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TOWN OF GREATER NAPANEE MUNICIPAL ARTS & CULTURE ADVISORY COMMITTEE A G E N D A FEBRUARY 17, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. Town Hall (Upstairs) Committee Room 124 John St., Napanee Page 1. CALL TO ORDER 2. ADOPTION
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TOWN OF GREATER NAPANEE MUNICIPAL ARTS & CULTURE ADVISORY COMMITTEE A G E N D A FEBRUARY 17, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. Town Hall (Upstairs) Committee Room 124 John St., Napanee Page 1. CALL TO ORDER 2. ADOPTION OF AGENDA 3. ADOPTION OF MINUTES Municipal Arts & Culture Advisory Committee - Tuesday January 20, GUESTS 4.1 Terry Benn 5. ITEMS FOR DISCUSSION 5.1 Contact Chart - Amendments to living document Guide to Community Services Page On-Line Presence Nathan Amey - Concert Update 6. SUBCOMMITTEE UPDATES Arts & Culture Awards 6.2 Culture Days Festival & Events Marketing & Communications Venue Inventory 6.6 Arts & Culture Awards 7. NEW BUSINESS 7.1 Cliff Trott - Concert Information Nathan Amey - Report to Cultural Committee Health & Safety and Accessibility Training 8. NEXT MEETING 9. ADJOURNMENT Page 1 of 25 MUNICIPAL ARTS & CULTURE ADVISORY COMMITTEE - February 17, 2015 Agenda Page 9.1 adjourn Page 2 of 25 TOWN OF GREATER NAPANEE MUNICIPAL ARTS & CULTURE ADVISORY COMMITTEE Minutes of Meeting Held Tuesday, January 20 at 5:30 PM Ellena s Cafe, Downtown Napanee 16 Dundas Street East PRESENT: Jim Barber conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: James Timlin, General Manager of Community and Corporate Services, Lyndsay Tee, Linda Warner, Ellena Fleury, Paula Brooks, Marg Isbester, Kelly Schermerhorn, Darcy Maude, Charlie King, Wendy Oakley, Stephen Medd, Alida Nugent ABSENT: Tim Nimigan, Vice-Chair, Kelly Schnurr, Karen-Michelle Kimmett, Cliff Trott, Joan Hammond, JoAnne Himmelman, Janine Murray, Krysta Lee Woodcock, Donna McHale CALL TO ORDER Jim Barber called the meeting to order at 5:30pm. MINUTES MACAC Minutes December 9, 2014 Jim Barber asked for approval of the minutes for the meeting held on December 9, Kelly Schermerhorn motioned and Paula Brooks seconded the motion. COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATION That the minutes of the MACAC meeting dated December 9, 2014 be approved as presented. GUESTS Alida Nugent, CASA Art Adventure Arts Instructional School Alida informed the Committee that she is opening a for-profit Arts Instructional School located at 186 Adelphi Street. The house is currently being renovated and it is her hopes to be operational by March She has received support from the local PELA CFDC. Alida will offer a variety of art classes for all ages, from as young as 14 months old and beyond. Anyone with an interest in art is welcome to participate, no experience is necessary. The school will offer small classes focused around visual arts and will include drawing, painting, sculpting, multimedia, etc. She will teach the classes herself and bring in support when needed. There will be afterschool programming for youth with a direct bus stop and she will be welcoming resident artists a room to stay. Alida explained that she is willing to assist and support the Committee. She has offered her school as a Committee meeting location and would like to host the March Committee meeting pending renovation timelines. THE WORK PLAN PROCESS Arts & Culture Contact List: The committee reviewed and added to the Arts & Culture Contact List. Committee members are asked to send Lyndsay any updates. updates to: Municipal Arts & Culture Advisory Committee - Tuesday Januar... Page 3 of 25 1 Community Spring Guide: The Committee discussed what content should be included on their page in the 2015 Guide to Community Services Spring Edition. It was agreed that it should feature the group s mission statement, vision statement, list of subcommittees, goals, actions, and meeting information. Jim Barber offered to write the content while Paula Brooks offered to design. The two will develop a draft to be circulated through for approval from the Committee to meet the February 6 th deadline. Online Presence: Facebook/Twitter - Lyndsay Tee is to submit a report to Council seeking approval to create a Facebook page and Twitter account for the Municipal Arts and Culture Advisory Committee. It is recommended that Lyndsay be the administrator and the Committee offer support in helping to provide content for the page. In addition, it is suggested that the Facebook page and Twitter account be linked so posts are shared between portals. Website Lyndsay Tee will begin to piece together content for the Arts and Culture page on the Town s website. An will be sent out seeking brief Committee bios. In addition, the Committee would like to have a showcase section on the Town s website for people to showcase their photos, music, artwork etc. Guests: Jim Barber briefly explained his reasoning for potentially inviting the following guests to a meeting; Terry Benn would be beneficial in helping the Committee to identify popular genera s and what the youth are listening to. Quinte Symphony discuss possibilities of them coming and performing in Greater Napanee. Learn how we can build a connection. Marg Isbester suggested that the Committee have a little more planning done before welcoming a guest so that we have something to share with them. In addition, she suggested that it would be nice to have a performance for Council as a way to showcase positive committee progress. It was agreed that the Committee is open to show-and-tells but not show-and-pays at this time. Inviting guests would be for information gathering, sharing and learning as opposed to entertainment. Jim Barber will contact Terry Benn and invite to the February Committee meeting. Ellena Fleury will contact Belleville Symphony and invite to the March Committee meeting. If the Symphony is not available, Ellena will contact the Barstow s at Napanee District Secondary School. Marg Isbester will contact the local Theatre Guild about attending a meeting in the near future. Subcommittees: Each subcommittee provided as update. Marketing & Communications Paula shared the first draft of a brand/logo the Subcommittee has been working on for the Committee. It was suggested that the group develop one or two more concepts to present so that the Committee has a few options to discuss. Due to timing, the Committee was unable to spend adequate time fully Municipal Arts & Culture Advisory Committee - Tuesday Januar... Page 4 of 25 2 reviewing the draft. Paula will send a copy to Lyndsay Tee which Lyndsay will to the Committee for review. Venue Inventory The subcommittee has developed a draft list of locations they feel are appropriate venues for showcasing art. Jim Barber will send the list to Lyndsay Tee for circulation to the group between meetings for review. Arts & Culture Awards The subcommittee has been brainstorming various ideas. An update will be provided at the next meeting. Culture Days Kelly Schermerhorn informed the Committee that she has been in touch with an Ontario Culture Day s representative. The 2015 Guide will be available in March She explained that there is an Ontario Taskforce group that we can be part of. They offer webinars and seminars to gain information and to hear what other communities are offering. In addition, a representative is willing to come to a Committee meeting to discuss Culture Days in more detail with the group. Kelly will follow up and continue discussions. Festival & Events No update at this time. NEW BUSINESS NEXT MEETING The next meeting will be held Tuesday February 17, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. located at the Town Hall (124 John Street, Napanee) in the Council Chambers. ADJOURNMENT COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATION That the meeting adjourn at 6:52pm Municipal Arts & Culture Advisory Committee - Tuesday Januar... Page 5 of 25 3 Mission Statement: Creating the environment for limitless artistic expression enhancing our community through arts and culture. Celebrating Arts & Culture Vision Statement: The Greater Napanee Municipal Arts and Culture Advisory Committee is a comprehensive source of information, organization and inspiration for the local arts and cultural community. The committee s task is to promote arts and culture events within the community and to support and encourage the work of individual artists, artistic/cultural organizations, venues and arts/culture related programs, businesses and services. As a communications conduit, the committee can bring together groups and individuals to share information and resources, as well as to foster a spirit of collaboration, collective passion, accessibility and inclusivity. We are to create an environment that allows for unfettered creativity and expression, where all forms of artistry and cultural activity are welcome, regardless of age, cultural background, genre, media or level of experience. The committee is to be the point of contact between council and the arts community, creating a seamless, two-way interface to allow for constructive, co-operative and fruitful discussion and sharing of information. As part of an overall community and economic development strategy, the work that this committee does can help put the Town of Greater Napanee on the map as far as being a centre for arts, culture and heritage. This can help attract new visitors, new residents and new investment. Contact Jim Barber Chair Guide to Community Services Page Page 6 of 25 Contact Lyndsay Tee Economic Development Coordinator Town of Greater Napanee ext Staff Report to Council To: Mayor Schermerhorn and Members of Council Date: Monday, January 26, 2015 Prepared By: Presented By: Re: Lyndsay Tee, Economic Development Coordinator James Timlin, GM of Community & Corporate Services Community & Corporate Services Municipal Arts & Culture Facebook page/twitter account Staff Recommendation: That Council receive for information the Community & Corporate Services Municipal Arts & Culture Facebook page/twitter account report; And further that Council approve the proposed operations of a Municipal Arts & Culture Advisory Committee Facebook page and Twitter account. Financial Implications Upon review, there are no information financial implications. Accessibility Implications: This report may be available in alternate format upon request. Information Technology Implications Upon review, there are no information technology implications. Energy Management Implications Upon review, there are no energy management implications. Background Information To help increase awareness, we seek approval to create a separate Facebook page for the Municipal Arts & Culture Advisory Committee. The page will be operated by Town Staff with the Committee and public contributing to content. In addition, the group seeks approval in creating a separate Twitter account with feeds connecting to their Facebook page. On-Line Presence Page 7 of 25 Discussion The Municipal Arts & Culture Advisory Committee is working towards creating more awareness for arts and culture within Greater Napanee. To help in doing so, they are seeking permission to create an online presence for the group that will be used as a communication tool. On-Line Presence Page 8 of 25 H- rr,, - Report T. Cultural C.mmfttee Since the Committee last heard of the prospect of Small Scale Punk/Ska shows coming to town, here s what has transpired. After the meeting on December gth the Town was again approach regarding approximately 4 to 8 of the above described shows being hosted within the Greater Napanee. Under the New User Group Policy that the Town has adopted, there is a Section that states User Groups that are deemed Youth or Senior are eligible to be approved to use a Town Facility at the reduced rate of: $2.50 (per person charged at the door) be returned to the Town after the Event (as it was explained to me by James Timlin via ). Under this agreement it was stipulated that this was to be a Private Event (ie. A Nathan Amey Event supported by the Town, rather than a Town Event ). At this Event (put on under my Record Label: Bare Bones/Do-It-Yourself Records) admission will be $6.00 & will feature 5-6 bands. $2.50 of the per person admission will be returned to the Town the next business day after the Event. The remaining $3.50 per person will go to compensating gas money for the bands, starting with paying the Out-of-Province Bands (or the bands furthest travelled). If the show goes exceedingly well, the bands from Kingston & Belleville areas will be next in line to get paid....followed by the local bands. *It should be noted however that bands are not expected to profit from these shows. Most likely, there will only be enough to pay Out-of-Province Bands a Gas Contribution. After getting here, eating & figuring out where they will be staying...these bands will not be expected to be benefitting on a monetary level. Myself, I will not be profiting from the door either. Because the hall provided by the Town (South Fred Hall) is so far away from any amenities, I plan on selling pop & water. The profits from that will go to trying to treat the band to Pizza & Ontario Poutine at World Famous LA Pizzeria the day after the show (Sat). *Every Quebecer has told us that Chey Ashton s has the best Poutine in Quebec. I always Counter them by telling them how La Pizzeria bakes theirs like a Casserole! That Saturday, after the Friday Show in Napanee, I have linked & extended this show to one in Kingston at The Mansion on Princess St but before we go to Kingston, I plan on showin our guests the best this Community has to offer! As well, the nearer travelled bands (& our Local Acts) will play Kingston that night so they will also be invited to join the party & tour in Napanee beforehand! *1 plan on photographing these tours with planned shots at places like La Pizzeria as well as Marie s Place. An invitation to the Town to have a Representative appear in some of these shots will be made when all the details have been hammered out....but to get back to the Logistics! Promoters from Ontario & Quebec were then contacted to verify that these proposed Small-Scale Punk/Ska Shows were being done Nathan Amey - Concert Update Page 9 of 25 in a fashion & manner consistent with the Industry Standard. *One of these promoters is the Official Booker for Montreal s Pouuzafest....an Annual Festival in its 5th Year that features over 250 bands in over 20 Downtown Montreal Venues! Members of the Bare Bones Records Family will head up the responsibility of Security & other Details. The next morning, the Hall will be Left as it was Found! As mentioned, this Napanee show will then go to Kingston. At each of these shows, I plan of trying to link them to different Towns & Cities. This will not only get Napanee s name out there amongst the Musical Communities of Ontario & Quebec, it will also give Napanee s up & coming Punk & Ska Acts a chance to take their songs outside of Napanee by establishing their own connections. I m already working with 2 reputable promoters in Ottawa, who are joining forces to bring one of my bands to Ottawa for a well-planned show. One of these Promoters has been putting on shows since 1989 & has music connecting all throughout Canada & the U.S the other has been comin up quick & is the 3rd Promoter to state that their 1st show was a Sofa King Addicted Show! In any event, I have another Quebec Band Waiting in the Wings to play Ottawa & Napanee in April. As well, Halloween & Christmas themed shows are planned! This will fulfill my end of the agreement with 4 of the possible 8 shows. It is suspected that the other 4 shows will most likely be used as dates of opportunities if bands are looking for a specific date when passing through the 401 Corridor. We opened for Ill Scarlett (of Sony Records....Avril s Label) in Belleville last December when they were looking to fill a gap between the Major Centres. Bands like that can be received once these shows are up & runnin! At each of these shows, as well as keeping track of numbers through the door, I m also planning on recording where each person is from (including the Non-Admission-Paying People like: The Bands, their Crew as well as any miscellaneous people like Out-Of- Town Promoters who often hitch a ride with their bands to check out the rest of the Scene ---In Sports Terms, they would be the Scouts ). By doing this, at the end of the year, I will be able to show the Cultural Committee, Town Council, Managers & Directors & all of Napanee exactly how many people Bare Bones Records & myself have brought to our Community....as well as where they hail from! If all goes well this year & if I can prove that Bare Bones is bringing Tourism to Napanee, we may want to examine a Town venue that won t divert these Tourists away from Napanee. At this 1st show, 2 bands will be travelling from Quebec... Strange & Disturbing (from Montreal I believe) & A Tree At Last (from Quebec City, if I m not mistaken). These bands will most likely only see Palace Rd when they pull off Napanee s East 401 Exit. The other Non-Local Band is The Pretty Vacants....they play both cities, so I need to double check, but they are from... either Kingston or Belleville. If it s Kingston, they will most likely take Bath Road & turn at Hydro (as will most people who would come from Nathan Amey - Concert Update Page 10 of 25 Kingston). They will then buy gas, food & coffee in Loyalist Township in either Bath or Amherstview. If they come from Belleville, they will pass through Centre St (if they don t come via Picton & the Ferry). Bands typically rush to get to the venue & unload. After that, they then usually check out the lay of the land. South Fred Hall is too far for a band to back-track for the sake of food & amenities. Their Band Leader will most likely tell em to Suck it Up Princess!. As it Stands, the people that have been brought here with Hard Work & Strong Organization, will step out into the Darkness of a Snowed-In Ball Complex on February 27th. Just some factors for consideration! In closing however, I wish to Thank: The Cultural Committee, Town Council & Managers & all the Individuals who approached me to show an interest....you know who you are! I will do my best to make sure our Town gets seen for all its good points by our new (& hopefully returning) visitors! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me! T Thank-You again for this Opportunity & Support!! -Nathan J. Amey Nathan Amey - Concert Update Page 11 of 25 Inventory of Longstanding Contributions Made To the Arts & Culture Scene in Greater Napanee (25 years or more as of December 2014) Organizations 1. Lennox Community Theatre began around ( years?) 2. Napanee Pioneer Square Dance Club began (spring years) 3. Old Time Fiddlers began in 1985 ( years) 4. Napanee Photo Club began 1984 ( years) Individuals 1. Charlie King King Sound since 1978 (37 years) Arts & Culture Awards Page 12 of 25 Festival & Events Page 13 of 25 DATE EVENT LOCATION CONTACT PHONE Sat. Jan. 17 Winter Chill Sun. Mar. 8 International Woman's Day SPC Wendy Oakley Saturdays Talents of the Town Market Market Square Lyndsay Tee Sat. June 13 Multicultural Festival Conservation Park Sat. June 13 Riverfront Festival Conservation Park Sat. June 20 Art Among the Ruins Newburgh Sun. June 21 Frolic Festival Wendy Oakley Sat. July 4 4 Legged Friends Festival SPC Nathan Amey Fri/Sat/Sun Sept. 25/26/27 Culture Days Sat. Sept 26? Scarecrow Festival Downtown Tom Coke Sat. Sept 26? Art in the Park Conservation Park Elaine Taranu Sat. Oct. 31 Zombie Walk Wendy Oakley Festival & Events Page 14 of 25 Marketing & Communications Page 15 of 25 ELEBRATING Arts ARTS & CULTURE Business Name Greater Napanee Arts & Culture Tag Line: Font: Minion Pro History Minion is an Adobe Originals typeface designed by Robert Slimbach. It was inspired by classical, old style typefaces of the late Renaissance, a period of elegant, beautiful, and highly readable type designs. Minion Pro exhibits the aesthetic and functional qualities that make text type highly readable, yet is also suitable for display settings. Sample Arts & Culture Graphic/ Icon: My recommendations is to use colour blocking Colour palette : Marketing & Communications Page 16 of 25 Colour 1 Palette Description: The tones picked were du
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