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The Bullsheet. The Texas DX Society, Houston TX

The Official News Bulletin of The Texas DX Society An ARRL Affiliated Club The Texas DX Society, Houston TX July 2019 Rev 1 The TDXS July Dinner Meeting will be held this month on Wednesday,
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The Official News Bulletin of The Texas DX Society An ARRL Affiliated Club The Texas DX Society, Houston TX July 2019 Rev 1 The TDXS July Dinner Meeting will be held this month on Wednesday, July 17th 6:30pm at Rudi Lechner s, 2503 S. Gessner Road, Houston, TX It will be a buffet. The food is great at Rudi Lechner s so don t miss it! Editor s Note by Allen Brier N5XZ Well, the TDXS/ BVARC/KARS/Echo Field Day for 2019 is history! It was an astounding success, due to the diligent efforts of many volunteers for all clubs! As always, there were a few hiccups, especially at the starting gate, but they are getting less and less each year and we perfect or game. I want to thank all those who helped with antennas, radios, food, operations, setup, teardown, and logistics. There are too many to thank individually (besides, I would probably forget someone and I don t want anyone mad at me!) but you know who you are. Final QSO count is 3878 with a preliminary score of 13,772. We are still waiting for bonus points to be finalized but it appears to be 2,050 making our preliminary final score: 15,822!! Looking at 3530scores.com, this would be the highest score currently reported!! I have a feeling that we will find our way back into the top ten of all club scores again this year! Please see the Field Day statistics provided by Jeff KG5LRP starting on page 10. We could not have done this without the dedication and help of all those involved and all clubs involved. Hopefully, we can keep this partnership going on for many years to come! Don t forget the IARU contest this weekend! It is one of my favorite contests, as a matter of fact, I have made top ten in the US several times with my relatively modest station (when you compare it to many of the top single op stations). It is with regret that I report the death of another TDXSer, Leon Pringle W5NA. I don t remember ever meeting Leon, but being a member of TDXS means he was part of the team. 73 for now, Allen N5XZ Inside this issue: The Prez Sez by Robie AJ4F 2 TDXS Meeting Minutes by Doug WB5TKI DX Chairman s Report by Orville Burg K5VWW Contest Chairman s Report by Jim Burrough N5DTT Where in the World is By Ron Litt K5HM Field Day Statistics by Jeff McMillian KG5LRP Leon Pringle W5NA SK TDXS Board Members 13 TDXS Birthdays 13 FIELD DAY PRELIMINARY SCORE: QSO s: 3878 BONUS POINTS: 2050 ====== TOTAL POINTS: 15,822 Page 2 The Prez Sez by Robie, AJ4F The Prez Sez July 2019 Field day is over and from the feedback I have received, it went well. Hopefully, someone took some good photos and will pass them along to Al N5XZ for the Bullsheet. We need good input for our newsletter and welcome articles from members. Articles in the June edition by Curt WG5H, & Nizar K0NM were a welcome addition. I did not have the opportunity to attend Dayton and the article helped me participate in one of the nation s largest ham radio events. Each of us has a unique perspective and sharing it is what makes club activities fun. Writing an article takes a bit of time, but it forces you to think through what you want to say and that adds significantly to clarity of your position. Please look at your activities and choose one or more that you feel other members would be interested in and give writing a try. I believe you will be surprised at how well it turns out! The Texas QSO Party is coming up on 9/ This is our first year as sponsors and we need to start talking up the TQP! Please bring up the subject on local nets, hamfests and other gathering of hams. Advertising, especially with the change in dates this year, is critical to a high level of participation. Do any of you plan to be mobile during the contest? Perhaps to a rare county? Operating mobile or portable and be a lot of fun and planning is the key to making a successful outing happen. Because of my schedule I was not available to participate in Field Day this year. I was traveling and decided to do some portable operating during the week following Field Day. I took my K2 and a 20 Meter dipole along and set up operation in grid square EM56 at Paris Landing State Park in central Tennessee. My goal was to work 10 countries using less than 10 watts and my slingshot helped get the antenna into an advantageous position, high in a hickory tree. Conditions were not the best (as you know) and I managed to work 7 countries with my best DX being R8 in Asiatic Russia. This trip I did not take the equipment to operate FT8 and all my contacts were using CW. Low power operation is challenging, and I get a sense of accomplishment when I put each DX station in the log. Conditions are tough these days with low solar activity. However, that does not mean there is no DX. Using FT8 is a great way to improve your chances of working a new one. In the evenings between 0100 and 0300 UTC there are numerous DX stations on I routinely decode BH, VUs, a variety of central Asians, Europeans and even an AP. Take time to listen and you will be surprised at what you will decode. 40 Meters is good in the period between 0900 and 1100 UTC. I routinely work JA, YB, VK, FK and a variety of other DX stations during this period. There is also some CW activity during these periods. CW activity is significantly less than in years gone by. I attribute this to the popularity of FT8 and a smaller number of CW capable hams. I encourage you to listen and see what you can work! 73, Robie AJ4F Page 3 TDXS Meeting Minutes by Doug Seyler WB5TKI Date: June 21-23, 2019 Location: Duhacsek Park, Sugar Land, TX TDXS June 2019 Meeting Minutes Field Day! June brought the annual Big Event, ARRL Field Day. Once again, we joined with members of BVARC, KARS and ECHO to put on a major effort. Class 10A Contacts 3,878 Points (pre-bonus) 13,772 Attendance: Friday Saturday Sunday BVARC TDXS KARS ECHO EMROG OFARC Guests Total Highlights included individually ordered and personally delivered meals, plenty of air conditioning, and Fort Bend County Sheriff Nehls literally helicoptering into the Field Day site! Bonus points are still being tallied, so a more complete report on Field Day will be in next month s Bullsheet. If you missed Field Day this year, you missed a great time. 73, Submitted July 10, 2019 Doug Seyler WB5TKI TDXS Secretary Page 4 DX Report by Orville Burg K5VWW Several stations are ending their activity about July 6, but several will be just starting in that time frame. Tuvalu T2AR will be active until July 5th on all bands 160M-6M. 3D2AG and KK7L are very active on CW. Even though they are closer to the West Coast of the U.S., qso s are being made as far east as W4 on 160M. Look for XW4XR in Laos on 40M and up through July 7th. Operation will be by 3W3B, mainly on FT8. JW7QIA from Spitsbergen will be activated by LA7QIA on 6M through July 7th. H44MS will be active from Malaita Island in the Solomon Islands from July 6th until July 20th. 80M through possibly 6M, SSB only. OJØA from Market Reef will be activated by 6 Finnish operators from July 6th to July10th on all bands from 160M through 6M on CW, SSB, andft8. E44WE will be active from Palestine for a month, July 6th until August 3rd. SP9FIH plans on operating 80M-6M on FT8, SSB and RTTY. Several stations will be active during the IARU Contest, July 13-14th. 9M6NA East Malaysia HF + 6M. MD/WJ2O Isle of Man Mixed Mode P44W Aruba mainly CW OHØC Aland Island OJØC Market Reef VP9HQ Bermuda E2HQ Thailand SNØHQ Poland TMØHQ - France The IARU Headquarters Station, W1AW, will be operated as W1AW/7 from W7RN as a multi-multi. Two TDXS members, K5RC and K5VWW, will be operating this station during the contest with others. We would appreciate your QSOs. Please continue to monitor the main page of the TDXS Web Site, for updates to activity on the bands. Good DX, Orville, K5VWW Page 5 Contest Chairman Report by Jim Burrough N5DTT Hello again. As usual, we will start off with a review of the planned contests for the coming month. Unlike June, there are a lot of contests this month. July 1 RAC Canada Day Contest Spirit of 76 QSO Party 7 Marconi Memorial HF Contest IARU World Championships CQ WW VHF Contest NAQP-RTTY RSGB IOTA Contest Field Day 2019 is history and I would say it was a rousing success. Members of four clubs, BVARC, TDXS, KARS and ECHO mustered at the Duhacsek Park in Sugar Land on Friday to begin setup. Even though it was hot and humid, the antenna parts were turned into a well-planned antenna farm. There was a lot of hard work under some extreme hot weather conditions, but the job got done and everyone pitched in to finish the bulk of the work in plenty of time before the start of the event. There is always a burst of activity right at the 1:00 PM beginning of the event. Unlike last year, in my case, 15 meters was open enough to make some contacts. After things slowed down a little, while I called CQ, I watched the screen displaying the real-time KK5W contacts as they were recorded. I was amazed at the number of contacts being made. The screen looked like it was scrolling. I knew it would be a great weekend. Throughout the 24-hour Field Day event, there were several experienced operators who mentored new operators or contesters in some of the finer details of the contesting process. There is no more efficient and effective way of learning something new than the one-to-one exchange between an expert contester and an operator wanting to gain more skills. At the beginning of this report, mention was made of the NAQP RTTY Contest on July 20. Though this contest partially conflicts with the CQ WW VHF Contest, I am sure we can muster a team or two for this NAQP contest. As has been reported before, the NAQP Contests are 12-hour events with a power limitation of 100 watts. These contests are a perfect venue for new contester as they are pretty low-key and friendly to new operators. Since registration for the teams starts a week before the contest, please expect a message from me to the membership asking for team members. My usual routine is to form the teams based on previous participation in NAQP and member scores. The goal is to form a team with members who had the best average scores over the previous iterations of the contest. That way, TDXS will have at least one team that ranks higher in the Team Standings. Others volunteering to join our NAQP team will be placed on teams and their scores recorded for placement in future NAQP contests. The Phone and CW NAQP Contests come up in August. The NAQP-CW is August 3 and the NAQP-Phone is August 17. TDXS has had some impressive scores in past NAQP contests especially in the NAQP-CW. I look forward to forming our teams and hope you will consider participating. Page 6 Contest Chairman Report by Jim Burrough N5DTT ARRL June VHF Contest Single Op HP Call SO2R Remote QSOs Mults Op Time Score Club W5PR x ,692 TDXS Single Op LP Call SO2R Remote QSOs Mults Op Time Score Club AJ4F ,562 TDXS N5DTT TDXS The pickings were slim in June since there was only one major contest where TDXS results were reported to the 3830scores website. July should be a lot better. Until next month Jim, N5DTT Page 7 Where in the World Is...by Ron Litt K5HM Mysterious Easter Island. Think giant statues built by native peoples. They were immigrants from Polynesia, who first arrived by canoe somewhere around That s 1200 AD, not time for lunch. The natives named their island Rapa Nui (Great Rapa) or alternatively Navel of the World, which can also be translated as the end of the land. It was named Easter Island by the first European who landed on the island on Easter Sunday in The island was claimed by Chile in 1888 and the inhabitants were subsequently given Chilean citizenship. The statues, called MOAI were sculpted from hardened volcanic ash, which is not very durable. Some MOAI are over 80 feet tall. So far, nearly 900 statues have been discovered. Some MOAI face the ocean and islanders differ as to how they got there. One island tradition says they walked there. Others, suggesting the people may have used a series of ropes and log rollers. Some widely publicized experts at one time suggested extraterrestrial beings were somehow involved. For unknown reasons, a coup by native military leaders called matatoa had brought a new cult based around a previously unexceptional God Make-make. In the cult of the birdman, a competition was established in which every year a representative of each clan, chosen by the leaders, would swim across sharkinfested waters to Motu Nui, a nearby islet, to search for the season's first egg laid by a manutara. The first swimmer to return with an egg and successfully climb back up the cliff to Orongo ( a village on the tip of the island), would be named Birdman of the year and secure control over distribution of the island's resources for his clan for the year. The tradition was still in existence at the time of first contact by Europeans but was suppressed by Christian missionaries in the 1860s. Easter Island is one of the world's most isolated inhabited islands. It is Easter Island is located more than 2200 miles west of the Chilean coast. It is closer to Antarctica. Its closest inhabited neighbor is the Juan Fernandez Islands, 1,150 miles to the east. The climate is subtropical. The warmest months are January through March, when the average temperature is 73 F, and the coolest months are June through August, when the average temperature is 64 F. Average annual precipitation is about 49 inches. Page 8 Where in the World Is...by Ron Litt K5HM Easter Island boasts no natural harbor, but ships can anchor off Hanga Roa on the west coast; it is the island s largest village, with a population of roughly 3,300. In 1995, UNESCO named Easter Island a World Heritage site. It is now home to a mixed population, mostly of Polynesian ancestry and made up of the descendants of the Long-Ears and Short-Ears. Spanish is generally spoken, and the island has developed an economy largely based on tourism. Numerous DXpeditions, large and small have made their way to Easter Island to activate CE0. Almost forty are listed in QRZ. According to the ClubLog DXCC Most Wanted list, Easter stands at No. 103 slot out of 340. Reporting from the Dark Side, Ron Litt, K5HM Standby for Next Month s Monster Article! Where in the World is.. Duhacsek Park? Page 9 Field Day statistics courtesy of Jeff McMillian KG5LRP: Page 10 Some Field Day statistics courtesy of Jeff McMillian KG5LRP: Page 11 Some Field Day statistics courtesy of Jeff McMillian KG5LRP: Page 12 Leon Pringle W5NA (ex W5ZR, W5RMC, K4MAY, W5NWB) TDXS #15 SK Joseph Leon Pringle, Jr W5NA May 6, 1932 July 8, 2019 Obituary: Joseph Leon Pringle, Jr. Satsuma, AL - Joseph Leon Pringle Jr., age 87, of Satsuma, Alabama passed away on Monday, July 8, Leon was born May 7, 1932 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi to Birdie Mae Essary Pringle and Joseph Leon Pringle. Leon was a veteran of the United States Navy and a dual member of Chickasaw United Methodist Church and Parkway Heights United Methodist Church. He was a NASA Flight Controller with Mission Control for some time. Leon was involved in the Gemini, Apollo, and Skylab Missions. He served as an engineer for Ford Motor Company, Wayne Electric, and Comcast Cable. Leon was very active in his church as well as the United Way, Boy Scouts, and Amateur Radio Association. Leon is survived by his daughter, Cyndee (Doug) Gangawere; granddaughters, Karla (David) Constantine and Kristen (Blake) Griffin; great-grandchildren, Reagan, Alexander, Madison, and Abigail; and nephew, David (Linell) Pringle. Leon was preceded in death by his wife, Audrey Smith Pringle; son, Joseph Bud Leon Pringle, III; father, Joseph Leon Pringle; mother, Birdie Mae Essary Pringle; and brother, Delano Lawson Pringle. A visitation for Leon will be held Thursday, July 11, 2019 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Radney Funeral Home, 1200 Industrial Pkwy, Saraland, Alabama A celebration of life will occur Friday at 10:00 a.m. at Chickasaw United Methodist Church, 108 Lee St, Chickasaw, Alabama Visitation will occur Saturday, July 13, 2019 at Moore Funeral Home, Hattiesburg, Mississippi followed by interment. Serving as pallbearers are Glen Lowrey, Randy Carter, David Constantine, Griffin Blake, James Currie, Wayne Miller. Honorary pallbearers are Glen Jacobs, Dr. Kirk Franklin and Fred Haise. In lieu of flowers, contributions Chickasaw United Methodist Alabama 36611, in Leon's memory may be made to Church, 108 Lee St, Chickasaw, Page 13 Texas DX Society Board members President Robie Elms, AJ4F ruler55 at gmail.com VP Membership Gerald Muller VP Programs Pat Cameron KJ5Y Secretary Doug Seyler, WB5TKI djseyler at comcast.net Treasurer Larry Daze KB5WWW Contest Chairman Jim Burrough, N5DTT jandpburrough at sbcglobal.net Field Day Chairmen Doug Seyler, WB5TKI djseyler at comcast.net Repeater Chairman Glenn Anderson, WB5TUF wb5tuf at arrl.net DX Chairman Orville Burg, K5VWW Orville at rubyglass.com Outgoing QSL Manager Scott Patout, K5DD k5dd at arrl.net Webmaster Scott Patout, K5DD k5dd at arrl.net Bullsheet Editor Allen Brier, N5XZ n5xz at arrl.net DXCC QSL Card Checker Bob Walworth, N5ET rwalworth at charter.net CQ WAZ Card Checker Bob Walworth, N5ET rwalworth at charter.net How to reach US On the World Wide Web address: On 2 Meters: /36 MHz (100 Hz) On 70cm: / MHz (103.5 Hz) DX Cluster On Packet: Connect to K5DX on MHz or telnet via IP address Facebook: (new) TDXS says HAPPY BIRTHDAY to these members with birthdays in July: Please notify the Editor if I have missed anyone or of any updates: Dennis Alexander - W5KU Mike Davidson - N5MT Bill Price - KZ5DP Walter Schroeder - K5WS Richard Neal - WB5LVL Ron Marosko, Jr. - NN5DX Wayne Rogers - W5KDJ Stan Polak K5STZ John Firey W5ZG
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