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Tips to lose weight dieting Dos and Don'ts

Well many of us want to lose weight, to stay fit or to match the body trends. But one should always make sure that they are adapting healthy diets to stay healthy, “health is treasure” and it is unspoken fact.
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  • 1. SlimLadyTea.Com Tips to lose weight via Dieting (Do’s and don’ts of dieting) Well many of us want to lose weight, to stay fit or to match the body trends. But one should always make sure that they are adapting healthy diets to stay healthy, “health is treasure” and it is unspoken fact. An unhealthy body will face many problems, so before that we must all take attempts to lose some extra and unwanted weight and this will be done in no time, if and only if you follow a certain diet to see results in your body. Here in this article I will guide you with some special diets to be added regularly to lose weight and see positive results on your body. Complete control on your liquid’s you consume • Green tea/ Juices – one must start their day herbal and natural, so either switches to green tea or juices. Green tea consists of anti oxidants and ingredients that boosts your metabolism to lose weight faster, it is even helpful for diabetic and people who are suffering from high blood pressure, so one must surely go for this to help your body stay fit in longer run. Secondly switching to juices is also a best way to reduce weight as they consists of a lot of fiber and this helps your body to digest any other food easily, fiber is always good for body and you can switch your coffee with this and keep your body fit and fine. • One must drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water in a day, having so much of water keeps your body hydrated and makes sure that all the bad fats get flushed from your body time
  • 2. SlimLadyTea.Com to time, keeping your body clean, a dehydrated body absorbs fats faster and so one must have a balance in their regular diet and water intake. • Avoid soft drinks and alcohol – Everyone should avoid intakes of these drinks as they are going to add on to your fats in the body, they consists of a lot of calories which are about 800 calories and this is a lot, you can try to switch juices and fruit cocktails instead, this is a better way to lose weight. Eating Habits To Lose Weight 1. Avoid skipping meals – the only wrong way to lose weight is to skip meals one must avoid doing that and they should instead cut down their meals to only some extent, they can replace their heavy dinners with soups and salads, they can try to improvise their breakfast with fruits and juices, one should make sure they do not skips meals as this will only add to their weight, they may even face acidity problem and air might fill their body and in turn make them look fluffy, this even reduces the metabolism your body and this makes your body comparatively slow in using the calories to generate fuels for your body and this get accumulated in your body and turn out to be fats on your body. 2. Add protein to your diet – Protein helps a human body to lose weight, it boosts your metabolism rates and helps to cut down the calories, it is damn good for you to stay fit and healthy, so you have to make attempts to add food stuffs to your diet that has high amount of proteins, like meats, fish, eggs, lean beef and yogurt, these dishes contains about 40 percent of proteins which will be too good for your body, you can even switch to dairy products for your regular diet as they consist a lot of proteins and will even build calcium to your diet. you have to eat about 300grams of proteins every day to lose weight and stay fit, proteins is the king of nutrients and works the best for the body. • Add veggies – vegetables are fibrous and good for digestive system too, they get digested easily and you even stay fit as they have a lot of nutrients and are good for the body. Veggies like broccoli and spinach, the green vegetables. According to experts broccoli
  • 3. SlimLadyTea.Com consists of a lot of quantity of vitamin c and this helps to lower the level of cholesterol in your body and it also contains sulforaphane which helps the body to fight against the fat storages, on the second hand spinach consists a lot of protein,” a favorite of popeye indeed!” it is very rich in thykaloids and that helps a person to control their cravings and hunger a lot so you tend to lose weight faster. Walking Although walking is not a part of a diet but it does plays a major role in digesting your diet, one must make attempts to walk for at least 15 to 20 minutes after their dinner as this helps the body to easily digest your body, walking is a physical activity and one must keep themselves moving for smooth functioning of their body, and one can any day spend their 15 to 20 minutes of day to stay fit and healthy. Dieting alone cannot be very effective if you do not indulge into some amount of physical activity, other than that one must follow the above mentioned tips and see results on them in no time, you have to not skip any meal but just replace it with proper alternatives and fulfill all your body requirements from time to time. So these were the do’s and don’ts one must follow while they are making attempts to reduce weight via dieting, you will see positive changes on your body, only if you are consistent and regular with your diets, however once in a while you can have cheat days and follow your heart, but majority time you have to follow the diet and stick to it if you want to maintain your health and stay committed to it, do not over do your dieting, have a proper balance of it, do not skips your meals just replace them and see positive changes in you in no time.
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