMBER FEAST OF ST ROCH GONZALEZ SJ & COMPANIONS Last day of Year 11 Examinations Year 10 Examinations commence Kostka Hall Open Morning 9:00am SATURDAY 17 NOVEMBER New Families Information Morning (EHPAC / Dalton Room / Great Hall) 8:30am - 3:30pm SUNDAY 18 NOVEMBER 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time MONDAY 19 NOVEMBER VCE Examinations continue Year 10 Examinations continue Mathematic Supplementary Program for Year 11 students TUESDAY 20 NOVEMBER Mathematics Supplementary Program for Year 11 students XJSN Meeting (Boardroom) 7:00pm - 9:00pm A comprehensive list of College events is available all year via the online calendar on the Xavier Community Portal. Xavier Web Site: Jesuit Web Site: FROM THE RECTOR CONT. teachers have supported and befriended each other has enabled each of you to grow into the mystery of each of your lives. You have undoubtedly strengthened our College and I would like to thank God and each of you and your parents for the blessing you have been to our College. As the Class of 2012 you have lived out the College theme which we heard in tonight s Gospel of I am the Vine, You are the branches (John 15:1-5). You have drawn life from Jesus, the life-giving vine. As I said at the end of Term 3, I commend you for the spiritual leadership you have shown in the College and your efforts to develop one of the first gifts your parents gave you, the gift of your baptism. You have wrestled with the intersection of faith and reason in different classes and the Newman Society, you have engaged wholeheartedly with the retreat and service programs of the Centre for Faith and Service. It is my prayer tonight that you continue to be open to searching for God and engaging with your faith because we, as the Church, need people like you now more than ever to provide courageous leadership within our struggling communities. May you be the branches that will bear much fruit, helping to rebuild our Church in the decades to come. As you depart this beautiful War Memorial Chapel tonight as a graduate of the College may you be blessed with a lasting boldness and an ongoing thirst to do and give. May your lives continue to be faith filled, be noted for excellence and depth and an ongoing courageous passion for life that is underpinned by a desire to serve God and others. Wishing you all every blessing Fr Thomas Renshaw SJ Rector FROM THE PRINCIPAL Dear Parents and Guardians The last two weeks have seen the Year 12 students graduate with great dignity and begin their VCE examinations. Our Year 10s have been away on their Outdoor Education Camps. The students at Burke Hall have their Art Show this week and next week at Kostka Hall we celebrate 75 years of Jesuit education in Brighton. The timetabling for 2013 across the three campuses is almost complete and class lists are approaching conclusion. The teaching and pastoral staff are now preparing for the final reports. The bustle of a school community brings the challenge of perspective. Some may feel there is too much emphasis on sport to the detriment of the academic, others may feel aggrieved that the arts are not held in higher regard and for others more encouragement of Ignatian Service needs to be a priority. At Xavier, we aim to educate and form the whole person. For this lofty ideal to become reality we need to balance the choices. For over 460 years, Jesuit schools have been audacious in wanting their students not just to achieve but to be more. Former Xavier Headmaster, Christopher Gleeson SJ, obviously also frequently reflected on this and I think his words are worth repeating as we prepare to receive our children s reports: One of the low points for parents and teachers trying to help young people to develop a balanced attitude to success and failure was surely the slogan in vogue during the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games: Silver medals are for losers! Such a win at all costs attitude is addictive and is alien to those parents and teachers who have the best interests of their children at heart. Success is not a gospel value, a wise Jesuit spiritual director once reminded me. We should be constantly at pains to help young people see that winning and losing are just different points in a long process of preparation, team discipline, perseverance and sportsmanship. Success lies in the quality of one s striving and not necessarily in the capturing of any trophies. Sadly, our winners are grinners culture would want us to see it differently. On a slightly different track, I can remember the great Australian Rugby Captain, Nick Farr-Jones, commenting once that when he first began playing with the Wallabies, they did not win many matches. The reason, he said, was that the team focused on the scoreboard and not on the process. In other words, they were preoccupied with their and their opponent s score lines, and had lost sight of the ingredients of their play (Continued on page 3) Page 2 FROM THE PRINCIPAL CONT. that might achieve and even improve on those scores. Those people with a bottom line or scoreboard mentality will always have a narrow and distorted view of success. Ironically, in neglecting the process they will also be deprived of much success too. School communities are constantly walking a tightrope in this difficult area of success. Xavier College Historian and former teacher, Professor Greg Dening terms this a never-to-be-resolved contradiction, for schools are inevitably compromised by the need to ensure they are successful in giving their students wellhoned professional and technical skills for their future careers. This is the success which many students and parents expect. On the other hand, what our students need and deserve includes, but transcends, this worldly success based on marketable skills. The real measure of success in our schools lies in who our students become. Blessings and peace for the coming week. Dr Chris Hayes Principal Early Finish for Years 9 and 10 Classes on Monday 12 November 2012 Classes for Years 9 and 10 will finish at 3:00pm on Monday 12 November to enable teaching staff at the Senior Campus to undertake significant training in the new SEQTA program. Due consideration has been taken to avoid further disruption to the remaining classes for Term 4 and the examination period. Thank you, in anticipation, for your continued support for the professional development of our staff. DAILY MASS AT THE SENIOR CAMPUS You are most welcome to attend Mass at 8:15am in the Xavier College Chapel at the Senior Campus. It is celebrated each morning from Monday to Thursday during term time. Students, staff, parents and past parents of Xavier College are most welcome to attend. Page 3 XAVIER COLLEGE MOTHERS ASSOCIATION NEWS XCMA NEXT MEETING Monday 12 November at 7:30pm in the Dalton Room of the EHPAC. The AGM of the XCMA will be held in the Dalton Room of the EHPAC on Monday 12 November at 8:30pm. A Committee Position nomination form is available on the XCMA portal page. The XCMA is made up of mums who give of their time and considerable talents to the College. We would love to see some new faces willing to be year level reps next year. ALL MOTHERS OF BOYS AT THE SENIOR CAMPUS ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND AND TO JOIN THE COMMITTEE. Please direct all AGM enquiries to our secretary Elaina Chlebna on or THANK-YOU MORNING TEA FRIDAY 9 NOVEMBER IN THE DALTON ROOM OF THE EHPAC FROM 10:30AM If you have assisted at an XCMA event during 2012, please join us at the Thank-You morning tea. Without the assistance of the army of volunteers our events would not be a success. Please RSVP ASAP to Full details on the flyer in this newsletter. YEAR 9 PARENTS FUNCTION SATURDAY 17 NOVEMBER AT THE HOME OF JOHN & ANNE MACKINNON BYO food and drinks. RSVP to Jo Walker on Please see details on the flyer in this newsletter. OTHER DATES Year 12 Red & Black Ball Tuesday 4 December at Etihad Stadium Year 12 families are asked to make sure they have made their bookings for the students and parents by Friday 16 November. Kate Crock XCMA President Page 4 VCE NEWS At the time of writing VCE Unit 3 & 4 examinations have just begun. Over 30 VCE examinations will be conducted at the College during November. VCE results will be released via SMS, phone or internet on Monday 17 December. Results will arrive in the mail during the week commencing 17 December. Students need to pre-register to get their results via text message on the 17 December by texting the following information to Student number (digits only, no letter) Space PIN (four digits) I wish the 2012 Graduates all the best for their futures, Paul Angus VCE Co-ordinator FROM THE XAVIER SOCIAL JUSTICE NETWORK CHRISTMAS CARDS Please consider buying your Christmas cards and supporting the work of Jesuit Social Services. These beautiful cards, designed by a participant at their artful Dodgers Studio, are on sale at reception at Senior Campus, Burke Hall and Kostka Hall or order directly through Jesuit Social Services. See add for details in this edition. HOUSEHOLD ITEMS NEEDED FOR ASYLUM SEEKERS Jesuit Social Services is seeking donations of goods for asylum seekers living in community detention awaiting assessment of their visa applications. The Department of Immigration provides very limited material support for asylum seekers and many are living with little furniture or household items in bare unwelcoming houses. This is your chance to make a difference in their lives! You may have many things around your home which would make a world of difference to the thirteen almost empty houses in which these people are living. The wish list: Cushions many asylum seekers prefer eating on the floor seated on cushions. Picnic blankets i.e. with the idea that if people are sitting on the floor to eat, it s nice to have a floor-cloth like a table cloth. Anything for the kitchen including cutlery, crockery (i.e. there is one fork per person!) as long as it is in working order. Also anything that can be used as storage containers for leftovers. Pictures anything to hang on the walls to make houses more welcoming. Any furniture much of the furniture provided is broken. Radios great for passing the time. Books/magazines--any books, really books aimed at young adults that have non-traumatising story lines are good practice for people learning English. Old magazines are helpful for English. DVDs we have many clients who love watching the Simpsons! Board games things like chess, checkers, Ludo, etc. Gardening supplies many of the participants would love to set up vegie patches but can t afford the seeds or the soil etc. Even indoor or outdoor pot-plants. Larger items can be delivered directly to Jesuit Social Services at 1 Langridge Street Collingwood (Phone ). Smaller items can be dropped off at the XSJN office in the Property Office at Senior Campus Monday to Wednesday. Any queries ring Jo Dunin Warm regards Jo Dunin XSJN Co-ordinator Ph: Mob: Page 5 Scholarships for entry into Years 7, 9 and 11 in 2014 EXAMINATION DATE THURSDAY 14 FEBRUARY 2013 LOCATION SENIOR CAMPUS Scholarships will be offered for students entering Years 7, 9 and 11 in 2014 and, as the following details describe, are available in a number of different categories: Xavier College Academic and Excellence Scholarships (including Boarding) Xavier College Music Scholarships (including Boarding) Xavier College Foundation Scholarships: The Helen and Francis Murphy Memorial Scholarship The Loftus-Hills Family Scholarship Closing date for all applications: Friday 8 February 2013 Notification of Results: Not before 15 April 2013 Cost: $ For further information and registration please go to the Xavier website RECOMMENDED READS FROM THE BRENNAN RESOURCE CENTRE Welcome to Recommended Reads! The Xavier College Resource Centres promote a reading culture which supports and enriches reading for pleasure and develops an appreciation of literature. TITLE: March Violets [Berlin Noir] AUTHOR: Phillip Kerr PUBLISHER: Penguin, 1992 March Violets is one of three novels featuring German private eye Bernhard Gunther. March Violets, along with The Pale Criminal and A German Requiem, is found in a collected volume titled Berlin Noir. In March Violets, we are introduced to private eye Bernhard Gunther, who solves a case of theft, murder and corruption among the Nazi elite and their new supporters the March Violets in 1936 Berlin. March Violets (Marzveilchen) was a name given to those who joined the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers Party) after the Reichstag elections of March 1933 for opportunistic reasons. When the daughter and son-in-law of rich industrialist Hermann Six are found shot dead and their house and safe ransacked, Bernhard Gunther is engaged by Six to find the culprits and a missing Cartier diamond necklace stolen from the safe. Gunther soon gets caught up in an ever increasing web of corruption and criminal activity which goes right to the top of the Nazi Party, including Himmler and Goering. The novels are fantastic crime detective novels in the tradition of Phillip Marlowe. They keep the reader guessing as to where the story is leading them and have a witty and, at times, humorous undertone. The setting of the novels in prewar Berlin only adds to their unique character. Excellent crime novels which will keep you guessing to the end. Mr Thornton Rating: 4 out of 5 Reading level: Year 10 - Adult If you would like more information about popular titles read and recommended by staff and students, please contact Ian Thornton by or visit the READING link on our website on the College Portal under Senior Campus, Services, Brennan Resource Centre Page 6 2012 CREATIVE ARTS EXHIBITION On Tuesday 16 October the Arts Faculty opened our annual Creative Arts Exhibition, showcasing the very best artwork that our students have produced this year. Each year we marvel at the work on show and this year s exhibition was no exception. The entire Faculty is immensely proud of the standard of art and design on display and we congratulate all boys on striving for their creative Magis As we do each year, awards were presented to boys who have displayed outstanding technique, ability and passion in their artworks. A number of boys were recognized for their artistic endeavor in each subject area, but the following boys were awarded the overall prizes of the night: The Michael Buxton Prize for Drawing was awarded to Lawrence Wong in Year 9, The FOXA Award went to George Date in Year 10 and The Eldon Hogan Prize went to Finn Astle in Year 11. The inaugural Art Acquisition Prize, worth $500, went to Blake Borcich in Year 12 for his outstanding film, Resistance. Curating an exhibition is a group effort and it was made possible by the hard work of all teaching and support staff within the Faculty, as well as our wonderful Arts Leaders Joshua Burke (Captain) Sam Paglia and Dan Fabris. It was a great night and I look forward to what the 2013 exhibition might bring. Melinda Roberts Faculty Head of The Arts NOTICEBOARD UNIFORM SHOP Next open days: Saturday 17 November Please refer to Portal Wednesday 28 November 10:30am 12:30pm (Transition Day) Venue: Tennis Centre Portal: Services, Uniforms, Senior Campus Uniform Shop. Enquiries: Maria Prior ( ) Elaina Chlebna ( ) TUCKSHOP SPECIALS Thurs 8 Beef Lasagne Fri 9 Fillets of Fish, Lemon Wedges and Tartare Sauce Mon 12 Chicken Pasta Bake Tues 13 Quiche served with Warm Potato Salad Wed 14 Vegetarian Pasta Thurs 15 Crispy Chicken Drumsticks with Savoury Rice Fri 16 Stir fry Black Bean Chicken and Vegetables Mon 19 Chicken and Vegetable Noodles Tues 20 Mexican Nachos Wed 21 Chicken Souvlaki Salad and Tzatziki Sauce FRIDAY NIGHT YOUTH GATHERING FRIDAY 9 NOVEMBER Time: 7:30pm 10:00pm Venue: Hawthorn Parish Centre, 345 Burwood Road, Hawthorn. These regular youth nights are run for students in Years Each has a different theme and involves fun and games while also being the chance to discuss some of the bigger issues in life. All welcome. SECOND HAND BOOK SALE The second hand book sale will be on 28 November. The dates books will be collected from Years 9 to 11 students will be published as soon
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